How Much Do You Know About Pickups?

8 Chevy II

In our tireless search to bring you information about all things pickup trucks, we run across some unique websites and stories.

Some of you may be familiar with the "How Stuff Works" book and magazine series and their common-sense approach to just about everything. The website of the same name is no different.

The site recently challenged pickup truck enthusiasts who take pride in their knowledge of pickup history and engineering with a 35-question quiz.

We took the test and missed seven. Not stellar. But we also found mistakes in at least two questions. See if you can find more, and feel free share those discrepancies with the rest of us in the comments section below. photo by Mark Williams



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I'd bet papajimi will announce he's the bestest and mostest knowest ...............................

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To change, you'll need courage, and some emotional fortitude, to stick with new ways of thinking and behaving. You'll also need to accept challenges.

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Question #4 is incorrect, this quiz has no credibility...

Question #4 is correct. Ford: F-series is best-selling truck for 40 years.

I got the first 10 right. I'm not doing anymore.

I missed 5 but I protest a couple questions.

This is a laughably terrible quiz.

@Frank, #4 is wrong.

GM has been the best selling pickup!!!

These are the facts you cannot deny.

Untill I see some sales numbers camparing apples to apples you guys can blow all the smoke you want to and its all just a bunch of propaganda that dose'nt mean any thing come on, lets see the numbers...

Let it be written.

I got 35 out of 35, except for the last question which of course is not a correct answer. But that is obvious to anyone taking the quiz.

Anyone tie me yet? At least I am the first.

I got 27 out of 35. Ouch!

I got 26 out 35.

A Zamboni Ice scraper.

Hey, I got 31, jagged a few.

That was a fun quiz. Some were easy answers, some pretty tough. I got 24/35.
I did not know that Henry Ford coined the term pickup or Chevy was the first with IFS.

For me, it was a terrible, embarrassing 28 out of 35.
(Hangs head in shame...)

But three questions could be contested:

#11 - The Dodge Brothers and their body-contractor actually made the 1st intentional pickup vehicle for the US Military in 1917, not Ford. Ford made the 1st commercially available one, in its entirety, on one production line, within one factory, in 1925.

#21 - The word "pickup" was used in Ford advertising in 1925 to publicize its 1st factory-made pickup. But the term "pickup" was already in common usage, and came from the 1st decade of the 20th century: it even applied open-trunk* cars, and to a horse-drawn "buckboard", meant to "pickup" Aunt Matilda from the RR station, with all her luggage (^_^)..

#23 - The F-250 in the 1970's had the colloquial term "Highboy" applied to it only when the F-250 was 4WD. That term did not apply to all F-250's.

* Some even had a slide-in trunk-box available, a design that blossomed later in the late 1930's and late 1940's.


Michigan Bob - - -

It seems that some reports show that Ford holds that crown against other individual brands, not Chevy (BTW: I'm a Ram guy, so couldn't care less (^_^)) - - -

BUT, here is the thing. If you combine sales* from BOTH GM pickup products (now called Silverado and Sierra) over the last 40 years, then you are right: GM has sold more TOTAL pickups, of all types, than Ford.

* In my sales analyses, I combine Silverado and Sierra as essentially one type of full-size GM pickup: they are really the same truck, coming down the same assembly lines, having much the same packages and options, etc. They differ only in body work, grill, and some very upscale options available for the Sierra.


I got them ALL correct !
Not only am I smart but also the best looking man in these comments

Tom#3 - - -

That means you were misled by the Ford Publicity Machine in at least three of them! (^_^)...

But I'm sure you are the best looking man here, or at least with respect to me. The last time women and children took a glance in my direction, they ran the other way......


Sorry you need to keep lying to yourself to make yourself feel good. How pathetic are you? Ford has the best selling truck.

But I'm sure you are the best looking man here, or at least with respect to me. The last time women and children took a glance in my direction, they ran the other way......


Posted by: NMGOM | Jul 23, 2017 3:24:13 PM

Maybe Frank would be a better judge of Tom#3 looks.


"Maybe Frank would be a better judge of Tom#3 looks."

Who is "Frank"? (I didn't see him here...)


Who is "Frank"? (I didn't see him here...)


Posted by: NMGOM | Jul 23, 2017 8:49:52 PM

He's around.

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