Toyota Partners With San Diego Lifeguards to Keep Beaches Safe

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Summer is fast approaching and that means it is nearly time again for long afternoons at the beach, enjoying the sun and the sand. Well, more like enjoying the sun and tolerating the sand, because getting that out of a truck feels Sisyphean.

To help keep beachgoers safe, Toyota and San Diego lifeguards have renewed a partnership that provides 35 model-year 2017 Toyota vehicles for the lifeguards to use in day-to-day operations and rescues. Those vehicles include the Tacoma and Tundra pickup trucks, and the 4Runner, Sequoia and RAV4 Hybrid SUVs; the RAV4 is the newest addition to the fleet.

The multiyear partnership stipulates that Toyota will provide maintenance and detailing for the vehicles. They are painted in red and white, so if you find yourself taking in the San Diego area this summer keep an eye out for these rigs.

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Any idea of when the 6th generation 4runner will be introduced?

" keep an eye out for these rigs." Yes good advice. Their are numerous incidents involving life guard vehicles running over beach goers sun bathing.

Nice fleet. Reliable and useful.

Nice trucks for that purpose, not a fan of foriegn brands but they keep the American companies on their toes.

Firefigher, they are built in the US by Americans.

Firefigher, they are built in the US by Americans.

Posted by: Andy | Jun 3, 2017 4:18:11 PM

Yep & the main revenue will end up in "the land of the sun"; although I don't totally agree with most decisions our current president has done so far - America first I do agree.

I know where they are built, I also know the Japanese are some our greatest allies thanks to MacArthur. I am not saying it is the smartest tactic but just I prefer American companies that are controlled here.
Some day I may purchase a foreign brand if the deal is too hard to resist but out in the boondocks it is still frowned upon. I will never forget a WWII vet cutting loose on my old man for buying a Toyota.


will be driving his taco up and down San Diego beaches.
He will anoint himself a volunteer lifeguard!

But this old hag lifeguard - probably with a titanium hip & knees.

Get off of where the profits go, they are a private business, so unless you own shares, SHUT UP!

Do you question every company of where their profits go?

Auto companies (except bankrupt GM) have nothing to do with their elected governments! Do the people of Japan elect their leaders at Toyota? NO!

Do we vote in this nation for the leadership of Ford, Gm or Fiat? NO!

Stop comparing auto companies to nations please, that old union mentality is really old!

oxi, I will not bring the union mentality into this, but I will bring up Pearl Harbor and the Bataan Death March

oxi, I will not bring the union mentality into this, but I will bring up Pearl Harbor and the Bataan Death March

Where a product is built has little tore the profits go.
Remember Henry Ford was a big supporter of Adolf Hitler, and we all know never was a American.



It's 2017 and Japan is a close ally of the U.S., so why do you still live back then?

We rely on Japan for mutual defense and cooperation, so why the racist attitude?

Again, what does Toyota have to do with elected governments?

Do you enjoy all of your communist Chinese made products, so does that mean you are a communist? My gosh people, grow up and get an education!

Lol, racist?!? His comments were not racist, they were stating facts and his personal preference.

oxi, Sorry you have to continue to defend Toyota by playing the extremist liberal wing race card.

oxi, my grandpa was killed by the Japanese, I am not racist. They are our allies cause we made them sign a treaty that if they were not we would take them over, plus the US gives them hundreds of million dollars every year so they will stay our allie


And today Japan buys our T-bills to float our bankrupt federal government that cannot control its liberal spending problem!

So by your account we should have a racist attitude towards and Japanese, Germans, Italians, Muslims and just kill them all?

Educated and compassionate people understand that buying a Toyota today HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WWII, as with a BMW or something!

Embrace history but do not become just another hateful racist liberal! My grandfather fought the Nazi's and fascist Italians in WWII and then the communists right after WWII in Greece, not to mention our family on my mother's side were forcibly ejected from their homes by the Turks!

Does that mean I should have an uneducated and racist view towards them all? NO! I honor history but I remain educated and embody the human spirit of moving forward in life and not sitting backwards with dumb attitudes like comparing an auto purchase to a war that happened before I was even born!

You sound exactly like how these radical Islamists would think or BLM, give me a break and move forward, not backwards!


I am defending free enterprise and an open economy, you are defending racism and a closed door mentality!

Buying a Toyota (private company) has little to do with an elected government or a nation, period!

Until you guys remove yourselves from that old and hateful union mentality, you will never move forward!



Buying a Toyota today has nothing to do with WWII, nor an elected government!

We do not decide big 3 policy and spending by publically electing their boards of directors and how hey spend their time and money through local elections all over the nation in schools and churches do we?

NO!, So stop comparing private companies to elected governments, that is by far the dumbest thing a person can do and proves they lack a proper education!

oxi might get upset and call these comments racist since they are critical of Toyota, a Japanese corporation building a truck in Mexico.

He gets very defensive when it comes to the Tacoma.

Good job Toyota, keep up the good work on keeping us safe unlike GM!

@ Jeff S.

So anybody that buys stock in Toyota is automatically a Japanese national? Their passport gets updated automatically?

You "racists" sound really dumb!

U.S. citizens built both of my Tacoma's, that is why both of them carry the MADE IN U.S.A. data stamp on them!

Learn what a private company that is publically traded is.

So if I don't want to buy a Toyota I am a racist? Sounds like you will be a victim your entire life, sorry man.
Again, this is a nice looking truck and a good fit for the job.

No Firefighter, that dumb arrogant view of labeling a Toyota to be Japanese, when they are actually built by U.S. citizens is racist!

Free society, buy what you want!

STOP comparing auto companies to democratically elected governments please!

@g man- I haven't heard or seen so much as a blip on a J150 replacement. Overseas, the Prado/Landcruiser just had a powertrain update to the new GD series diesel and 6-speed auto. If we don't get a new 4-Runner soon, I would expect to see the engine/trans from the Tacoma- better on fuel, but not really impressing people with drivability. I would actually love to see the 4Runner move back DOWN market- They have a very modern Hilux based Fortuner for the other side of the Pacific. Style it like out Tacoma and make that the next 4Runner. then sell the midsize Landcruiser here instead of the big one. Keep the LX570. Make the GX460 and GX500.

Nothing sells trucks like seeing them on the Beach with the cast of Baywatch

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