2018 Ram 1500 Hydro Blue Sport Ready for Reveal

2018 Ram 1500 Hydro Blue Sport front three quarter view II

There will always be a segment of the pickup-truck-buying public that will be about getting noticed and showing off what they own. Right now, the company doing the best job of feeding that piece of its buying segment seems to be Ram.

Ram recently pulled the wraps off its latest special edition at the 2017 San Antonio Auto & Truck Show in the form of the 2018 Ram 1500 Hydro Blue Sport. As you might expect, there's a lot to look at here.

The limited production of about 2,000 units will be offered in either 4x4 or 4x2 crew-cab configurations, with the former sporting 20-inch gloss-black wheels and the latter 22s. All Hydro Blue Sports will have a monochromatic theme over the exterior of the truck, meaning all bumpers, door handles and side mirrors will be blue, with a twin-nostril grille and blackout inserts, black Ram tailgate lettering and a black Sport performance hood decal.

Inside, the special edition will have color-matched stitching on the high-back seats, steering wheel, and dash and center console, with a dramatic blue Ram's head on the head restraints. Other accents include blue anodized inserts around the instrument panel, center console and in the door trim.

Among the various options to the new package include leather seats, chrome side steps, four-corner air suspension and a RamBox lockable storage bed. The starting price for the new pickup trim package is $47,455 with the $1,395 destination fee. Hydro Blue Sports will be in dealerships by the end of November.

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2018 Ram 1500 Hydro Blue Sport front view II

2018 Ram 1500 Hydro Blue Sport rear three quarter view II

2018 Ram 1500 Hydro Blue Sport profile view II


2018 Ram 1500 Hydro Blue Sport top view II



Only 2000? Better get in line, these might be sold out next week.

Too much blue and the design is showing its age.

The RAM is a beautiful truck in its current form. Ram has been a pioneer is exterior styling where as GM and FORD have been more conservative. I'm looking forward to the official reveals of the new RAM and GM full size twins.

That would be a sharp-looking truck with a different grill and a black bedliner. Black rims might help, too.

such an ugly blue, looks almost purple...
Would have looked better with some black accents instead of being a total blueberry.

The front end is very neat and clean !!!! But just wait till your
body shop has a order a few gallons of that shade of blue....

What a contrast between this front end and the very busy chrome
tsunami that is Ford. Well done, Ram.

Some people like that chrome tsunami...... ;-)

Needs chrome to tone it down a little. Maybe black trim for mirrors, door handles and grille if not chrome.

I agree. It needs something. Doesn't look right.

Very nice truck here Ram. Love the blue accents of the interior. This is how a specialty trim level should be!


Looks nice, but yea just little touches of chrome help. My 2014 Ram sport has the chrome billets in the grill and it really makes it pop. I don't care for the new style grill.

All black is good. All white can be good. All red is fine. But that color of blue? No. Not good.

Agree I prefer the cross hair split grill. FCA is making the most out of the Ram, which is a good thing. Go where the profits are.

The grille is odd if not ugly. But the car fascia style front is a bad job. The design us showing its age. This would have been cool in 2002.

If you look at the tips, I think it has the mopar cat back. Wonder if it has the cold air intake with the functional hood insert. For all of you other guys comments, keep in mind that from day one of the "big rig" styling that started in 1994 has always been a contraversal love it or hate it styling. This is the ram identity and I fear they may lose it on the next generation. Allpar had a couple good pictures of the 2019 ram 1500. The engine badge is on the hood and it just says 5.7 Liter. I wonder if they are gonna phase the hemi out by 2021.

This is by far my favorite color combo in life, and being a Ram owner for nearly 20 years, I may just be trading in my '16 Limited for this. WOW!!
Don't get me wrong, I love my Limited, but at times I feel it's too "old man" for me. I like the sportiness look of Ram Sports (imagine that), but wanted some of the options of the Limited the Sport didn't have. I think I need rethink this...

Looks like it belongs to a puto.

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