Chevrolet Confirms 2019 Silverado 4500/5500

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While celebrating 100 years of Chevrolet pickup trucks at the 2017 State Fair of Texas in Dallas, Chevy executives confirmed there will be Class 4 and 5 medium-duty chassis trucks called the Silverado 4500 and 5500 for the commercial market for model-year 2019.

"We are earning new business because we have more solutions to help businesses grow," said John Schwegman, Chevy's U.S. director of commercial product, in a statement. "The Silverado 4500 and 5500 will stand out because we've designed the trucks around how customers work. They will be powerful, maneuverable and among the easiest trucks on the market to upfit with specialized bodies, such as dump bodies, rollbacks, freight boxes and more."

According to Schwegman, the 4500 and 5500 models will be offered in both 4x4 and 4x2 configurations with a choice of regular and crew cabs. And for fleet-management purposes 4G LTE connectivity will be an option. All Chevy 4500/5500 trucks will be powered by the 6.6-liter Duramax diesel and Allison 1000 transmission.

Earlier this summer we first saw spy photos of the new Chevy commercial trucks, but Chevy did not make an announcement until Thursday at 2017 State Fair of Texas.

We'll likely see more spy photos of the test rigs as they get closer to production, and we hope to get a chance to drive the vehicles in late 2018. The Silverado 4500/5500 marks a long-awaited return of GM to the medium-duty class after the truckmaker abandoned the small-volume market by stopping production of the Chevy Kodiak and GMC Topkick in 2009. photos by Mark Williams, Manufacturer images of Silverado 3500, SpiedBilde spy photos


2017 DMax Chart II

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GM Medium-duty 1A

GM Medium-duty 2A



Great, more oranges for the GM trvlls to add to their apples and macaroni comparisons.

On the commercial trucks website they said this is a different truck from what GM is developing with Navistar.

Have you heard that Mark?

That looks like an International Harvester grille motif.

Ford fans are worried.

@Frank. What do you mean?? The F-series sales numbers come from F150, F250,F350, F450,F550. So now GM will be adding the 4500 and 5500 to their sales line of 1500,2500,3500. I see no problem with that.

I still see a lot of the old Duramax Topkicks 5500 around here, they are a great commercial truck. The new 4500 and 5500 will sell well, the Duramax and Allison is a tremendous powertrain, and proven very reliable for many years.

Who freaking cares how many they sell. You dotards continually argue and fight over this.

@Sean G,

The numbers that are posted here monthly are solely for F150, F250 & F350. The F450-550 account for about 4% of sales, PUTC does not add them, so in the case of the GM trvlls, this argument is moot because it's the only way they can sleep well at night.

Have a nice weekend!

Now who's going to buy the Ford junk ?

This looks exactly like a Navistar. Is this the truck that GM is making jointly with Navistar that will be assembled in a Navistar plant? If it is it is the truck to be assembled in the Springfield, Ohio plant.

If it has a bumper step thingy I'll buy one!

Yes, Old GM Guy, I saw that on another website. Where did you see it?

Correct that is a Navistar badge engineering job, not a true Silverado 4500, nor is it a pickup truck. Nice try GM.

frank the sales numbers posted here come right off the press release, it is 150-550. Only the manufacturers know the full breakdown.

Frank is right. These are Heavy Trucks and don't count.

Ford girls are really pooping their pants now!

Headlights look like they came off the Grizwald family truckster. I thought they got rid of that look after the 2014-2015 disaster.

The pic at the bottom is not what they are talking about in the article. I don't know why papa jim's son istaljing about pooping his pants. That's disgusting.

Does it have a 5.3? Haha. Looks like it has the same disease as the Reaper.

These new 4500 and 5500 series Silverados will be the best in class just like the current Silverado.

more junk from gm

Ford fans are worried.

Posted by: DENALI 3500 | Sep 29, 2017 4:15:51 PM
Not at all, not one little bit. Seriously FORD no competition in HD. Get real .

GM girls are always pooping their pants , this is just more poop.!

Crazy funny, Isuzu motor in a Navistar wearing s GM badge, hahahahahahahahaha!

I pooped my pants.

I'm very disapointed in the comments section. I think the discussion should be less "fan boy". More actual potential buyer. Makes this site seem only children visit.

I agree Mr. Simon. I'm a GM "girl" owner and wanted to see information/ ratings about this line of trucks but all I see is a bunch of childish remarks.

Frank is right. Posted by: Karl | Sep 29, 2017


The annual migration of flying pigs has begun a little early this year. They start in the Windsor & Detroit areas and head south to the tropics for warmer wintering conditions.

In other news, Frank was right in the early evening on September 29. Scientists from agencies around the world are attempting to calculate the odds, but have largely given up due to the admittedly unlikely prospects of it ever happening again.

I saw the production prototype at the Las Vegas GM Fleet meeting. That is not the front end they will use. The cab will be the existing Silverado reg or crew cab with a composite tilt forward hood. The grill will have the Silverado family appearance. Frame will be industry standard 33" wide in various wheelbases. 19.5" wheels and tires.

Crazy funny, Isuzu motor in a Navistar wearing s GM badge, hahahahahahahahaha!

Posted by: Chevy Blows Chunks | Sep 29, 2017 10:21:04 PM

You forgot to mention the Allison transmission. Yes, all the best components that money cab buy. Hahahahahahahahah!!!

Best components? The F650 had the ISB and Allison 2500. Suddenly the Allison 1000 is best? That Allison 1000 is at its max torque input. The 6R140 is rated at 1,400 lb-ft.

"All Chevy 4500/5500 trucks will be powered by the 6.6-liter Duramax diesel and Allison 1000 transmission."

So this truck will be hamstrung the same way as the old Kodiak was, the same drivetrain as is in the much lighter 3500 series. The truck will be good for hauling but not much for towing. According to Allison, the transmission is not rated for the mission, it is only rated for 300hp and 27,000lbs GCW.

Yes, Allison does make great transmissions but this is the cheapest in the series. There is a reason for heavier transmissions. Also, in my opinion, my Allison desparatly needs at least one more gear between the current 3rd and 5th gears.

Take these articles by Mark Williams with a grain of salt.

Pure junk hahahaha. They are gonna go broke because nobody is going to buy their junk.

The 6R140 is rated at 1,400 lb-ft.
Posted by: Alex | Sep 30, 2017 8:07:33 AM

LOL yeah and Ford likes to fudge those numbers. They can barely handle 925 lb-ft let alone 1,400 lb-ft.

Chevy continues its celebration of 100 years of junk. Party at papajim's house tomorrow.

Guess Ford can't take a little competition.

Guess Ford can't handle a little competition.

LOL yeah and Ford likes to fudge those numbers. They can barely handle 925 lb-ft let alone 1,400 lb-ft.

Posted by: Frank's Brother | Sep 30, 2017 11:56:19 AM

Agreed, no one fudges numbers like Ford does. They continually get caught and the Ford faithful just keep buying it. LOL!

frank the sales numbers posted here come right off the press release, it is 150-550. Only the manufacturers know the full breakdown.
Posted by: canoepaddler | Sep 29, 2017 6:38:30 PM

FALSE! F-Series sales figures consist of F-150 thru F-450. Expect these new models to increase GM monthly truck sales by about 10-12 units.

recalls to follow in 3...2...1...

Ford girls are really pooping their pants now!

fseries sales figures are 150-550, heavy trucks are 650 and 750. Or does the 550 simply not exist.

"Ford sold more than 10,000 F-650/750 commercial Super Dutys in 2015, up 5 percent from 2014. This year, Ford is on pace to beat the 2015 numbers by more than 10 percent. And in case you were wondering, these sales are not lumped into monthly Super Duty sales numbers."

fyi: heavy truck sales where 10080 for 2015.

Actually Ford only counts F-Series up to the F-450. 550 and above are considered cab and chassis trucks and are not included in this sale report.

The truck in the bottom two pics won't count towards Silverado. It should be a separate category for Heavy Trucks but GM may try to weasle it in there but I don't think they can legally.

The Silverado 4500 pickup not shown in the article but discussed will count

Alex is right. F-550 is a chassis cab only. The numbers released for F-series are for pickups only. Soon GM will have a Silverado 4500 pickup so Chevy Boyz can stop their whining about fairness.

Alex, there is fseries and heavy trucks in Ford's sales press releases, no chassis cab note on either. What you think only 79 chassis cabs got sold in 2015?

Correct. F450 and F550 chassis cab are counted in F-Series. Same cab as F-250/F-350, just stronger frames. RAM also counts chassis. Fair fight.

The grille is throwing people off in the bottom pic. GM will count 4509and 5500 but these are low volume and won't be enough to take over Ford. Ford will keep winning.

Dave b, it will definitely be hard to catch ford, they sell damn near twice as many as the next brand.

It is safe to say that most of these 4500 and 5500 trucks will be sold into truck fleets. GM wanting to make a grand entry into the segment could persuade a lot of fleet managers with very competitive pricing. Let's face it, many managers want a break from those high maintenance F-series.

Most of those who comment on this article will not be buying this classification of truck and will most likely not ever drive one. Why should we care if Chevrolet offers a 4500 or 5500 Silverado and that they share costs, platforms, drivetrains, and assembly plants with Navistar. If I were a fleet buyer of this type of truck then I would welcome the addition of more competition giving more choice. This is a smart move for GM in that they share costs with Navistar especially for a product where the sales will not be as great as light truck sales. Who cares if Ford or Ram develops their own specific truck in this classification and use their own dedicated assembly plants. Much better to at least offer a product than not. Even if the fleet manager purchases Fords having another competitor allows the fleet manager to negotiate a better deal with more competition.

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