2018 Workhorse W-15 Electric Pickup Truck Video

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Anytime you get a chance to see a new entry to a popular vehicle class, it's special. We had that opportunity May 2 when the Workhorse W-15 extended range pickup truck debuted at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in California.

The Workhorse designers and engineers did something special with the W-15, and they weren't shy about making it look quite different from the competition. But can you go too far?

We saw some nice details on this new pickup, but we have questions about whether an electric pickup will gain widespread acceptance. It's almost a truism in the pickup class that if you bring something new to the table, it better do things at a level above and beyond the current offerings. It can't just be good enough. In certain ways, this electric pickup takes things to the next level.

We'll know more after several national fleet buyers take possession of these new pickups and run them through punishing duty cycles. Until then, here's a quick walk around the W-15 we did at the expo.

Cars.com photos by Mark Williams





Well, there is ugly square wheel wells and then there is almost half an octagon wheel wells like this truck.
It's really the only visual style feature I don't like, and the redline tires.

Pretty cool little truck, I like the interior, it has its own flare(unlike GM outdated), the fact it is electric is the only real draw to it though.

Typical dbag comments from typical dbag ford guys. Anywho, back on topic. This truck will probably find a nice niche somewhere. I'm curious to see what putting load, either in the bed or towing, does to the range of this vehicle.

Love the move! Would like to see it with a full crew cab and larger battery. Pie in the sky would have the hood and roof integrate solar panels.

While this is aimed at fleets, I'd love to see a model without the lightbar and a less aggressive style for the regular market.

What......it has electric motore....why does he say the screen allows you to monitor the engine...duh

Dang! I bet this thing will run circles around that Ford F Series junk!

Looks like the Wagon Queen Family Truckster in the National Lampoon movie.

Someone get Trucky a tissue and a tampon.

Why must battery operated vehicles be so ugly?

I realize the designers need to visually "hide the batteries" but let's face it--any Tesla looks like the no-name car shown on wax cans. This Workhorse is hideous squared.

Factor in looks scoring a high percentage in the truck-buying experience and we have a loser.

A great idea with much potential and HUGE advantages. Please perfect, refine and get the price down.

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