Prices Rise for 2018 Ford F-150

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While Ford has yet to release pricing for the restyled 2018 F-150, some media outlets are reporting starting prices with modest increases for the half-ton pickup truck.

We saw the truck at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, where we learned Ford will use an all-new 3.3-liter V-6 naturally aspirated base engine, but our friends at Cars Direct have found out a few more details about the 2018 F-150 pricing structure through a dealership order guide.

According to CarsDirect, base F-150 XL regular cabs will start at $28,675 with destination, and $32,760 and $35,215 for the SuperCab and SuperCrew, respectively. That translates to a $270 increase in price on all XL trims when compared with the 2017 3.5-liter V-6 models.

Regarding powertrains, Ford has told us all 2018 models will have better fuel-economy numbers due in large part to aerodynamic changes to the body and standard stop-start technology across the lineup.

During the Detroit debut, Ford also announced that the new F-150 will benefit from more standard and optional safety equipment, including precollision warning, adaptive cruise control and pedestrian detection systems; some of these are already offered on the all-new 2017 F-150 Raptor.

Conspicuously absent from the 2018 F-150 dealer order guide is the new diesel engine Ford already announced, which our spy photographers have captured on camera. We're guessing we'll hear more about the F-150 diesel engine later this year or early next year. More to come.

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Over priced junk.

I hate Ford.

Nothing runs like a Chevy truck.

Is Ford expecting people to be lining-up for that 3.3 engine?

Going all the way back to Ford's 4.2 Essex base engine, their base motors have been lame, including the Crown Vic two valve V8 motor they used in 2010.

GM truck customers get a 4.3 base engine purpose-built for the 1500 pickup. A world of difference.

They already have the most gutlass V6 in a truck, at least non turbo. That might actually get them a mileage increase over the Ram 3.6, Too bad it's gonna require direct-injection, a higher price tag, and mileage will go to crap anytime it has more then just the driver in it.

Price going up. Imagine that...

The diesel may have Bosch fuel injection which comes with an automatic charge of emissions cheating by the EPA.

Excerpt from article above:

Ford has told us all 2018 models will have better fuel-economy numbers due in large part to aerodynamic changes to the body.....

That's the benefit of using an older Chevy design grille. Ford eventually follows Gm's lead.

No issues, you get what you pay for.

@gms/sierra, sorry you guys have to defend GM, they are so far behind Ford, as the numbers are continuing to show.

Typical negative comments from left wing liberals with flaming hair. Just a couple of years ago, they were trashing their own brand for being so crappy. Now, Chevy is the best thing since loaf bread. Ha! I doubt it.

Not like I would buy one anyways.

LOL - Over priced junk. Quality is job none.

@ jhonny dum dum, I know you are the one who is using my usarname let me tell you something little fella you ain't gonna change my mind to like your Garbage Motors get over it little girl. You're just like a little girl, You need to grow some balls which I doubt it you have some. Why? Do you hide over different usernames just to defend your belove Garbage Motors Company. So grow up, Because you are acting just like a little girl. GO FORD!!! GOT PAY A LITTLE BIT MORE FOR THE BEST.

And by the way NICE TRUCK.

Looks like a Ford fan got mad and use my name once again. It's reported and will be removed.

Ford has the truck market covered has for years. Chevy makes excellent trucks but using 2005 technology. I am not bashing Chevy trucks but for just makes a truck most ppl want. Dodge is coming on fairly strong and have out sold Chevy in certain months. I have a F-150 with 293,859 miles on her and still runs great.But buy what you want it's your money.

looks a bit more like the Stupid Duty

HAHAHA!!!!...the shaky GOVT motor fangirls are so jealous & out on full force which in fact it's the same idiot (johnny dum dum/GMSUCKS, sierra, uh huh? etc etc).

Ford's increase for their new revamped 2018 models is pennies for all the added goodies/safety equipment...geez...I pay much more for a decent steak dinner w/good bottle of wine:-)

So to all the shay GOVT motor cry babies out there...suck on this wankers;

Looks like a Ford fan got mad and use my name once again. It's reported and will be removed.

Posted by: johnny doe | Jun 6, 2017 1:01:02 PM

Nobody really cares that you cry so much, not only in posts, but to the moderators.

You're like that little kid that always get beat up and cries to mommy.

Wasn't the comments section going to be revamped? This site is going down the tubes (or has been for a while...). Always behind on the news and the comments section is full of man-children going back and forth about which brand is better.

I love ford !!!! @ frank you're right I cry too much, you know what I'm gonna enjoy you guys in your guy's club. GO FORD!!!

Go ford!!! @ Frank you want to be my friend and Lionel you too?

Looks like we have a new FORD fan. Go doe.

I won't be buying an aluminum truck, the metal is flimsy and tears in modest impacts. Yes Ford has done a good job with the crash tests but the this can be accomplised with Steel and better. I small piece of tire hit my aluminum hood and put a tear in the metal can't imagine if it would have hit the rough and have to have a new roof panel installed over a small impact like this.

Ford haters need to snap out of it. 3 big three are adj over Afghanistan. Dodge no go. Chevy forget about it. I've got a 2017 all terrains HD black with a 6.2L. Good truck, but there's a reason Ford's
The most send outsell the competition. They're simply better trucks. Can't wait to get back into a Ford. They're all good, to say Ford's are junk means you're a dumbazz.

To all you Chevrolet truck lovers, all Chevrolet has ever made was scrap iron and rust buckets

God I would sell my fat mexican wife for a GMC Denali. Too bad her hole is so wore out from my homies, I won't get much for her

These comments are funny. Ford is dominating sales and comes out with new motors/tech. Will continue to dominate. Ford almost outsold Chevy and Fiat COMBINED last month. Suck on that girls...

@Chris Bates

Suck what, exactly?

GM outsold Ford the past two years (truck sales).

GM is on a solid footing business-wise and Ford is back to the drawing board with a new managment team. GM's stock price is solid and Ford's stock price is down, despite good profits.

Ford had to close up shop at two out of three of its major brands during the last 10 years. In case you didn't notice, Lincoln is on life support and Mercury is dead. Ford's efforts to explore new ideas like driverless cars and all-electric have yet to make an impact. Investors ignored Ford and invested in Tesla instead.

GM has a new half ton in the wings, and Ford is still trying to re-invent its managment team.

Good luck

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