FCA Resumes Ram 1500 Diesel Production

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' turbo-diesel 3.0-liter V-6 engine, known as the EcoDiesel, is now back in production. FCA halted production of the engine in 2016 due to allegations from the EPA about possible emissions issues.

According to Automotive News, FCA has begun producing the small diesel engine again, presumably to fulfill back orders for the Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV and Ram 1500 pickup truck. FCA stopped building the engines last year when federal regulators questioned unspecified diesel emissions software.

In a June statement regarding West Virginia University emissions testing that seemed to verify peculiar emissions outputs, FCA refuted the procedures and methodology of the university's Center for Alternative Fuels, Engines and Emissions, and noted that the automaker had filed for certification of its diesel vehicle emissions with the EPA and the California Air Resources Board for the 2017 model year with updated emissions software calibrations.

We'll continue to cover this story as it unfolds.

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but in the real trucking world diesel is the name of the game

@Big Al

Me? divisive? please define: Real Trucking World

The rest of us are dying to hear how inauthentic our "unreal" trucking worlds are.

Again, where did I state ALL pickups should have a diesel? I even made an inference that I like V8s gas engines.

We just had a discussion on your behaviour on PUTC.

Please play like a nice person.

Adopt add a mature dimension to your discussion and please be amiable towards others.

Respect will aid you.

I have owned a 2015 Ram Ecodiesel for 27,000 miles and love the truck. It has the torque of the Hemi at 2000 RPM. The Hemi has to rev at around 4000 RPM to get the same torque. The truck while driving is always right around 2000 RPM. This engine with the 8-speed transmission works great together towing my 20' bass boat while getting 19 MPG. I get 27 MPG to work with highway/city driving. 28-30 MPG driving all interstate. Awesome!

@Big Al

You have not answered my question. What makes your perspective on trucks more authentic than mine?

Please respond without the usual BAFO b.s.

Is your aggression a necessity?

Please if you want to interact with others tone down your style.

You will find the site will improve as well as your comments are a liability to the quality of the site.

Again, re-read my comment and please direct a mature question in my direction and you will find I'm more than accommodating in my response.

Respect is not a hard concept to most.

So, in conclusion.

Big Al's lecture about courtesy, respect and communication begins with the gratuitous assertion that Al's notions about trucks are superior to mine, for reasons not shared. When invited to share, he refuses.

Professional help is available.

The torque rating on the 6.4 is slightly below the 3d if I read a recent ad from ram. Its an amazing little engine, for me it really shines when towing heavy at altitude. But empty and around town the gift of 25 plus mpg is the gift that just keeps giving.

I've owned a Ram Longhorn Ecodiesel for the past 9 months and have towed a travel trailer ( 5500 lbs with cargo and water ) approximately 2500 miles. This engine, tranny combination is amazing and ridiculously outperforms my Sierra 5.3 v8.
I'm driving the most comfortable truck I've ever owned and enjoying a 40% boost in economy. Couldn't be happier. For all the naysayers that haven't tried this truck I highly recommend giving it a go before slamming this combination.

Diesels make perfect sense for anything that does real work. Hemi is a great engine, especially if you like sexy sounds and going fast. It will even do truck work, albeit with quite a thirst. I often said the perfect truck would be my Silverado 1500HD with my VW Toareg's 3.0 TDI engine. Then the Ram Ecodiesel came out and voila--I had the best of all worlds. It's perfect for towing my 22' TT. It's not the fastest thing on the planet but trucks aren't supposed to be fast. They're supposed to do work safely, efficiently and effortlessly. The Ecodiesel fits that bill. Towing the same trailer with my 6.0 Vortec or a 5.7 Hemi would be far more laborious despite whatever stats show up on paper. Diesels pull better. Period. And no, I don't need a giant superduty overkill with 2000 lb-ft of torque, thank you.

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