Nissan Execs Want Titan to Go Global


Speaking before the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan executives seemed to be saying they want to bring U.S.-designed and built Nissan Titan half-ton pickup trucks to foreign markets.

According to Automotive News, Nissan is looking to take its newly redesigned full-size pickups to commercial markets around the globe, such as China, Australia and the Middle East.

On the surface, this seems to make sense given that U.S. sales of the Titan, which also includes the stronger Titan XD, are up several hundred percent over last year. But let's not forget that most of 2016 did not see the half-ton version of the Titan. Let's also not forget that we're only talking about 35,000 units to date, with a realistic possibility of settling at less than 50,000 units by year's end. Not spectacular when compared with any of its competitors.

No doubt, the new pickup has many challenges it is confronting — not the least of which is a dealer body still learning how to sell this new full-size pickup, along with a buying segment that's been known for resistance to change. But they do seem to be finding an audience.

We give Nissan credit for aiming high. By all accounts, the next-generation Nissan Frontier — already debuted in other global markets as the Navara — looks to be impressive, and it will be spinning off both a Renault and Mercedes Benz version (neither of which, unfortunately, will make it to the U.S. marketplace anytime soon). However, we're not sure the success of a global mid-size pickup should be the basis for choosing to sell a very large truck to the rest of the world, which doesn't seem to like very large trucks.

We should also note that even the Ford F-150, likely to sell more than 450,000 units this year in the U.S., will sell relatively few overseas (with the exception of the Raptor, which sells at a considerable premium). To make the Titan a success in the global market, we're guessing Nissan will have to do more than just offer it up for sale. photo by Evan Sears; manufacturer image


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"In my previous comment I noted that many of Europe's urban areas are not auto friendly and the population does not have a tradition of personal ownership, not unlike some urban areas in the US."

Exactly. Factor in that Europeans like Closed Vehicles( Vans) for light duty Commercial activity and Pickups do not factor in at all

Europeans like Closed Vehicles( Vans) for light duty Commercial activity and Pickups do not factor in at all.

@Robert R

Clearly you've not considered the "Europeans" who bought the estimated 80,000 pickups you referenced.

Man, have you ever been to Europe?? Your comments are really lame.

The worst roads are actually in the country. Have you ever driven through a village in the country in Spain? France? Germany?

Even a midsizer has problems.

I have to agree with RR in many instances here.

I do see the biggest market outside the US for the Titan is on the Arabian peninsula. The Gulf countries and Emirates are becoming loaded with US 1/2 ton pickups.

But, not like Australia or the US. There are plentiful Patrols with V8s, so the V8 gas Titan would be the seller.

The Australian market would be marginal, less than 1 000 per year at best. So, why would Nissan make a RH version? The cost alone would be ridiculous for so few RH drive Titans.

A Titan's pricing would be expensive in comparison to a comparable midsizer and even more expensive than a 70 Series pickup.

A global market for the Titan would be an expensive venture, that would be short term.

"Clearly you've not considered the "Europeans" who bought the estimated 80,000 pickups you referenced"
Well Europeans are buying mainly Japanese Pickups as 4x4 Off Road and for use on small Farms
80-100,000 is a tiny number. Compared to the vast number of Commercial Vehicles available. Vans,Cab Chassis variants and Trucks

The Arab states are struggling a global oil glut (something that you poo-pooed a couple of years ago), and especially with keeping their fellow OPEC members on the straight and narrow (to observing their production limits), which results in fewer total barrels of crude oil shipped from that region.

Not good for their local economies. Maybe the market for "used" trucks will improve there.

papajim destroyed RR. Now RR is taking in circles.

Quit now. You cannot outdebate papajim when he is at his best.

Papajim who you are addressing that too?

Have you ever been to an Arab country? I'm currently living in the UAE. They are expecting growth of over 3.5% this year.

The UAE is a wealthy ultra modern country.

I think you should really give up before you dig a deeper hole. I mean, how good is your credibility? Especially when you blame others because you can't afford a Suburban.

UAE is a poster child for the IMF, and that's not a compliment!

Each year since 2012 they've fallen short of the IMF's annual growth forecast, so it's pretty empty for you to drag out another optimistic forecast for 2017. The 2016 figure fell short at 2.7%. Hardly the stuff of legends Al.

So, you're not in New Jersey (or Florida or Oz) anymore. Which fast food company are you working for these days?

You seem to have your nose out of joint. You did not outdebate anyone.

Sure you are not a UAW stooge?

You should spend more time reading comments and interpreting what you read.

I loved this truck. Awesome fuel economy with capability. But I do not love it for Europe or Australia.

Big Al is thinking about buying one when he moves to Florida next year but now is unsure. He may go with the Ridgeline rightsized truck.

In Europe pickup trucks are considered commercial vehicles, and pay higher taxes, the mandatory official inspections are more often, but in some countries the regulation regarding trucks is being relaxed. Maybe the demand rises in the next few years.

The automakers are already positioned for this potential rise, there are more brands offering pick-up trucks in Europe than in the US:

Ford, Fiat, Isuzu, SsangYong, Nissan, Mitshubishi, Volkswagen, Toyota and soon Mercedes

You seem to have your nose out of joint. You did not outdebate anyone. Sure you are not a UAW stooge? You should spend more time reading comments and interpreting what you read.
Posted by: Big Willy | Oct 30, 2017

@Willy, BAFO, Little Al, etc

My nose is perfect.

This website is no place for a debate. They simply offer a comments section, about half of which is dubious to say the least. Never been in the UAW. My reading and comprehension are fine.

You're welcome. Now run along.

Your comments are really lame.

I think Nissan is looking to leverage he fact that the Titan is already somewhat of a global vehicle. If you look the cab dimensions, it is notably smaller than the competition. This only makes sense if you are leaning on existing bits (namely the Y62 Patrol) rather than a clean sheet NAFTA truck. That means the cab and (right hand drive) interior are closely related. Chances are that the chassis is, too. Then there are the XD chassis parts. All this while the sun has finally set on the Y61 Patrol. Nissan could build a Right-hand-drive Y62ish standard and double cab-n-chassis. Market the whole thing under the Patrol name.

Your comments are really lame. Posted by: Big Willy | Oct 30, 2017

Typical gratuitous assertion from down under.

This website is no place for a debate.
Posted by: papajim

You want to debate but it has to be on your terms.

How can we debate if you don't have decent information?

Your disinformation campaign that American trucks are best is a nonstarter for global truck buyers as Robert Ryan clearly stated.

Putc does not seem to care so this will go on.

@bafo, blueman, wild willy, small willy, big willy

Class action lawsuits are probably not the best place to refer for facts about GM ignition switches. California's attorney general is a similarly suspect source.

GM settled their suit because it made sense to end the attack at a fixed price. Today GM stock is the presumptive choice for investors wanting a play in the industrial Dow 30.

Folks who bought GM in September made 10 bucks per share in less than 30 days.

Sounds nice.......Australia 1/2 ton ??? joking

Get rid of the well bodies ..trays minimum 1 ton

1/2 ton beer and ice...where do I put the camping gear :-)

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