2019 Ram 1500 RamBox: Spied

2019RamBox.g13.KGP.ed II

As different configurations of the next-generation 2019 Ram 1500 go through testing procedures for final engineering signoffs, our spy shooters are beginning to capture more details about the half-ton pickup truck. The current Ram 1500 offers a few class-exclusive features such as the RamBox cargo management system, four-corner air suspension and coils springs that look likely to carry over into the new truck. Of course, Chevrolet and GMC will have all-new half tons as well, so this should get interesting as we move into 2018.

Here's what we've heard from our spy shooters:

"While we've literally blown the cover on nearly every element of the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 pickup, one of its former class-exclusive design traits — the RamBox — has been unconfirmed until now. We just got our first ironclad visual piece of evidence that the RamBox bed design will continue in the fully redesigned 2019 Ram 1500 trucks.

"The telltale thick bedrails and the narrow pickup bed are clearly on display on this prototype truck, which was testing without any tonneau cover or bed camouflage to obscure the RamBox design. Our closeup shot shows that, once again, the RamBox design eliminates the intrusion of the wheel wells into the truck bed. The cut lines delineating the edges of the RamBox storage bins are clearly visible on the bedrails. There's now no question that one of the Ram's truly unique design features will soldier on in this all-new pickup due out in 2018."

KGP Photography images


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Question is.... will the crew cab be larger?

I gotta think the HEMI is the hands down favorite among RAM 1500 buyers. I hear that the diesel 3.0 is less than 20 percent (maybe a lot less), which leaves the base 3.6 engine as the remainder.

Does anybody know the respective popularity (take rate?) for current RAM 1500 powertrain options?

Why don't they just show it already. I wan to know if I should order a 2018 or wait for the 2019

Wait for the 2021 and see how it goes. Never buy the first two years Chrysler anything.

Hmm, back to 6 lugs.

If the Ram 1500 isn't best in class in 2019, then FCA better go back to the drawing board. They have had since 2009 to improve this truck and learn from other manufactures...

In every PUTC test, the Ram 1500 and the Tundra (2007 powertrain with a 6 speed transmission) perform like twins. It's really embarrassing for Ram, their higher hp, MDS, and 8 speed transmission Ram 1500 can't even out perform the dinosaur Tundra...


@Tyler, Ram has had the biggest gain in market share and it continues to sell very well dispite having the oldest design of the big three even overtaking Chevrolet several times this year.

The plastic tupperware bins on the Ram box are way too weak to be useful. Heavy, pointy objects punch holes in the cheap bins. Not to mention the payload rating is embarrassingly bad.

This is a 2019 GM truck with it's "New Innovative bed".... Trust me on this. They basically copied Ram and Ford on their new truck. It's sad.

Papa Jim,
I love my 3.6 gas motor in my 2015 model. 21.5 - 22.5 mpg city/Hwy combined and plenty of power.


If the gasoline was 23 cents a gallon like it was when I was a kid, you'd buy the HEMI and you'd love it.

By the way, the HEMI 8-speed Ram 1500 gets great highway mileage. Did you test drive one?


Yep, almost bought a Hemi too. Then, for some odd reason I spotted this V6 parked about two spaces over and the salesman warned me it had no power. I drove it, seemed fine to me so I bought it. Honestly, I haven't disappointed in the least.
And the last time gas was that cheap was 64'-65'.

The Ram is the best looking truck on the road,has been,the year doesnt matter, the hemi is the best engine.....its not plain like the gmc,better looking than ford or tundra......one tough truck and comfortable to drive

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