2019 Ram 1500 Four-Door: Spied

Ram1500ud.g18.KGP.ed II

Although Ram took a small hit in September sales, dropping less than 2 percent from September 2016 numbers, we're predicting the truckmaker will beat 2016 sales numbers by almost 5 percent by year end. And since the Ram brand is one of only two moneymakers in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' stable lately (the other is Jeep), you can see why there's a lot riding on the new Ram half ton, likely to debut later next year.

It's unclear exactly what existing or new trim level the pictured half-ton pickup truck is sporting or what materials the body is made from, but there are some cues that let us know Ram designers are busy and want to shake things up.

Here's the latest missive from our spy shooter:

"Sometimes it's all about being in the right place at the right time. From what we can see here, a slimmed down version of the Ram's crosshair grille will remain flanked by all-new headlights, giving the 2019 Ram 1500 a more technical look than the current model. The grille gets a new chrome brow that stretches the full width of the front end, with a small notch that continues up into the hood. The Ram's hood is more chiseled than today's model, a theme that continues throughout the rest of the pickup's redesigned bodywork.

"The new Ram's badging represents a complete departure from the normal convention, with a metallic badge boldly displaying the '1500' and 'Hemi 5.7 L' specifications installed into the trailing edge of the hood — just above the front fender.

"The Ram's overall surface development is more chiseled and detailed than the current model, with a lower character line that kicks up at the ends as it reaches the front and rear wheel arches. The smoothness of the current Ram gives way to more carved details and surface sculpting, for a more complex design, making today's truck look a bit slab sided.

"The door handles on this prototype are body colored with chrome inserts, giving it a more upscale appearance.

"The rear tailgate gets clean styling with subtle sculpting. Judging from the mounting holes visible on the tailgate, it appears that prominent Ram badging will be a feature of the rear end. We also caught the next Ram's rear fender completely undisguised at another location, showing further surface development details.

"The taillights are reminiscent of the current Ram lights, but eschew the heavy LED features for a subtler effect with frosted white slits. The taillights appear to have a protruding section that includes the backup lights, and perhaps a sensor array in higher-end trucks.

"We're hearing the 2019 Ram 1500 is reportedly scheduled to make its official debut at Detroit's North American International Auto Show in January."

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This will be the truck that overtakes Chevy!

I think this looks sharp.




Looking good so far, RAM. Keep it up.

I do prefer the tailpipes being sculpted into the rear bumper more so than this version has though.

Dmn thats actually good looking. I just saw pigs fly....

Wow! Good looking truck very well Sculpted can’t wait to see it with the classic crosshairs.

Very nice looking truck! This is what truck owners like to see, actually new looking trucks, unlike GM who keeps using the same old look from 10 years ago and calls it new...Great Job ram, cant wait to see the HDs change as well.

If your papajim, I'm sure these wont appeal as they will ride very rough even though you never will drive one.

I wish GM would put something out that is new, come'on GM wake up.

Still wish they would make a twin to this truck like GM, even though this one looks much better than any GM twin.

GM looses again, this is a real nice truck even though it will ride like crap, sourced from wiki.

Looks exactly like a Silverado. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Cool looking design for sure. I really like the subtler and sportier take on their "big rig" styling--it nicely draws a similarity with the Durango and Charger. I also like the model designation graphic on the hood, and the shape of the tail light assembly, that from the side view pays homage to the '72 truck.

Plus, a note to GM: This new Ram has squarish wheel openings done right---subtle works!

I am pleasantly surprised to say the least, and I'm glad to see the cartoonish current gen truck sent into retirement.

Looks like Hyundai acquired Ram from FCA and put there grill in a Durango with a pickup bed

What's with Ford, Toyota, and now Ram using reflector LED headlamps? GM got it right by using projectors, the reflector LED lamps output is subpar compared to the projectors.

Nice looking truck. Very surprised! I wonder how much power the Hemi will have. Glad to see they are keeping it! Hope Gm does the same instead of putting junk V6 turbos in there full size trucks, and claim they get best in class MPG's which they DON'T!!!

BTW...went on a long trip this past weekend with a buddy to college game and in his new 2017 F150 FX4. I can say my 2017 Sierra rides better, WAY BETTER INTERIOR, and his gas mileage was horrible. 70 mph and got 17 with the ecothirst 3.5L. Very disappointed in it!

I pray that GM keeps there class leading v8's and improves on them.

I think it looks nice, only thing that looks weird is the bed looks to be a lot narrower then the cab, hopefully the production model will line up better.

@tyler, on the lamps, where has GM been? Becasue of those lamps they use, its the reason why you continue to see gms with a light out just like they did back in the early 2000's with the daytime running lamps. I remember when I looked at the silverado and sierra HD's (2010-2014) and asked the mechanic what PITA issues they have they said without a thought, headlights burning out.....

@tnt, papjim would say they all ride bad even your truck (which he has never driven), on the gm side out trucks at work got maybe 17.3 at 70, so I'd call it the same, plus the ecoboost is just more trqy and fun anyway.

Did he just quote himself? WTH is going on


Dodge Durango front grille style !!

I Love my 2011 Durango Hemi,great suv..

@papjim The 2016+ GM 1500s do not have the burnt out bulb issue the GMT800s did. You have to give GM kudos, they actually put good headlights on their trucks, from the WT trim up to High Country. Standard 25w HID with LED DRL, and top trims get LED projector headlamps.
Much better than the halogen headlights on the F-150/Tundra/Titan/Ram, and GM's LEDs are much better than the Ford LED reflector headlights.

IIHs agrees, the GM truck headlights got good ratings, while everyone expect Ram got Poor (even Ford's LEDs).

I've sat in a 2018 Tundra with the new LED reflector headlights, and my 2016 Tundra with retrofitted HID projectors (35W) still have a much nicer output.

I was not impressed with the F-150 LED headlights either, they are not very good for what Ford charges for them.

This will be the truck that overtakes Chevy!
Posted by: Ramtastic | Oct 17, 2017 12:56:55 PM

I agree, Sharp truck!

Looks exactly like a Silverado. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.
Posted by: Jason | Oct 17, 2017 2:04:55 PM

It actually looks like an evolution of the current Ram. You probably think the 18' F-150 looks like a Chevy too. Why would anybody want to replicate the slow selling Silverado? C'mon man! That just doesn't make any sense.

GMC called, they want their front fascia back.
Posted by: Andrew | Oct 17, 2017 1:25:01 PM

GMSRGREAT called. He wants his glasses and Kool-Aid back. Nothing even similar.......

Yes GM does win again, as they keep their 2019 design under wraps unlike these careless fools.

@Chingon: Your eyesight appears to be bad, the Fushions look like a big mouth bass.

@2.7 Ecobustroost: those look nothing alike. Maybe you Ford folks are still sad cause all Ford gives is Tonka truck styling?

I like it. :-D

The top of the front fender, hood and A-pillar area was taken right off of the GMT-800. The headlights are certainly inspired from the current GMC Denali. Ford has put a Silverado grille onto their 2018 F-150. Shows how much Ford and RAM are chasing after the sales leader, GM.


Looks likje they copied the GMC. Ugky

The 2008 Ram is my favorite Ram based on appearance alone.

I don't really like the 2019 much.

You probably think the 18' F-150 looks like a Chevy too. Why would anybody want to replicate the slow selling Silverado? C'mon man! That just doesn't make any sense.
Posted by: 2.7EcoboostRoost | Oct 17, 2017 3:23:25 PM

The 2018 F-150 definitely looks like Ford borrowed design elements from a Chevy Silverado. Considering GM has been selling more trucks the past few years, maybe Ford is looking to draw some of those customers.

The stacked headlights that box in the sides of the grille like every Chevy truck sold the past few decades. The prominent Chevy-style bar running across the middle of the grill, crossing over the headlight stack.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

What's next? Will Ford drop the rainbow wheel wells for a square shape? Looks like Ram wisely dropped the rainbow wheel wells for next year.

I like the look of this truck. It reminds me of the 2017 Silverado trucks( at first glance i thought it was the New Silverado spy pics) and GMC SUV's. Very nice job Ram. Glad to see a new body style. This will sell well.

I do prefer the tailpipes being sculpted into the rear bumper more so than this version has though.
Posted by: Bill | Oct 17, 2017 1:20:57 PM

The downside to that is that my Ram's high and tight dual exhaust damaged the gel coat on my boat while pulling it down to Florida one summer. Side exhausts have some benefits.

Not really liking this new Design. Too much looking like a GM. Need to have interior change back to shifter, no turn dial crap, that is for cars.

We're finally seeing pics of the new Ram without the camo covering while we're still getting pics of a covered Silverado/Sierra.

That.... is...ugly

Look to much like a mix bag of current trucks slapped all in one, and well it looks ugly. The current Ram looks beautiful, this not so much. It still looks better then the ugly Fords though! At least Ram is trying, can't say the same with Ford. They still look like 2004s with a lip stick upgrade up front and super pooper still looks like a 1998 model over all, but with a but ugly front end too.

About the hood Badge! The WWE wants their belt buckle back!

@2.7 Ecobustroost: those look nothing alike. Maybe you Ford folks are still sad cause all Ford gives is Tonka truck styling?
Posted by: TRX-4 Tom | Oct 17, 2017 3:41:29 PM

You're an idiot. Read all my post and see how you look even dumber than johnnydoe. You must be about the same age changing my name in your post.

bout the hood Badge! The WWE wants their belt buckle back!
Posted by: David Bitzer | Oct 17, 2017 6:05:25 PM

I agree, the hood badge is a bad idea, although the front end looks nice.

I actually like the hood badge, looks better then the current setup on the front doors and it takes up like a third of the doors.

I own a F150, and I'm happy with it. Trouble free. But Ram is my 2nd choice. This is a good looking PU. The last few years have been good looking trucks. The 2 small cutouts in the bumper need to go away. Hopefully the pig snoot grille is gone and the large RAM on the tailgate. Hood badge looks better then the large belt buckle badge on the doors of some. The badge says 5.7 L, seems I read the 5.7 is going away?

Notice the 6 lug wheels. I saw another article on this. Hopes of higher payload and towing capacity. Ram currently has one of the smallest payload rating in a 1500....by ALOT!
Now they need something to not just keep up with the current pack. Panoramic sunroof, rear entertainment system, adaptive cruise and lane departure warning. They have air suspension and a diesel but where's their additional one ups? Word of fold flat rear seats, split tailgate have been rumores....but I need more!!!

Overwrought front end, current gen looks better IMO.

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