2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2: Testing Videos

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GM is prepping the waters for the debut of the best off-road vehicle it makes across all its brands: the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. We'll share our driving impressions next week, covering the ZR2's high- and low-speed driving dynamics. In the meantime, here are a few videos from Chevy that give you a good idea of what kind of testing the GM engineers had to do to get this pickup sorted out. More to come.

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Yikes, look at the rear end bottoming out.

Good luck General Motors.

That's a great looking truck.

Looks extremely capable and comes in a package small enough to maneuver on most trails. The diesel version is going to be a hot seller.

This will be my next truck.

Awesome job, GM!

The truck look like Toyota taco, it looks hideous. Hahahahahahaha.

Nice looking truck. I think GM may have a winner here.

Between the Raptor and ZR2, GM and Ford are making awesome off road trucks. Great to see these products coming out of American manufacturers.

I keep watching the Videos, this Truck is not a Raptor fighter, it has the suspension travel the same as a stock Colorado.

Gosh darn it, if you can do it right, don't friggin do it at all.

Frank - suspension travel is not the same as stock. The truck has a 2 inch lift and track width is 3.5 inches wider. This is more in line with the TRD Pro Baja package.

@amateur hour,

I guess what I am trying to say is that this truck is no where near the travel suspension of the Raptor, but it's a good start.

The problem is the size. Big Ballers like papajim and owners of companies will not buy it because of the smaller cramped space. Young guys will not be able to afford it. The market will be small.

Looks nice. Too bad they don't offer the 8 spd with the diesel.

It's going to be great to watch this little Chevy and the Ram Power Wagons destroy them Ford Craptors on the trail! Don't worry Ford GM and Ram have front and rear lockers to drag your mall crawler/parking lot pavement pounder Craptors out when you get stuck in a tiny mud puddle HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

I just had my last post deleted. Wont happen again. Deleting this site from my favorites after 17 yrs.

bye tom!

This will be a niche market truck, but a very nice midsize pickup. It will never compete with the Raptor, nor is it designed to.

@Firefighter - Agreed. It is obvious that GM never intended this to be a Raptor alternative. Toyota sells a huge number of TRD OffRoad packaged Tacoma's. That is the target. The diesel engine with the suspension mods means it will be a decent off-road vehicle.

The ZR2 won't touch any Wrangler off road, much less a Rubicon. It's 200 hp less than the Raptor and 150 hp less than the Ram. It will never be as reliable or as popular to the fanboys as the Toyota. It's basically the same idea that the S10 ZR2 was, throw a body lift on it and some "heavy duty" parts and call it an off road machine. Anyone that owned one learned very quickly it was basically no more durable off road than a normal S10 it just had some extra ground clearance. You can also bet that if you get one with the diesel and a couple options that MSRP is going to be $50K, not $40K.

GM will limit this just like they do the 6.2. You'll read about it but you'll never see one on a dealer lot anywhere.

The truck is a pice of junk just like the ram haha.

It is pricey, time will tell if those who have the $ will want it. No doubt a lot will want it, gotta get that OT. The diesel with a six manual would be interesting. Pipe dream....

Dang, that is one capable offroader. The Raptor can't even fit on some of trails that this ZR2 just conquered.

Wow lighten up fella's its just another option for those of us ,like myself ,who don't want the full-size anymore . I did that for 30 years. Also I've done real research and find the Toyota lacking . Even my buds who own older ones and swear by them think the new stuff is crap . Weak engines ,bad seats, rear diffs blowing out , chinsy interiors. Toyota has sold out ! I'm sorry to say they are not the company they were 10 years ago .
The ZR2 is not meant to compete head to head with a Raptor but it will steal buyers. Ive ordered a ZR2 crewcab and will take delivery in about a month . My out the door price is $40,595 with the V6. So the bull about a $50k sticker is just that, Bull.You can't touch a Tacoma Pro for less than $45K and its not as well equipt.
So you ignorant types no need to reply unless you have something constructive to ad . I think the truck will be a good all around 4x4 pickup period. Not the fastest or best rock crawler but a reasonable performer in all categories.No vehicle does everything the best in it's particular category. They all find a nitch.

I will stick with my 2016 Tacoma 4x4 SR with larger tires and my 2010 Tacoma 4x4 SR5, thank you very much!

It's nice to see that the guy behind the scenes of the ZR2 played a big role in the Hummer H3s. My Alpha with 4:46 front and rear lockers is one sweet ride. I will look to the ZR2 for my next truck.

Edit-4:56 gears. Sorry!

This might be a great off-road vehicle for someone who doesn't know how to ride a dirt bike, doesn't want the crippling ergonomics if a Taco., and can't afford to maintain a Wrangler.

Offroading and looking cool are the niches for these toy trucks. It should do well in these arenas for those with the money to burn. The whole "its no raptor" is funny. Nothing no one has ever put into production comes close to the raptor. The raptor is presently the worlds only production supertruck and the highest performance factory offroad truck ever produced and has been so for coming on a decade now.

The mileage stinks!
16/18 for the V6 & 19/22 for the slow diesel.
GM should have used a regular fuel 3.0 twin-turbo V6: 362hp, 369ft-lbs (and 10 speed automatic). That would have returned, hopefully, 17/20.
The Ford Raptor is 15/18

Lol, some of the Ford people got their panties all in a wad!

But then again, in about three or four years Ford will probably do about the same thing!

And we got people talking how it's not going to sell, tell that to all those Toyota people. Actually I think Toyota is gonna lose a lot of sales.

Of course, I myself want want anything to do with a Tacoma. The double cab 4 wheel drive would struggle to hold 1250 pounds. I'd much rather have 250 or 300 pounds more of payload. About the only thing the Tacoma does have is front end clearance.

But then again, I don't need a truck to go play with. But it would be nice if the Z71 version had a little bit more ground clearance for the air dam.

And of course we have people complaining about the size of the truck, which is a matter of buy which one suits you, some folks will buy the smaller trucks so they can get in places that are little bit tighter, some people will buy the full size to hold more. Or in the case of a Raptor, just for attention.

I would consider a 4x4 Colorado crew cab longed, with the v-6. Not interested in a diesel that needs a trimming BELT at 150,000 miles, a 700 plus dollar job.

It would be nice if they put on bigger mirrors.

Also, it would be nice if those bigger mirrors also had self dimming and had the puddle lamps on them.

It's cute how RAM and GM always start their posts talking about Ford. smh.

@Tom, Here's a tip. When you’re ‘splaining you’re on defense. Keep it short and concise. Less is more.

Nice 9 paragraphs. I love how RAM has to defend GM now and GM defends RAM eventhough RAM is now beating GM in sales. Ford kicking butt.

This site sure likes to push the ford garbage.
Kind of like McDonalds , they sell lot's of hamburgers but there far from the best.

@old dog - fully agree.

@TRX-4 Tom - I agree on the bigger mirrors. The Colorado should have it as an option but no one else does.
The diesel is a high cost item short and long term, that is for sure.

LOL at all the people comparing this to the raptor. IMHO they are two completely different animals. Raptor is meant to go fast on a baja track-and that's it. It would have a tough time on some of these trails. ZR2 is designed to get you wherever youre trying to go and based on these videos, it'll do just that. Pretty impressive little machine. The one thing the raptor and ZR2 do have in common? 75% of both sold will never see a dirt trail.

@johnny/sierra/gms, so sorry you guys cant find anything good on GM products.

The ZR2 won't touch any Wrangler off road, much less a Rubicon...

Posted by: Tom Lemon | May 11, 2017 9:44:23 PM

LOL, except for that part where it did, pretty handily.


devilsadvocate - thanks for pointing out the obvious

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