Colorado Bill Set to Stop 'Rolling Coal'

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If you don't know what the practice of "rolling coal" is, then you probably don't own a full-size diesel pickup truck. For the hardcore diesel truck crowd, it's the practice of dumping fuel into the engine to produce thick, black exhaust smoke out the tailpipe. No one knows exactly where the practice started, but it's likely connected to what many diesel drag-racing trucks look like when they launch off the line during a quarter-mile or tractor-pull competition.

Nowadays, the practice can be read as an expression of diesel machismo at truck shows. But, as you can imagine, those who prioritize clean, breathable air — most of us, I'm guessing — don't like the looks of it, especially when so many federal regulations are designed to provide the cleanest possible exhaust from the tailpipes of the newest pickups and cars.

According to The Colorado Independent, after several attempts in the Colorado Legislature, a 2017 bill to ban the practice and make it a Class A traffic violation (costing the violator $100) is now on the governor's desk to sign into law. Other states are likely to follow New Jersey's lead and ban the practice if certain high-torque diesel owners continue to set up their trucks with customized "smoke switches" to produce the effect. photo by Evan Sears




devilsadvocate - using a grade school metaphor is apropos considering the childish posts that sour this site.

Well done!

@Lou--Well said, agree. Rolling coal does not cause constructive change, it just enrages people and causes more laws and regulations. If one really wants to effect change then vote and become more political active. People that roll coal are not interested in that but are more interested in bullying and antagonizing those people they see as against what they believe in. This has become part of our society that instead of having a civilized discussion and agreeing to disagree many resort to either name calling or obnoxious actions that lead to more division. There are those on this site that display this behavior but there are others who want to have a meaningful discussion.

In addition to the negative environmental impacts of increased emissions, the American Cancer Society has linked exposure to diesel exhaust to a variety of negative health effects, including lung cancer.


You are more likely to die from a galactic alien invasion than you are from an exposure to pickups and their exhaust

Let the coal rollers suffer. They are begging for it.

Are there "rolling coal" competitions like where participants have to show who can roll that most coal to win prize money? That would be so offensive it's not even funny. I can't believe no one has thought about it yet.

Every YouTube video of rolling coal I see are idiots smoking up bus stops full of people. Really sad.

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