Honda Announces 2018 Ridgeline Pricing

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The 2018 Honda Ridgeline will have no mechanical changes, but it will have quite a few packaging and standard feature changes, not least of which is reducing the full lineup from the previous 12 models (five in front-wheel-drive configuration, seven in all-wheel-drive) to nine (now four FWD, five AWD).

Pricing — depending on the comparably equipped model — has increased modestly, but the number of standard features and options on most trims has also gone up. Destination fees have increased $40, and two new exterior colors for the Sport trim are now available: White Diamond Pearl and Lunar Silver Metallic.

EPA fuel-economy ratings remain the same (only one 3.5-liter transverse-mounted V-6 is available), with 19/26/22 mpg city/highway/combined for FWD versions and 18/25/21 mpg combined for AWD models. All pricing below includes the $940 destination fee.

Front-Wheel Drive

RT: $30,570
Sport: $34,110
RTL: $34,870
RTL-T: $37,020

18Ridgeline_Sport_002 II

All-Wheel Drive

Sport: $36,010
RTL: $36,770
RTL-T: $38,920
RTL-E: $42,560
Black Edition: $44,060

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Glad they added a color besides grey/gray. Dealer down the street from me has had nothing but grey ones, 6 on his lot this morning. Hopefully the Ranger will be priced lower for us average Joe's...

Nice pickup car.

This will be my next truck if papajim gives me a loan.

@papajim- Why do you post under so many names? NOT smart.

Most people don't realize front wheel drive is very capable. The pricing seems high but a front wheel drive light pickup will go more places than a f150 4x4 without a locker. I know that won't make sense to most but it's just the way it is. I'm sure long term ownership is also rewarded with low maintenance and no transfer case or rear shdrive issues to have happen later on in life. Most people only need the base 2wd, and it will last many years longer than a current pickup designs. Front wheel drive pickups should have been around ever since cadilac was big on v8 fwd monsters. Would have totally been a different world.

Not a fan and less so at this pricing.
Previous Ridgeline was more of a truck alternative when it was introduced in 2005.
2017 Ridgeline is a sport utility alternative. Not that this is a bad strategy, Honda focused on it's core customer base with the 2017 and stopped trying to appeal to the traditional truck buyer.

So, Honda has reset the price and trim level of the Ridgeline.

Maybe most that are sold are the higher trim or they have maxed out production.

@BAFO, they are selling all of the Ridgelines they can build:

Honda has dropped their "best value" RTS. Now there is a higher entry level price for their AWD trims, and puts them more comparable to their "apples-to-apples" competition. This is not good for the budget buyer, but now Honda can make more profit by building more of their high-end trims, since those are quickly selling themselves. It seems every Honda dealer says they have at least two buyers for every high-end Ridgeline they get into their dealership. No bargains to be found here.

No diesel, no sale.

"they are selling all of the Ridgelines they can build"

I am SO tired of that riff. It's like hearing those Hillary for President ads last year!

If it made sense for Honda to make more Ridgelines they would. Sense it does not, they don't. This truck is a Non Factor in the market.

Question: Do they sell it anywhere besides North America? The question answers itself

@PapaJim, sit down, take a minute or two and really think it through. It is not too difficult to figure out. I think your passion is perhaps clouding your judgement here.

papa jim is just envious and secretly wants a Ridgeline.

"they are selling all of the Ridgelines they can build"

I am SO tired of that riff. It's like hearing those Hillary for President ads last year!

Posted by: papajim | Jul 25, 2017 1:53:05 PM

Well said. I'm tired of that bogus talking point too. Honda wanted to sell more than the 50k they sold in 2006. But 6 months in they are only at 18k. Fail.

Watch the TFL truck over heat the transmission on a Ridgeline on a dirt road. The thing cannot keep up with a 4x4 pickup off road.

papajimini, is upset because he can't afford a Suburban! Now he can't afford a Ridgeline he wants desperately.

A while back papajimmi made comments on the price of a Suburban and how he felt entitled to be able to afford one.

This does pose a problem for papajimni ......... all of his economic wisdom he espouses on PUTC might not be of value.

If he can't afford a Suburban or Ridgeline, he has had multiple decades of adult life to accrue wealth with the economic knowledge he tells all about.

This paracosm he lives in regarding economics may also be transferrable to his supposed pickup truck knowledge.

Just thinking.

We could crowd fund and raise money to buy papa that Suburban.

Check out Edmunds desert road run. The off-road versions of the Tacoma and Nissan couldn't keep up with the Ridgeline.

Actually, Edmunds discovered that weakness (shocks) when they tested a G1 Ridgeline. Honda actually listened and re-designed their shocks to handle conditions where OR Taco and Nissan failed. In that same vein, they are also fixing the issue that led to overheating on the TFL video. You forgot to mention that the Ridgeline made it to the top of Goldmine Hill in that same video.

That's a great idea!

Even a Tahoe if we can't scrap enough cash for a Suburban. Better still buy him a Ridgeline and make a contract that it is the only vehicle he can drive for the next 5 years and he can't sell it either an it must be driven 25 miles on average everyday.

Papajim can have a BBQ at his place in Florida and we can all travel there for the unveiling of his truck. I'll even fly there from wherever I'm at in the world (not paracosm ... sadly work).

@Big Al,

Invite you to my place???? I'd rather do another round of chemo.

Any diesel Ridgeline in 2018 models

Any diesel Ridgeline in 2018 models Posted by: Ronald Koupal Jul 31, 2017


Look for Honda to deep six the Ridgeline all together, where it will join the Element and the S-2000

There are plenty of Honda Elements running around papajim.
I live in a metropolitan area so you see tem all the time.
You see many middle age couples driving them but mostly woman in their say 30s to early 40s. Many dog lovers raved about the vehicle for it's comfort for their pets.
The 2nd Gen Ridgeline took a feature from the Element.
This is the rear seats mounted higher than the front seats stadium/movie theater style.
There is a rumor that the S2000 Roadster will return as a 2019 model.
Ridgeline is a very practical vehicle.
Read the article that says If The Honda Ridgeline Fails It's Because Pickup Truck Buyers Are Nuts.
I guess Hyundai is still coming out with the Santa Cruz pickup.
This will get other people thinking about the practical reason about these type of trucks.

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