Ram Jockeys for Position With Special Derby Edition

Ram Derby Ed. Rear II

Ram will once again be the major automotive sponsor of the of the Kentucky Derby, running its 143rd year Saturday. To commemorate this special occasion, Ram has created a special Derby Edition on a Ram 2500 Limited platform. The one-of-a-kind pickup truck — a Brilliant Black 4x4 Quad Cab with a RamBox bed and a set of 143rd Kentucky Derby logos on the rear of the bed sides — will be awarded to the trainer of the thoroughbred who wins the big race.

In conjunction with the Ram Derby Edition, a special pink-wrapped Ram 3500 Limited dually will lead the Kentucky Oaks Survivor's Parade of 143 breast and ovarian cancer survivors that precedes the running of the Longines Kentucky Oaks race Friday. A specially decorated Ram ProMaster van also will be part of the weekend festivities, carrying bouquets for the winning jockeys of each race along with the wreathes worn by the winning horses after the races.

If you are skilled at picking winning horses, you can try your hand at winning a 2017 Ram 3500 Limited. No wagering is necessary; just select the top four finishers in order. For more details, visit www.derbytruck.com.

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Ram Derby Ed Logo II



Pretty soon, they'll need a Heinz version for all 57 varieties !!
Notice how these permutations are all 2500 models with the
Cummins....Aggressive marketing is always a good idea; lets
everyone know you're constantly moving the ball forward
while forcing them all to keep a weary eye on their rear view
Maybe that truck can start doing figure 8's all over Mr. King's

JUNK, I wouldn't pay a penny for that stupid sticker or for that truck. Ha hahahahahahaha.


Guess you dont read huh !

This truck will be GIVEN to the trainer of the thoroughbred who wins the big race.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing.

When if FCA going to build a reliable new truck?

At least stickers don't require warranty work.........

Oh, forgot. They got recalled for that too.

"A Ram truck class-action lawsuit accuses Chrysler (FCA US) of selling trucks with incorrect information on the window stickers."

"The contact stated that the door label has incorrect tire information. When the vehicle was taken to the mechanic, they did not know how much air to put in the tire due to the incorrect label. The label reads p245/20r17, but should read p27560/r20. This issue is similar to NHTSA recall # 04v221000 (equipment:other:labels)."

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