Video: 2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Chase Vehicle

ZR2 Service Body 1 II

We had our first chance to get behind the wheel of the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 and discovered that GM engineers had their own customized ZR2 chase vehicle during the media drive. But it wasn't an ordinary ZR2: It had 33-inch tires, a 1-inch body lift, the box delete option and a customized service body that housed a compressor, auxiliary battery, a quick-hitch winch, tow straps, other recovery gear, a spare driveshaft and a 2-ton floor jack.

We thought you might want a quick video tour from the man who put it together: ride-and-handling engineer Todd Hubbard. If that name sounds familiar, that means you've been around a while because Hubbard was one of the lead team members who brought us the Hummer H3T from 2005-2010. photo by Matt Avery




ZR2 Service Body Rear II



The 33" tires definitely look better on it.

Sweet rig!

ZR2 needs the 33 inch tires + lift as an option from the factory

Small potatoes truck.

I have 32" tires with no mods on my 2016 SR Tacoma with a much lower price tag!

Chase truck to do a simple video? GM not trusting their reliability!

This site sure likes to push the ford garbage.
Kind of like McDonalds , they sell lot's of hamburgers but there far from the best.

Junk junk junk junk junk junk junk junk junk junk everything that comes of of this letters GM is pure junk. Hahahahahahaha. Mark can you post something better than plz? I know you can do it buddy. We don't want to know about GARBAGE MOTORS.

Oxi is so mad the ZR2 will run circles around his tacos and last twice as long HAHAHA!

CHINGON Mad cause Ford had no midsize and this little Chevy is going to be sucking the mirrors off that AL beer can Craptor as it flys by!


I thought the same, I wonder if they'll offer a package when buying from dealer. :D

@CHINGON Real productive comment. You don't like the brand the article is about? Don't click it. Pretty simple. This site is not (although sometimes I think it might as well be). Move along now.

Pretty neat..

At truck0448 you ain't gonna tell me what to do little fella, To me GARBAGE MOTORS (GM) is junk just like ford is to you s o move along sister!!!

I have 32" tires with no mods on my 2016 SR Tacoma with a much lower price tag!

Chase truck to do a simple video? GM not trusting their reliability!
Posted by: oxi | May 12, 2017 9:26:07 AM

2016 Tacoma aka "The Least Reliable Midsize Pickup"
- Consumer Reports Annual Reliability Survey, Fall 2016

The 2016 Tacoma features a glitchy automatic transmissions that Toyota still hasn't completely fixed via TSB's, a 3.5 V6 known for faulty engine sensors that leave owners stranded (and known for oil leaks too!), rear leaf springs that squeak and groan by 10k miles, rear differentials that leak oil... whine so loud you can hear it over the radio... sometimes even fail completely, and of course you can't forget those ancient drum brakes that love to permanently rust shut just in time for the brakes to fill up with mud and seize up. Speaking of rust, you're gonna love that Genuine Toyota frame rot! Rust so aggressive you can hear it growing at night while it's parked in the driveway!

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma: Rated last in reliability by Consumer Reports. #1 in rust! Trust in the rust!

Almost like what we call rig rockets in Alberta. 1 tons decked out like that with welder and tanks with big lift and huge tires yet faster than whatever you drive. I like it. Can a colarado be ordered s a chassis cab. Could be good for more urban jobs cuz of effieciency and light weight rather than the standard 1 ton for oil field use.

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