2018 Ford F-150 Gets More Safety Technology

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Beyond the modest styling and trim-level design changes to the 2018 Ford F-150, there is lots of new technology stuffed inside the latest version of the top-selling pickup truck.

To better serve pickup buyers looking for more safety systems and better fuel economy, the new F-150 will offer segment-first adaptive cruise control with stop-start across the powertrain lineup (Raptor offers stop-start only in Normal and Weather modes). The adaptive cruise control system allows the pickup to match the speed of the vehicle in front of it, even allowing it to come to a full stop if necessary and then shutting off the engine to save fuel. The result will be better overall fuel economy for those who spend a good chunk of their work day in stop-and-go traffic.

Additionally, the new F-150s also will be among the first pickups to offer as options a precollision alert system with pedestrian detection as well as lane keeping and blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert. The system will be optional on Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum, and standard on Limited models. Interestingly, Ford has included new software parameters that allow the systems to compensate for vehicles carrying larger payloads or towing trailers. This provides the driver with a wider safety buffer and more confidence in complex driving situations.

These sensor-and-camera-based safety systems are the key to producing self-driving vehicles. At this stage, most of these advanced technologies can be disabled with a switch or a tap of the touchscreen, but there may come a day in the future when your pickup will park itself or come when you call it. While we think that time is still several years away, it will be interesting to see how truckmakers respond to the autonomous vehicle trend.

The 2018 Ford F-150 will be available this fall.

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Its funny how you tried to Spin this Mark..... Toyota Announced MONTHS ago that the 2018 Tundra will have Toyota Safety Sense TSS-P... which will have a MUCH MORE advanced system than the ford Pre collision system.... Maybe your just reporting how Ford tells you to, fact is Ford isn't first here, Toyota is.

It's pathetic how slow pickup manufacturers have been to implement safety options that have been available in many vehicles for a few years now.

Even the $26k 2017 Honda CRV comes standard with radar adaptive cruise control that tracks lead vehicle through stop/go, collision mitigation braking, pedestrian braking, electronic steering with lane keep assist, blind spot sensors/alert, and rear cross traffic sensors/alert.

more crap to break!

More safety technology? Did Ford develop a new sensor and warning lamp that alerts the driver that the brakes will fail during the next brake application ?

Looking at the interior pictures you have to ask, why so many buttons and knobs. Geez.

No wonder Ford drivers are so easily distracted.

I sure hope the start/stop can be permanently switched off. Many of the newer vehicles turn it back on when you restart and it is a major annoyance for those who mostly travel dirt roads.

"Looking at the interior pictures you have to ask, why so many buttons and knobs. Geez."

Because when Ford made everything touch-based, buyers complained, so they put it back.

Hmm still doesn't come with a fire extinguisher safety feature?


Totally agree.

My wifes car has the stop/start and if you drive it every day it becomes routine, but the option I choose when driving her car is to just shut if off.

Now she agrees that the system is annoying. Hers is a BMW X5 and thankfully it's up to you whether it's On or Off.

Our 2011 Jeep GC has adaptive cruise and lane change departure stuff and it will hit the brakes if something pops up in front of it... this is so old school..

More ford junk, the dash is so busy you need the traffic avoidance systems to keep the truck on the road. Trying to figure out the dash is worse than texting while driving.
Junk Junk Junk.

Drivers pay attention when your driving and learn how to drive safely and we wouldn't need all this safety crap mandated or needed in our vehicles. I like the F150 but, agree with others to many dam buttons in the interior and manufactures wonder why drivers are so distracted!

It did not specify that this stuff is standard equipment. Imagine how much this "safety plus" package will cost buyers? And also, like GM might only be available on upper trims. If they roll it out right, they should offer it on all trims and cab configs. Guessing based on how they protected their crew cabs and not super cabs, this will only be available on upper trim crew cabs.

Ford only cares about the people who pay for the upper trims. Heck even a 50K XLT comes with old school Hologen headlights. Even 25K civics have LED's.

You can't turn stop/start off in ANY GM vehicle. Some genius engineering going on over at government motors.

Pre-Collision would be upper trim supercrew cabs because supercab only goes up to a base Lariat. Duh.

This safety stuff is just more nanny state. No self responsibility for anything! Ford really needs to work on quality control instead of bowing to the safety geek Left. The new Super Duties have so many issues its incredible.

All they really added was pre-collision and new headlights. This is a requirement if you want a 5 star rating and Top Safety Pick. I guess the GM and Ram fanbois are ok with 3 and 4 star ratings and poor IIHS ratings.

There's 20 something buttons here and 20 something in the GMs.

Take a look at Chevy's premium interior compared to the Fords interior above. The High Country has much better design with more intuitive control placement.


Your chevy can copy the ford all day. Ford trucks hold up better than chevy. Chevy is the reason Im driving a ford so hate all you want!

I love my f150

Who is willing to bet that "Tony" and "Antonio" are the same person?

I'm on my 3rd ford f150 that I've purchased new, I buy a new one every 4 years. I put 215000km on the last one over 4 years working in construction. I never had to replace anything other then brakes and tires and when the new owner took the truck in to certify it only needed an emergency brake cable and a windshield. Can't blame Ford for the windshield

All you HATERS who has been the BEST SELLING TRUCK the last 30 yrs F150!!!

Ok Chris. Go back to your room.

Put a Fire suppression system on it. Than give some Fo Mo Co under the hood. 6.2 Supercharged.

It's the last of the v 8"s


I must admit, that chevy grille looks good on the front of the F-150 above.

Ford needed to dump that grave stone grille on the 2015-2017.

Hopefully they will fix the wavy sheet metal down the side of the truck. NOthing like spending 60K and getting a truck that looks like a bunch of fat women leaned on the the sides of the truck.

More safety technology? Did Ford develop a new sensor and warning lamp that alerts the driver that the brakes will fail during the next brake application ?
Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Jun 10, 2017 11:02:12 AM

That's a good question. Wish I had an answer for you. I am pretty sure tho that they are offering the "Slow selling Silverado" warning. Not that they'll have to avoid many of those, but it is a nice feature.

GMSRGRETTA finally took his 6.2 Chevy to race a 2.7 F-150.....


Searching the comment section for an intelligent comment is like searching for a factual comment out of #putinspotus .

Maybe all you haters should remember who sells the most trucks every year!!! That meat head chevy has doing their ads, needs to move out of his mommy and daddy's basement and get a life!!! Just like all you ford haters!! Dodge sucks but they're selling more trucks then chevy!! Oh and if your thinking this guy probably drives a old piece of junk? Sorry!!! I drive a 2017 f-250 sweet and powerful!! Its a chevy eater!!!



Sad Ford losers have to use my name to try and make a point. I guess no one listens to them on their name with all the b/s Ford jabber they drool.

F-150, the Prius of trucks!

These 'safety' technologies would not be necessary if people would end their addiction to their travel computer ["smart phone"].
Put it down, put it away.
Addiction is a personality failing. Address that.
So, do NOT be a selfish a-hole. It is your responsibility to be in command/control of your 5,000+ pound vehicle.

As to Ford's 'safety' commitment. Does the F150 still have red turn signals? Are the LED headlights far too blue? Is there any Ford product for sale that has a center differential?

Just what we need. A $75,000 half ton pickup. It will be standard on the truck so you have to get it.

More safety technology? Did Ford develop a new sensor and warning lamp that alerts the driver that the brakes will fail during the next brake application ?
Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Jun 10, 2017 11:02:12 AM

That's a good question. Wish I had an answer for you.

Posted by: holycamoly | Jun 10, 2017 9:40:51 PM

Not sure either. Maybe a sign on the roof of all F-sisters alerting the driving public "brakes may fail without warning".

Sad Ford losers have to use my name to try and make a point.

^^^ ME TOO ^^^

Git R Done!


Ford needed to dump that grave stone grille on the 2015-2017.
Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Jun 10, 2017 9:21:09 PM

I am not sure which grille you are referring to, but I think the 15-17 chrome package grille with the 5 small bars is hideous and way over done. Every other grille on the current truck looks good. The 3 bar Lariat grilles look the best IMHO, but even the base 3 bar black XL and Chrome XLT grilles are nice. The 18' grille looks better, but in no way looks like a Chevy grille.

I agree that all this safety crap is ridiculous. It's the unfortunate side effect of all the tech going into vehicles these day's. Our first vehicle with a touch screen radio was a 2011 GrandCherokee. Those are more dangerous than texting and driving. Now, they are pretty much becoming the norm in most brands. So you got people texting and driving while they are pushing,pinching and swiping their radios. Not good.....

Great job Ford, taking the lead once again, maybe GM will have safety features in a few years.

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