Top-Selling Pickup Trucks by State


Ever wonder which pickup truck is the top seller in your state? So has our team of data crunchers at That's why they sent us some of their most up-to-date new-vehicle sales information (meaning collected data from Jan. 1, 2017, to Aug. 21, 2017, from the majority of U.S. dealerships) for top-selling pickups in each state. We should clarify that these are not necessarily the top-selling vehicles — although in some cases they are — but rather just a list of the top-selling pickups. (FYI: Our data showed that the No. 1-selling vehicle was a pickup truck in 26 states.)

Although this data is simply a ballpark estimation taken from our exclusive database, this should give us a rough idea of the top player in each state.

As you can see, the majority of the states in the country have the top-selling Ford F-150 in first place, while the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is close behind with only four fewer states. The other two top sellers on our list of four include the GMC Sierra 1500 and the only heavy-duty pickup, the Ram 2500. Interestingly, as some might expect, there are a few states that don't have a single pickup truck in their top 10 sellers; we've noted which states they are in the graphic.

For those Toyota fans out there, it should be noted that the Toyota Tacoma was on the top 10 best-selling vehicles list for 15 different states and in the top three for two; the Tundra only made it onto three of the top-10 lists and never onto a top-three list. graphic by Paul Dolan; photos by Evan Sears


Ford Action 1 II

Chevy Action 1 II



Yep, it a Blue Oval FORD nation for sure!

Yet Canada's #1 selling vehicle for 32 years is the F150.

Posted by: Mark | Sep 20, 2017 9:30:06 PM

Are you sure it's the F-150. Maybe Ford's entire truck line-up, the F-series but not the F-150 alone. I just googled it, maybe you should too.

Still trying to get over the fact that China owns GM (Chevy). Nice to see the only true American brand in the #1 spot.

It's a damn toy map not a marketing research chart.
Stop the complaining. It just shows a color for the truck on top in each state. Big friggin deal folks. Move along. Nothing to see here.

Glad we have all of this Fords protecting us on the Southern border!

@NoQDRTundra even if Toyota "total screwed" up with the tundra, they still post 3-4 times the profits compared to big 3 manufactures. I doubt Toyota is that sad considering the Tundra is going on 11-12 years old, with very little changes, and they are still selling them with little to no incentives.

Utah is wise. They only buy 3/4 ton or one ton Cummins.

No one can deny that Cummins are the most quality built engines in the industry.

Unless you are a Ford shill. Which their are plenty of.

And GM guys are too smart to deny Cummins are the best.

Say what you will about the rest of the vehicle.

Abd half tons just don't hold together, and don't get any work done.

Utah is too smart than to buy half tons.


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