Mercedes-Benz Enters Global Pickup Market With X-Class

MB X-Class Reveal 1 II

At a special event in Cape Town, South Africa, Mercedes-Benz officially revealed its new X-Class global mid-size pickup truck. However, the X-Class isn't scheduled to be brought to the U.S. market — yet.

According to Mercedes-Benz, there will be two variants: a Powerful Adventurer and a Stylish Explorer. It seems as though the automaker has learned a few things from the introduction of the Metris (currently on sale in the U.S.), when it was criticized by some for offering the Metris only in the utility segments of the work van market.

However, with this new pickup — which shares a platform with the new Nissan Navara, a truck we will likely be getting in the form of the new Frontier next year — Mercedes seems to be learning that its brand can accommodate both work-truck and more luxury-minded buyers with a single vehicle. (Mercedes-Benz initially partnered with Nissan a few years ago in order to more quickly expand its commercial truck division into the growing world pickup markets.)

According to the press conference, there will be three trim packages for the initial run of X-Class pickups: Pure, Progressive and top-of-the-line Power. It will go on sale in Germany first, then spread out slowly across Europe. The price in Germany will be approximately 37,000 euros, or (given current exchange rates) about $43,000. Of course, to compete in the U.S. market, Mercedes would have to work on getting that pricing down considerably.

There's no doubt it will be quite a while before a Mercedes-Benz pickup truck is sold in the U.S., but we will be seeing the new ladder-frame Nissan Frontier next year. And if this recent decision by Mercedes to offer both an upper- and lower-level trim package is any indication of how versatile and how capable the new mid-size Nissan can be, then that bodes well for the U.S.-version of the next-gen Frontier.

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Nice trucks...cannot wait to try one - the more choices the better for all us truck fans!!!

I haven't heard Nissan comment a new Frontier was set to be announced or released next year. When did you learn this? The V6 in the Titan had to be released first I thought?

I am pro choice, but this will not be my next truck because the $43,000.00 base price does not quite suit me.

I don't think the people who visit this site would buy a Merc pickup, unless it were based on the G-Wagon.

Ugly, overpriced and outmatched. There is no reason to buy this Euro Trash in the United States of America.

I'm surprised they aren't going to call it the Equator...rim shot!

What I meant to point out is entering the truck market in the USA is extremely difficult. Toyota found that out with the 2nd gen Tundra, even with their reputation of high quality vehicles.

Also, I wonder how Mercedes will market the truck? It's too pretty to be treated as a work vehicle, so perhaps just sell it to existing Merc buyers?

Also, I wonder how Mercedes will market the truck? It's too pretty to be treated as a work vehicle, so perhaps just sell it to existing Merc buyers? Posted by: NoQDRTundra | Jul 18, 2017


I agree about the challenges of introducing something like this to the US market with that iconic star on the grille. 10 years ago I would have said No Way.

Today Daimler has re-invented the Mercedes brand for US buyers in some amazing ways. Many of their cars I see today are compacts aimed at younger buyers, but they still offer a V12 two door coupe---go figure!

The 37k Euro Price included German Taxes @ 19%, which would mean a lot less here in the US, if they decided to ever bring it to the US.

Also, there are number of engine choices, the 2.3 Turbo & Bi-Turbo Diesel (Renault Engines), a V6 Turbo Diesel (MBZ's own OM642) and some Gas Turbo Four's for select markets. I'm amazed that MBZ did not add their latest OM654 & OM656 Turbo Diesels, but maybe they will hold off for more stringent emissions requirements.

The 37k Euro Price included German Taxes @ 19%, which would mean a lot less here in the US, if they decided to ever bring it to the US. Posted by: Ed | Jul 18, 2017


Are you forgetting the Chicken Tax?

More likely they will build it here at the Nissan plant to avoid the import tax. Hard to imagine they would build a specific plant to make the pickup, since it's doubtful the pickup would sell in large enough numbers to have that make sense.

At least they know they can't be worse than a Ford. the Mercedes work vehicles are nowhere as bad as those. Put a legendary Mercedes diesel in it, and it will last a heck of a longer than any Ford. Although the Toyota gas will last longer. And we don't yet know how that baby Duramax will do.

@Ed- are you sure that the V6 diesel will be an OM642 and not the V9X (alliance motor)

The 37k Euro Price included German Taxes @ 19%, which would mean a lot less here in the US, if they decided to ever bring it to the US. Posted by: Ed | Jul 18, 2017

@Ed--Adding onto what papa said. but Germany’s corporate tax rate is 15% while ours in 39.1%. Did you forget that? That all adds to the cost! Unless Congress gets their act together and hammers out a deal on big tax cuts and drops the corporate tax rate to 15% there are is no free lunch if Mercedes wants to sell a truck here.

It looks like a Ranger.

The front end looks nice, the rear looks cheap. Could use some cladding on the rockers and around the wheel wells to give it a bit more beefy look.

@Mark Williams
You have some of the facts a little bit skewing. The Truck was designed for the Global market and not the US. Navara is a basis for it but will,have different engines, body dimensions, drive trains and suspensions. In other words not much to do with the Navara. It will tow 3.5 Tonne and have a payload of 2300lb. There will be no single Cab version.
Gas engines will not be available in Australia.
Roll out will not be in Germany but the main areas where this Pickup has the main markets. Germany is not one of them.

You forgot Freightliner Trucks

Unless Congress gets their act together and hammers out a deal on big tax cuts and drops the corporate tax rate to 15% there are is no free lunch if Mercedes wants to sell a truck here.
Posted by: Jeff | Jul 18, 2017

@Jeff, sorry but you should stick to what you know. We were talking about tariffs and now you're talking about taxes on corporate income. Big difference.

Nobody pays the top corporate rate. I don't disagree that tax cuts are a good thing mind you, but you're perspective on it shows some confusion, in my opinion.

Papa--Wrong. He was talking about the vat tax. Corporate tax is a VAT.
It's a hidden tax paid by the consumer. I am right.

Corporate tax is a VAT. It's a hidden tax paid by the consumer.

EXACTLY right!

Corporate taxes are an expense of product production which is built in to the price the consumer pays.

Why did you introduce another inflammatory statement to Jeff S? I am only going to warn you one more time and then the gloves are off.

Please, keep you comments pleasant as I would like to see PUTC become the best pickup truck site again, without the derogatory comments. They are unnecessary and are of no value to the discussion.

This is your final warning.

This is your final warning.
Posted by: Big Will | Jul 18, 2017 10:00:46 PM

@Big Al, Show me on the doll where the big, bad papajim hurt you? smh.

@ Papa Jim, thanks for answering your own question.

I would guess that MBZ would bring the X-Class to the US, once Nissan had certified the new Frontier to US requirements and begun production of said vehicle at its US Plants.

@ MrKnowItAll, the Renault V9X V6 could not meet Euro 6 Emission requirements and was dropped a few years ago.

Whereas, the OM642 has been certified by Mercedes for US EPA and CARB requirements for 2017 in the Sprinter Vans, which are slightly tougher than Euro 6 requirements. I would therefore speculate and based on the Mercedes Global Media press release today that mentions a V6 Turbo Diesel engine, that this is what they are referring to.

The new OM654 and OM656 and in line 4 and 6 Cylinder Turbo Diesels respectively.

The chicken tax has lost the US some trade. But, overall the US is one of the fairer countries to do trade with and the chicken tax is an anomolie, a dumb one at that.

I do think the US would import a significant number of midsizers vs the number or full size exports.

What the chicken tax has done is removed the design and engineering and manufacture of a lucrative global product into other countries. The US could of and should have corned this market globally. But it didn't and now it has to fight to regain if it wants to regain a larger share of the overall pickup market.

It could be exporting billions of dollars worth of vehicles globally of a quintessentially American icon. But it can't, because UAW, US government, Big 3($) shortsightedness.

The US as the land of pickups could of been the centre for pickup manufacturing globally.

The chicken tax has reduced choice in the US to the consumer. There are many competitive and viable products out there globally. Even in Australia it is viable for us to import a Kia light truck the K2900. This truck is imported at the rate of less than one thousand vehicles per year. But, it is viable and gives more choice.

If the manufacturer of a vehicle can offer the massive trim levels that the pickup manufacturers offer, then this shows how little the competition is.

More competition would reduce the number of trim levels, to manufacture cheaper and more competitive products.

Full size trucks, even the aluminium one will remain big sellers in the US. But, as prices will inevitably rise with the use of more exotic materials and gas engines becoming more 'Euro' like.

Like I've stated the direction the US has been heading in has been unsustainable for it's light truck an pickup market and free trade agreements will also change the future look of the US vehicle makeup.

It's a matter of time.

But rather than some of you guys who will argue the virtues of full size trucks, the smaller trucks also have benefits the full size can't offer.

As I've mentioned previously, I'm not a midsize fan, even though some try to create this illusion as a debating topic.

Full size trucks are nice, (except for those stupidly large grilles).

@papajim, Scott, Chris, Allwo1n, All 'mericum and the other names you go under.

Just sticking your head in the sand regarding products from overseas will not stem them. It will hurt the US.

The full size trucks you guys manufacture are quite good. But just because you want something doesn't mean you view should be thrusted onto others.

That ideal you have of forcing others to do what YOU want is Un-American. Maybe people like you should move to China in a more authoritarian environment where government thinks like you do. Your ideals should marry up to communism quite well.

@papajim, Chris,
Really, what a pure piece of garbage you have just put forward.

@Big Al, BAFO, Wild Willie, Big Willie, etc

You cannot win. Surrender.

We will go easy on you. Your family will be taken care of. It will be over in a few minutes. You'll feel no pain.

The X Class is not aimed at the US market.

If the X Class were to be sold in the US the base model AWD crew cab twin turbo diesel would sell in the low 30s USD.

There are appreciable differrences between the X Class and global Navara. The body and chassis will be the two main components they share. The 2.3 twin turbo diesels will be shared in some vehicles.

The X Class is an answer to VWs Amarok. Ford now realises competition is rising so they are building the EcoSieze Mini Me Raptor. GM is playing with a LS3 powered global Colorado.

So we now see the global pickups breaking into 3 groups. The fancy group above, then the mainstream Japanese players and lastly the Chinese and Indian pickups.

All we need now is Hyundia to produce a nice midsizer.

This X Class will be in the same price bracket as the Ranger and Amarok.

As you can see truer competition pays dividends.

It would be nice to see these globals on US shores, as US pickups are allowed elsewhere globally. Fair?

"Mercedes-Benz Enters Global Pickup Market With Re-Badged Nissan"


Are you attempting to incite via divisive behaviour.

Please mature and play with others. You really need to change your anti social behaviour.

No rebadged Nissan

No rebadged Nissan. Posted by: Robert Ryan | Jul 19, 2017

@Robert Ryan

Please cite specifics, i.e., how do you know? This whole story reads like one of those multiple recitations of the next Jeep pickup truck.

Mercedes can certainly create their own truck, but why? They'd be smarter to build a half ton to compete in the US market with the high end products from the Big 3. Huge potential market.

Midsize trucks are a mini market in the US.

A little bit of searching on the net will find you information. It's not hard. So, instead of fearing that you will lose your perceived status on this site, "get off your lazy pe'tute" and put some effort in. You would then not make many of those inaccurate comments.

Now please read this;
Here is why it will succeed in Australia. This statement alone makes it a great pickup. In the US you talk of a few pounds in the bed and a packed lunch when you tow.

We talk massive amounts of beer whilst towing a 25' yacht. How good is that for a measure of a pickup! PUTC read and learn!


Top dollar performance

Claimed to carry up to 17 kegs of beer while towing an eight-metre yacht the X-Class will be available in three grades and with a choice of four-cylinder and V6 diesel engines.

Read more:
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Typical small bed global truck, more like a Ford Exploder Sport Track.

Well, if Nissan actually makes a bigger 6.5 bed, I might consider such.

Maybe if it has 1400 or so payload, at least 200 plus what it has now.

I don't mean Ridgeline payload either, where it says it can hold more, but fails.

An engine / trans combo that gets 23 or 24 mpg in 4x4 form would be nice too.

A month ago when my Sentra transmission went bad on a 1650 mile (1 way) trip to Maine, the Dealership gave me 2016 Frontier crewcab 4x4. The mileage was weak.

They did a fine job on the Titan gas engine and trans, too bad it has such an ugly front end, and the payload is low, and their packaging options together is not thought out.

@TRX-4 Tom,
A guy over on the ROC just hauled a 1900lb pallet of stone home in his '17 Ridgeline. Through hills and curves, it handled great and never bottomed out. Where's the fail?

Great story about your Sentra.

My cousin's Corolla had to have the front discs machined last week.

Back to the X Class. We don't need a bigger bed. I mean ..... like the US if you want to carry something big you use a trailer.

But, like the US these pickups are just daily driving trucksters that will tow occasionally ...... if you are lucky.

They are sold and marketed as tough working vehicles, but the reality is they are just like a SUV, like most 1/2 and many 3/4 ton pickups.

Different and larger body panels,chassis, drivetrain, AWD ,3 litre V6 Mercedes engine. Shares 2.3 Renault engine with Navara.
Huge difference in payload, 2460lb or 1100kg. Ford Ranger Wildtrack has a 980kg payload.

[Daimler would be] smarter to build a half ton to compete in the US market with the high end products from the Big 3. Huge potential market. Midsize trucks are a mini market in the US.

@Robert Ryan

I stand on the above statement. Thank you for the specifics!

Why would Mercedes want to compete with the mid-sizers alread in the market when they could build a posh half ton to compete in the same rarified atmosphere as trucks like the Escalade pickup and the King Ranch?

I've been pining for the big engines in pickups. Mercedes already builds them. Can you imagine driving a half ton Benz powered by a 6.0 V12? Whooosh! The Denali's and the 6.4 RAMs would have nothing to fight back with.

The Ecoboost would be embarrassing in the same parking lot with an AMG branded half ton Mercedes mega crew.

Drive by the parking garage at the NFL and NBA teams and the young players with hot new contracts would be dropping $150k for those new Mercedes trucks. They would fly off the dealer lots, backordered even.

Compare that vision to some dinky Mercedes midsizer!

Perhaps Nissan traded the Navara Chassis for a legendary Merc
Diesel for the Frontier.
At any rate Nissan Should unveil the new V6 for the Titan and Frontier soon.
I have no need of a 1/2 ton truck I am waiting on the new Nissan Frontier hopefully it arrives soon.

Actually MB already produce the best and as you call it poshest fullsize pickup, look at the link below;

Again, paapijim, please consult Google prior to making silly and inaccurate comments.

@Big Al

Are you back from "Kansas?"

Yesterday you were Wild Bill, or Will, or one of a half dozen other IDs you employ on this site to amuse the alter egos in your head.

At your fingertips you have the power to silence those cruel voices and enjoy greater comfort. Some people have bitter memories or unhappy nightmares from childhood that cast a dark cloud over their adult lives.

Please get help.

I prefer Chevrolet Colorado/GM Canyon, or future Ford Ranger.

@Longboat: Here are some coments from the midsize challenge. If the Ridgeline is gonna have higher payload, live up to it.

What They Didn't
Not carrying its weight: "It has a real problem carrying heavy loads," Williams said. "Too much squat in the rear end and riding near bump stops when we only had half of our calculated payload in the bed. Brakes got mushy, too." "There's too much rear-end squat while carrying payload that points the nose toward the sky and makes driving at highway speeds sketchy as hell," Bruzek added. "Load up the Ridgeline's bed to nearly payload capacity and it is not happy," Bragman said. "The handling gets really unstable as the truck squats rearward, unloading the front tires."

They said that was at 90% max payload. They said compared to the others, (when all had 90%) the load lowered it more than the others.

If somebody did 1900 after reading this about 1390 or less, maybe that person is the one driving 15 under the speed limit slowing people down.

@Big Al: if you want to go running for a trailer just to carry more stuff, go right ahead.

Like I said, had the 2007 Dakota quad cab short bed, 5'4" or so. Way to small.

Sure, I have a 18 or 20 foot trailer, do I want to take it (1500 pounds) where I go just for a few things that will fit in a 6.5 foot bed of a Frontier/Colorado/ or God help me, a Tacoma?

Here is something to think about also, my trailer is dual axle, but even the single axle owners have to pay more at the tollway. Takes the affordability out of it.

I will use my trailer when really needed, to carry a car, or like last time I needed it, to haul 3,000 pounds of laminate flooring.

@Big Al: yeah, the Sentra had a whole 58,000 miles on it, just under the 60K warranty.

If the 2nd one doesn't make it to 120,000 miles, no way will I keep it.

It is for my wife, her daily driver, she does a 97 mile a day commute.

Good experience to be able to drive the Frontier. Thinking more like 2020 Colorado 3.6, MAYBE the diesel, not sold on a trimming belt, 6 foot bed, crew, 4x4.

Maybe Nissan will finally upgrade.

I like more choices.

@TRX-4 Tom,
Yes, I remember that review. Here is what else I remember about it. Some of the reviewers seemed to go in with preconceived biases against the Ridgeline, yet it nearly won their shootout. That alone should speak volumes to its capabilities.

I am interested in buying a Ridgeline. Therefore, I have been researching the crap out of it, because buying a new truck is a HUGE expense. I've probably seen every readily-available review as well as a few obscure ones. I've read thousands of posts on the ROC, good and bad. I've not seen any other review, or owner, complain about the payload capacity. In fact, many owners comment how little the Ridgeline squats with a load compared to their previous truck.

Maybe PUTC had something wrong with their truck. Maybe the weight got set back a few inches in the bed. I don't know. However, i do tend to trust many reviews over one review. Especially from folks that have bought one, and give their personal reviews, warts and all.

The fact is that the Ridgeline has one of the highest GVWRs among the mid-size trucks, and has a higher payliad rating than some full-size trucks. These aren't fake ratings. They are real numbers provided by engineers, not marketers or reviewers or fanboys.

This story is about the Mercedes mid size pickup. Now we're on to talking about trimming belts (whatever the bleep that is) and Honda's. I think that everybody realizes that the Honda truck is a minivan with an open-air back end.

For the guy who rarely hauls more than 1000 pounds a Honda might do, but I drove one far enough to know that it did not feel like a truck at all. It also had a huge turning circle for such a small truck.

Mercedes is making a mistake entering the mid size market in the US.

Elsewhere? Who knows.

Careful, PoppaJim, your UAW roots are showing....

MB thought about it, but the "1 Tonne" market is vastly more lucrative than the US 1/2 ton. To cut costs they teamed with Nissan. 1 Tonne market will have 2.8 million vehicles in 2020. Several new players yer to enter if they can get Europeans to buy Pickups instead of SUV's the Sky' s the limit.
Europe alone has a population alone of 500 million and an economy bigger than the US

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