Spied: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado Double Cab

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Even though overall auto sales are down, certain sections of the pickup truck market are doing well. Unfortunately, sales have been steadily declining for all the GM pickups: the Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado, and the GMC Sierra and Canyon. But with a pair of new half tons on the horizon and a solid off-road player in the form of the Colorado ZR2, things could be changing for GM.

Here are the latest photos from our spy shooters about the middle cab player in the half-ton segment.

"We got our first look at the 2019 Chevy Silverado testing in its newly sized double-cab configuration. All our prior photos of the next-generation truck were of the larger crew-cab body style and interior.

"Judging from the camouflage on this prototype, it looks certain that GM will be adhering to the same front-hinged rear-door strategy used on the current Silverado and Sierra double cabs. The style of the rear camouflage looks like it's covering an exterior door handle instead of the hidden handle of a rear-hinged access door.

"The style of the rear door on this pickup configuration is one of the more obvious design differences among competitors. The front-hinged design on the Silverado's current- and next-generation double-cab pickups is shared with the Ram Quad Cab and Toyota Tundra double-cab pickups. The Ford F-150 SuperCab and Nissan Titan King Cab have stayed with the rear-hinged door design that opens almost 180 degrees.

"We've been on the lookout for something other than crew-cab variants of the 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500, and we've finally caught one. It's more evidence that development of these important new trucks is now progressing at full throttle. It will be fascinating to see more details on GM's full-size truck strategy as more variants begin to see the light of day on the test circuit. Stay tuned."

KGP Photography images


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I like the wheels, the air dam is not as low either which is good.

I really like the fact that the frame does not hang below the body anymore. They get their engine lineup modern and they will regain market share.

I like the Ford styling cues.

Rear hinged rear doors are so old and in convenience when parked next to other vehicles. Nissan and Ford needs to get with the program. I understand Ford don't like to follow others but just gotta suck it up and except that it is better.

Rear hinged doors allow for much easier loading of large objects into the back. with the front hinged doors on an exteded cab the opening is so narrow you can't get some wide boxes in and its even hard to passengers to get through the narrow opening.

Maybe they will e coat the frame instead of wax! That will bring it in par of Ford and ram.

From GM Authority Blog June 2nd: The rear area of the dbl cab is useless … much less space than the older ones that had the doors the other way… I liked my 2004… hate my 2015 as far as the back seat arrangement..


Ford is with the program: big SuperCrew doors for hauling people and cargo and 180 degree wide opening extended cab doors for hauling cargo.

I think Colorado/Canyon sales are down due to the people who were waiting for a Ranger/S10/Early Taco/Frontier replacement were/are disappointed in the rather Large-expensive-Mid-Size trucks. Much bigger and costlier then they wanted and need. Like me. Most people interested in a mid-size do not need a 4,800 pound vehicle and to tow 7k pounds, Give us something around 3,5k oounds to pull 3k and great gas mileage oh and 10 grand less...
I hunt and fish and it does not take a lot to haul an elk out or pull my fishing boat

It's the low seating position that has always killed Chevys for me

After four GM pickups from 2002 to 2008 (5.3, 6.0, 6.0, 6.2), they lost me as a customer with the stupid Dodge front hinged doors.

Went to a Ford now that they finally put the 5.4 to pasture and have rear suicide doors like God intended them to be.

And my steering wheel isn't offset...nice.

Looks good!

Studying the pictures and it looks like they have gone back to the rounded wheel well openings reminiscent of their late 60 early 70's designs. The current design chevy trucks draws styling from the mid 70's squared broad shoulder appearance. Looks great, especially with a lift kit and larger wheels. I'm hoping GM will draw more styling from those late 60 to early 70 designs. Those trucks look fantastic!



Another side effect of front hinged extended cab doors is that the Front doors are also shorter. Look at the front doors on a Ford and then a GM/Ram, they are much bigger on the Ford because they can make the rear door extra small and have a bigger front door. The sad part is they carry the same design over to the crew cabs to save money so even the crew cabs have small front doors on GM and Rams.

If I were GM I'd want to hide the third place pickup under cladding too ;)

Went to a Ford now that they finally put the 5.4 to pasture
Posted by: GM2Ford


Hello? 2010 was the last year the 5.4 was available in the F150, except as the powerplant in the aging Expedition.

Junk, They try to copy ford on evrey way . Garbage motors can beat the best. GO FORD, we all know they can't beat you in sales. THE BEST NEVER REST. Oh another thing the junk is gonna be total fail. Just watch. Hahaha hahaha ha.

@ Mark Williams, how about an article comparing the jltv to a few select pickups? Maybe Raptor, Power Wagon, GM HD and the new JLTV?
Techincally it is available in a pickup and we can hope it is made available to the public. I can offer up some land to test off road capability.

As far as the rear door's being traditional as opposed to the suicide style, they are both a trade off. There are days I hate my truck having suicide doors. Like when I have passengers in a crowded parking lot. The rest of the time I prefer them. I think Ford and Nissan did it the smart way tho, by up selling people to the Supercrew/Crewcab if they want 4 front hinged doors. It is nice to have the choice.....

They get their engine lineup modern and they will regain market share.

Posted by: Firefighter | Jun 4, 2017 8:08:19 AM

The last thing they need to do is put unreliable, timing chain eating turbo gas engines. Direct-injection Pushrod V8's are reliable, powerrul enough, and more fuel efficient in real world use.

Ford went "modern" when they went to OHC and the reliability andd fuel economy has been garbage ever since.

@brick What is your explanation of GM's loss of market share? Please, please do not go into a diatribe about fleet sales, we all know that fleet managers are some of the most purposeful buyers.

I like the Ford styling cues.

Posted by: Jeff S. | Jun 4, 2017 8:38:03 AM

You must be referring to the poor gaps the camo has around the door to fender alignment.

No matter how they build the new GM's they will look better than the Ford junk.


That truck on the top is a garbage product that belongs in the junk yards not out in the streets. GO FORD ANK KEEP BEATING GARBAGE MOTORS ON EVERY WAY.HAHAHAHAHA.

Sorry, I forgot to take my medication again.

Front vs rear hinged doors- what if the Driver's side had a rear hinged door- better for accessing the back seat for storage, while the passenger side gets a proper door- better for passengers getting in and out of the back seat.
My biggest gripe about rear facing doors is longevity/durability- once a truck without a B-pillar is 10 years old and has 150-200k miles on it, the rear doors get hard to operate and the whole thing tends to squeak and whistle.

GM and change are two words combined that dont make sense, yawn, looks like they will continue to loose sales and market share.


Market share?

When was the last time you drove your pickup and worried about its market share? You should want 'reliable' and 'value.'

@papa, when you own stock in a company, you worry about market share, so yes I do while driving a truck, and I also worry about the reliability and value which is why i drive a Ford.

Looks like a Ford! with the front down sloping window

Ford is the best selling truck in America? Really? How many full size trucks does Ford make? 1 How many full size trucks does GM make 2? So to be consistent we add all the sales of the Ford full size truck sales and add up all the sales of the GM full size truck sales. And the winner? Ford 2016, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2004 GM 2015, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2003. I see a tie. 7-7. So please sit down little Ford man. No one has lost, no one has won.

Of course ford owners would get but hurt and start ranting it's true what they say only thing that runs good on a Ford is it's owners mouth clearly displayed here

@nitro, papa has to continue to defend the GM twins, it's what he does, but meanwhile.......

Mike Levine‏ @mrlevine 6h6 hours ago

Got stunts? 1 yr. later F-Series market share 38.3% (+1.5 pts) vs Silverado 23.1% (-2.3 pts). F-Series outselling Silverado by 139,540 units



@papa, when you own stock in a company, you worry about market share --- Nitro


I don't know why you'd "...worry about market share." As a shareholder your focus is

A capital appreciation
B dividends
C capital preservation

Market share is only important to the extent that it serves one or more of the above-listed goals. Since you're always shilling for Ford in your comments I'd expect you to be very concerned about Ford's strategic focus remaining on track, now that they have a new CEO.

Take a look at what happened at Hewlett Packhard aka HP during the last 15 years. Musical chairs at the CEO spot really hurt that company's shareholders and allowed a smaller player like DELL to really eat their lunch.

Today FCA/RAM is the same kind of opportunistic company that DELL was 10 years ago. You'd better hope that Ford has a plan for addressing RAM.

@ Dave Z.

Oh you have no idea what market share actually implies. How cute! How biased those numbers are.

So you say Silverado is behind F series by 139,540 units? How many units of Sierra have been sold in the same time frame? Ford marketing is clever but not clever enough. GM vs Ford. Not Chevrolet vs Ford. If GM wanted to be like Ford they would eliminate GMC and then we could revisit these numbers. But this is not a Chevrolet vs Ford. This is GM vs Ford. Thee end. Read a book.

But this is not a Chevrolet vs Ford. This is GM vs Ford. Posted by: David

@David, it's even worse than that. Ford used to have multiple brands and they all failed. Today's Lincoln lineup is a joke.

Mercury and Edsel died a miserable death.

The word Edsel became synonymous with the word Joke for many years. Try to find a Lincoln dealership today that's not for sale.

Geeez...it looks more & more like an F150; I guess if you can't beat them, copy them...HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Like some mentioned earlier the ground clearance is good all around, and has a good stance. Ford did well with the F-150 I notice that it achieved good fuel economy and power without sacrificing front end clearance. I understand you can get a rough country lift kit etc which a lot of people do that and grab 35' tires down here in the south. That was something I continued to notice one the new GM trucks although I like them that was a complaint

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