2018 Ram Lone Star Silver HD Video


It was just last year that Ram introduced the half-ton Texas-only version of the Lone Star Silver special edition. It's so popular Ram now is offering it across the full lineup, meaning you can order it in 2500 and 3500 configurations. It debuted at the 2017 State Fair of Texas and we have the details.

Cars.com photos by Christian Lantry






Beautiful truck.

I'm sorry, but this truck is outdated! People talk about the GM twins looking outdated and it's only been 3 years since refresh to front ends 5 since full design!! What about this design? What has it been 8 years?? Dodge...excuse me RAM needs to get an over haul bad!

The Cummins and Hemi deserve a new design...great motors...plus there air ride is the best in the business.!!

Seems a bit shortsighted to me. For sale ONLY from a Texas
dealership? What about the other 49 states? At least Ford sells
those lame King Ranch models everywhere. For a premium
price, you too can pretend you scrape cow paddies off the soles
of your boots every night!!!

At least with Ram, it's Lone Star or bust. Not a bad truck but
with minimalist badging, do you think this truck would get lost
on the real King Ranch and eventually find its way home?
Maybe one of those rolling Ford campfires could light the way...

@tnt, this truck is nicer interior than the twins, the gms are outdated for sure.

@ Nitro

IDK about that.. But hey that's your opinion. This thing has had the same exterior design since 2010!!!! Come on boys!! You know I'm right there!!

@tnt, yes exterior I agree.

The interior of the RAM is quite attractive. Like the GM twins, there is great blending of style and function. The F-series on the other hand reminds me of a series of after thoughts with the various misplaced switches and knobs. The interior appears to have drawn it's inspiration from a baby's shape sorter toy.

That grille is the best looking nose that's offered on any truck today.

I want this nose.

This is the bass mouth front end. It started showing it's age about 2 to 3 years ago and needs to be retired.

This is one of the best articles I have come across. Keep up the good work.

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