2018 Nissan Titan Midnight Edition Video


Even the casual observer knows that one of the most popular vehicles in the U.S. is the half-ton pickup truck. In fact, one of the most popular special editions, no matter what the brand, has become the "blackout" package. The latest example of this custom look for the 2018 model year made its first public appearance at the 2017 State Fair of Texas in the form of the Nissan Titan Midnight Edition — notice the blacked-out rims, grille, badging, mirrors, and front and rear bumpers. If you like the clean look, here are a few more details.

Cars.com photos by Christian Lantry


Looks good, only thing I would do is paint the door handles and mirrors black, The black plastic tends to fade and look like crape against the black paint.

Can someone tell me why you cant get a titan with sunroof? I have yet to find one with it. Doesn't make any sense.

All black--YUK!!!

Nissan titans do or maybe did have sunroofs. I own a 2010 titan it has a sunroof power rear windo dvd rear seat entertainment screen with head phones and remote. Ya just hav to look a lil more. I dont know what my exact model or type mine is . It was only badged as 5.6 titan i added pro4x decals to it. I do know its the best vehicle i have ever owned. Well those with 4 wheels at least

The 2017 Titan does not have a sunroof option. I personally don't need a sunroof but if I wanted one, I can't see myself buying a truck that doesn't have every option I want. It is another huge oversight by Nissan and sales are showing it.

this is what i would buy..

For those concerned about sunroofs, Nissan has answered that
question. To wit: the weight of the glass would subtract from
the payload!! Yes, the glass is too heavy versus a regular
stamped steel cab top. hey, don't blame me but thats their

Supposedly, the XD is gonna be put on a major diet for 2018 so
who knows.....plus upgrades to the suspension so maybe, a
sunroof may some day be in the offering. If enough people
gripe and dealers are told "no sunroof-no sale", maybe the
factory will get the message.

Also, that poultry 26 gallon tanks gotta go. There are after-
market units that will give you 50 gallons for the XD diesel.
They're made by ( I'm not making this up ) Titan fuel tanks,
part# 7040216 for $1,300.00 It doubles your range and it's
made in America !!!!! Just google Titan fuel tanks and you're
good to go. If you have a diesel, they make a tank.

Just a friendly tip....

I 100% Agree Nissan needs to offer larger fuel tanks then 26 gal. Especially considering the programming in the trucks DTE guage is setup to leave 5 gal in the tank, when it triggers a warranting and the computers show 0 to E. Effectivly making that 26 gal tank a 21 gal tank. Same thing happens on Toyota Tundra's.

The most important thing I am seeing on this Titan black out edition, is that they are using the front fenders from the S trim which are smooth. All the others have a stamping where the giant odd shaped fender badge goes, so you cant really remove that ugly fender badge, without still having that stamping left behind in the fender. I wish they would either do away with that stamped fender and just use a badge that could be easily removed. These trucks look much better without that fender badge that looks like it is upside down in its shape.

Good eye, Fleet guy !!! Why doesn't Nissan use the same
badge as Ram for the Cummins? It's made by the same
company. Whats the difference? Does Ram have copyright
protection on THAT specific badge?

Put the badgings on the door ala Ram, and use the "S" trim
fenders for a cleaner look. Also, relocate the fuel door. Why
does it protrude partially into the rear fender? Very poor design

I owned a 2012 Pro4X and put 140k miles. 3rd new Titan since 2008.Purchased it sight unseen while overseas. It was loaded with every option available including a sunroof, DVD player, NAV, tow, heated power seats, you name it! Placed it on CarGurus and sold it in 2 days for half what I paid for it 6 years and 140k miles ago.
My plan was simply to buy a new 2018 just like it....MAN DID I MAKE a MISTAKE. The top of the line hell all Titans have stick on the column!!!! No sunroof! No DVD player! Terrible! They even changed the Artic White paint which people loved to pearl white. Shame on me for not checking on the new 2018 Titans as options are limited at best. Nissan forced this long time customer to buy a Ford F-150 where options are unlimited.

I bought a 2015 Titan SV in the same year and I absolutely can't part ways with the truck. I didnt particularly like the new model but it has grown on me so I am going to trade my 2015 Titan in. On what, I don't know. It makes no sense to me that the 2018 Midnight Edition has no option for a sunroof. Come on Nissan!!! Wake up and smell the coffee. All of your competitors have that option. If a sunroof option is not available for 2019, I will be shopping Toyota, GMC, or Chevy. I hate tp do it but $47,900 fpr a new truck without a sunroof is ridiculous to me

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