Head-to-Head Photo Gallery: 2017 Colorado ZR2 Vs. Tacoma TRD Pro

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We've already shown you, separately, two of the most off-road-capable mid-size pickup trucks around — the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 and Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro — as we get ready to pit them in head-to-head competition. But we thought you might also want to see how they look side by side, nose to nose and tailgate to tailgate.

Both are relatively close in size and stature, but there are some differences. Of course, the important question is whether those differences will have a significant, minor or nonexistent impact when we test them against one another. Find out Monday.

Cars.com photos by Mark Williams


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Taco all the way on this one.

Posted by: Nitro | Jul 31, 2017 6:53:36 AM

I called the Colorado in the first comment. But secretly I worried that Lionel and his pixie dust Ranger would magically appear and take the crown. HAHAHAHA!.....LOL......HAHAHAHA.....HAAAAaaa!

The ZR2 would be a superior off roader to any standard global Ranger on offer.

The Mini Me Raptor Ranger when it comes out might be a different story. I would suspect the Mini Me Raptor will have the F150 Raptor for breakfast.

The Ranger chassis has more potential for off roading than the Colorado and the Taco.

But, as it stands, the ZR2 is better than the Taco TRD.

Chevy will crap all over the outdated Taco in ride comfort and off road capability. I like the deep bed on the chevy. Load more into it with a bed cover or shell.

"the Tacoma has been honored with. As the worst compact pickup, the Tacoma has a stiff ride, ponderous handling, loud cabin and awkward driving position. Although the modern connectivity features are a welcome upgrade as well as the new high-tech safety features like blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert, they’re not enough to overcome the truck’s shortcomings."

Tacoma Fan-Club responses to for when their favorite loses the Offroad shootouts every year...

PUTC: "The Ford Raptor won this review because it had more power, was faster, and did ok on all the offroad segments"

Tacoma Fan-Club: "whatever, the Tacoma TRD Pro is for rock-crawling, who cares how much faster the Raptor is in the open desert or on the road... it's an offroad truck?"

PUTC: "The Toyota Tacoma was completely outclassed by the ZR2 in the slow speed offroad and rock-crawling segments and only barely won the faster open desert and 0-60 acceleration test even though it was severely lacking in the low end torque department"

Tacoma Fan-Club: "This is fake news, the Tacoma was faster that the ZR2, it should have won the whole test, quit showing your bias PUTC!!!"

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