2019 GMC Sierra 1500: Spied

GMCsierra.ldm11.KGP.ed II

We've seen several spy photos of fully camouflaged 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500s during the last several months, but we haven't seen the equally important GMC Sierra half ton — until now.

Here's the latest from our spy shooters in the field after a successful stalking session:

"We got our best look by far at the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500, thanks to this new prototype caught testing in a revealing, body-hugging graphic wrap.

"The 2019 Silverado 1500 dropped to this level of camouflage a couple weeks ago, and now the next Sierra 1500 pickup has shed some of its coverings. With only thin mesh on the headlights, little is left to the imagination. It looks as though there will be greater styling differences than ever between the GMC and Chevrolet half tons.

"While there seem to be several carryover design elements on the new Sierra's face, the bottom of the grille gets a new shape with two lower 'teeth' at the outer bottom corners and a raised section spanning the central edges.

"The headlights look to be upgraded, complex units, with exposed bodywork between the middle portion of the headlights and the grille — similar to what we've seen on the latest GMC Terrain SUV. The C-shaped (and reverse C-shaped) LEDs' arc defines the outer edges of the headlight cluster. Vertical foglights are prominently tucked beneath the headlights, housed in pentagonal insets at the outer edges. The bumper gets a two-tiered effect as it accommodates the foglight housings.

"While the new wheel arches look softer and less defined than on the current Sierra half ton, the 2019 truck gets a sharply chiseled character line that creates a beveled edge along the length of the truck bed and windowsills, and then slopes downward as it approaches the door-mounted wing mirrors.

"The tailgate design looks clean and tidy, but the prototype has an odd camo-wrapped protrusion, suggesting that the Sierra will be graced with a prominent rear badge. Perhaps the massive pop-out lettering seen on some Ram trucks will get a competitor on this GMC pickup. The tailgate shape suggests a raised portion on the center section, suggesting a unique shape to the tailgate."

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I have always considered the GMC Sierra to be the best looking pickup. But I don't think this model will uphold that tradition.

It looks like they are ruining the front end. The fog light placement might be the most ridiculous thing I've seen.

i think they will have a different suspension..I hope they not coming with all the ford useless gadgets you don't need ,,

It look like a big ZR2:))

Not exactly sure how I feel about the door mounted wing mirrors or what ways GMC/Chevy are thinking how this might be a new innovative design cue

Id consider one if they would make better, more comfortable front bucket seats compared to the current 2014 series. They are so small compared to our 2013 Suburban and the Dodge Ram pickups I drive. (Wife has a 2014 GMC Sierra SLT)


2 words

a. utility
b. trailer

Posted by: papajim"

What is the point of having a pickup if the bed is not usable?

"I wouldn't listen to papa jim.

Posted by: Jeff S"

Don't worry, there is little danger of that.

Jesus Christ!!! Hideous... Gonna need a ladder to check the damn oil

Hideous... Gonna need a ladder to check the damn oil
Posted by: Matt Tarbell | Nov 13, 2017

@Matt Tarbell

Spoken like a true Ford man.

I've had a half ton V8 Silverado since 2011 and never have had to add oil between changes.

I like the fog light placement.. sure , it may take a minute to get used too.

GMS- I am talking about my own experience with driving them, there was no wait time between pushing the pedal and feeling the power, it has nothing to do with how turbos work, it is what I feel, and that is the difference for me.


"I agree, I parked by a late model GMC 2500 recently and the bed rails were the same height as the roof of my 84 Nissan. I could barely even see in the bed. The reason that I was driving my Nissan instead of my F150 is that the Nissan is much easier to get stuff in and out of the bed and it was just a short errand. I saw a new Colorado last night and since I have been thinking about getting one to replace the 34 year old Nissan I took a good look at it. I could not get my arm over the rail and reach the bed floor in it. I hope that the new Ranger is not as tall. I need a farm tool, not a look impressive truck. I need to do some fencing so I guess that am going to go load up the old Nissan and take it out in the field. The new trucks are nearly useless without taking a ladder everywhere you go and Gators don't have a big enough bed. Maybe if I get a Ram with air suspension it would kneel low enough for me to use."
---- Posted by: Walt

And now we have a full-size pickup owner complaining about how modern full-size AND mid-sized trucks are too big. You'd think somebody by now would get the message that Bigger Is Not Better; you can get the same capabilities would making the truck seven feet tall (can't even get into some parking garages.)

And you can't imagine how ludicrous it looks to have a pickup truck of any stripe towing a tiny little utility trailer smaller than the bed of the truck itself. Such only goes to show that pickup trucks have become status symbols, not working vehicles. Most trucks today don't see "real work" until their second or even third owners, when all the shine and newness have worn off.


Admit it! You would love to live in a place where the government dictates what kind of truck people can buy. Until the government stipulated bigger trucks, that is!

Fix that offset steering wheel, and I'd take a look. I wish Ford would rate more of their trucks for truck camper use, like GMC does.

Closer with every new look.....

Glad GM is offering more styling choices for buyers than Ford or Ram , as they have done recently. You like the GMC? great , if not Chevy has a similar truck with another styling choice. Dont want full size truck? Mid size on the lot for you to look at OR at the GMC lot for a different styling take.

HOPE engines will be as follows.....

Keep the 6.2L V8 and up the power (although already the most power you can get in half ton non specialty pickup. BEST V8 in the biz BAR NONE.)

Keep the 5.3L v8 and up the power.

Keep the 4.3L v6 ....best 6 in a half ton with WAY more torque for the job than the car based small V6's in Ram and Ford.

ADD a strong half ton TURBO Diesel , maybe 3.8L V6 with near 300hp 500 lb/ft .

10 spd across the board.

This is wishful thinking but.....along with a lighter truck (GM using a mix of materials and strategy to lower the weight without going costly total alum. ) should put the new trucks right where they need to be.

@Road Whale--True pickups have become more of a status symbol but being that I would rather have a pickup than a BMW, Audi, or Mercedes--at least even the shortest bed truck has more utility than a German car and a truck holds its value better. I would prefer it if the trucks were not as high especially the beds but I don't see that changing. Even my 08 Isuzu has a fairly high bed.

GMC makes a classy truck. If I were in the market for a new truck I would consider a GMC.

Two words; butt ugly

Looks similar to the F-150, the outlines in the led headlight look very close to the F-150. I'm not really sure what they are going after here, I guess I will need to see it without camo and up close.

Posted by: crunchtime | Nov 13, 2017 10:00:45 AM

I wouldn't get too ahead of yourself there, the 2018 F-150 borrowed Chevy's stacked headlights.

I've had a half ton V8 Silverado since 2011 and never have had to add oil between changes.

Posted by: papajim | Nov 14, 2017 5:27:32 AM

Same here. My 2014 doesn't use a drop between oil changes.



My Chevy is a 2009 that I bought with 23k miles on the clock in April 2011. Built with pride at Fort Wayne Assembly. The little sticker in the door jamb says so. My son in law is a die hard GMC guy, but he has a Chevy Suburban company car and hopes nobody sees him in it. Die hard GMC guy.

His 3/4 ton crew cab pickup is a 4x4 that he abuses no end. No leaks no smoke.

They recently bought a beautiful new Suburban for his wife/kids and it is a load! All leather, killer dark grey exterior, black interior.

I predict they'll have it ten years and pound the daylights out of it.

Spent the morning today at the BMW shop because the wifes SUV is making funny noises again. Wish we would have sprung for the Denali

@papa jim--Fairly low miles on your Silverado when you bought it. As for BMWs you pay the German tax when you buy a BMW, Mercedes, or Audi. My brother-in-law just dropped a couple of grand on his BMW which is about 5 years old with low miles--he usually does his own repairs but it was a pre-owned one with a warranty. His son sells them and is a BMW fanatic. His son has asked us why we bought a CRV instead of a BMW since they make suvs. I didn't want to tell him that neither my wife or I want one. The Honda has been very reliable as was my wife's 77 Accord which she had for 17 years. On TTAC in the comment section even those who love BMWs and German cars say that they are better to lease and when the lease is up don't buy it because then the high dollar maintenance and repairs start to hit you.

My 99 S-10 has never used any oil and my 08 Isuzu as well (same as the Colorado/Canyon).

papajim -

Yep same here, Ft. Wayne Indiana sticker on the door jamb.

We had an 01 Tahoe that we put 270k miles on. Built in Janesville, WI. Only started to lose a little oil at around 220k miles. Pretty sure most of it was due to the oil pan gasket weeping a bit. I left it alone, I can handle having to add half a quart between oil changes. We would still be driving it if not for the monster deer she swerved to avoid.

They build great, simple trucks. Take care of them and they'll take care of you.

@Jeff S

based on my advice, the Mrs. decided to lease her BMW instead of buy. Now she's happy she did. AC is lame; noise from the front end has not been sorted out yet.

The local dealer's service mgr says "they all do that."

If I owned a dealership I'd fire anybody in Service Dept who ever said that in my presence. It's the mark of careless and incompetent staff to say the cars you sell fall short of the bar.

The current design could of last at least until 2020. Why change so fast? Current design looks good. GM is jumping the gun on redesign. Terrible

@ john godinez

I agree with you on current design. i think the Sierra is best looking truck out there!. Especially the HID LED headlights! The look menacing coming down the road. Love seeing them on highways. Fords new LED would look so much better if they got rid of the yellow bulbs and made them white like the GMC's

Just want to make sure I got this right. Ford down right copies GM and the new F150 has a Silverado front end mixed with a dash of Sierra.

GM continues doing their own thing, but are now copying Ford?

I can't tell if you're serious. Ford design studio is a bunch of tweeners with trace paper.

Hopefully GM doesn't copy Ford on their wavy body panels too...

These bew GM trucks will have a 4 cylinder option. These engines are being manufactured right now


@papa jim--My wife's nephew used to work in the service department of a BMW dealership and he said the same thing but he still is a fanatic about them. I usually tell him that I like trucks and that we like the Honda. At least your wife leased the BMW. I am not saying they are absolutely terrible but I would rather drive something that requires less expensive repairs and maintenance. Also BMW has eliminated the oil dipstick and they are going to eliminate the key fob and key and offer an APP instead to to put on your smart phone. That might be something eventually all the manufacturers go to but I don't want it.

From the design standpoint, the only issue I have would be the Fog Lamps, but I would have to see the entire truck exposed in order to get a better understanding on how that design fits with the trucks overall appearance.

WTF is GM's obsession with making everything looking like a box? They sure do love their square shapes everywhere.

Come on GM, round wheel wells
Not D shaped
And not what ever that is

The grille design is straight off the Lincoln Continental with the "plinith" look...Nice on the Connie...horrible on the Sierra...

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