2019 Ram 1500 Split Tailgate: Spied

2019 Ram tailgate_1

Rumors about innovative tailgate technology have been swirling around the Ram 1500 pickup truck for several years now, but this is the first time we've seen photographic evidence, and it looks pretty cool. We've seen a few heavily camouflaged Ram pickups this year, giving us a hint that there was something special enough to require some extra wrap and foam padding.

Now we have our first undisguised look. Here's what our spy shooters just sent us:

"We got our first look at the next-generation Ram 1500's new split tailgate design — a development strongly suggesting that the multifunction design revealed in patent drawings is real and should be seen on the coming 2019 Ram 1500.

"A few years ago, Allpar News discovered Chrysler patents for a multifunctional tailgate design that was split down the middle, allowing the tailgate halves to open horizontally (barn-door style) while also enabling it to drop downward in a single piece, like a traditional pickup's tailgate. However, what we see here is a little different.

"Sporting something closer to a 60/40 split, the production unit shown here differs from the 50/50 split tailgate. Beyond the obvious difference, there's no foreseeable reason why the Ram's split tailgate in these spy shots couldn't do all of the same contortions revealed in the original patent. It certainly appears that Ram designers have figured out how to manufacture the system in a reliable and cost-effective manner to bring the multifunction tailgate (could this be RamGate?) into the design for the 2019 Ram 1500. We've seen other undisguised tailgates without the split design, so the split, multifunction design will very likely be an upgrade on the Ram's options list.

"It's still not clear exactly how the new tailgate will be operated. Interior shots have shown a complex key fob that will likely operate the various functions, but it's unclear what can be operated from the traditional-looking tailgate release latch photographed here."

KGP Photography images

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I have a dolly. I have a toolbox. Not one, but 6. I don't want my toolbox driving around, smashing all the parts just because of wheels. I have a heavy 1/2" rubber on the floor and tailgate to protect it. I pick the toolbox I need for particular job, put it on a dolly and go to the customer shop.

I have mixed feelings about this. As I see it, here are the pros and cons.

- Easy to load and unload everyday items into the tailgate such as grocery bags, 12 pack, cases of water, tp, and those trips to Costco where everything is bulk size. No more leaning over the tailgate. Probably what I'd use it for most.
- No lean against tailgate, keeps clothes cleaner especially in bad weather like rain and snow.
- Allows me to keep one side shut and the other side down on the occasional trip to get longer items. I no longer need to remove everything from the back so it doesn't slide out onto the road. Split advantage to maximize how much is open, some, more, all.
- Easier to reach into the bed without climbing in. I hate rolling down my tonneau for that one item by the cab. I hate more to crawl into the bed.

- I trust that the engineers aren't going to put out something weak that'll fold in half with a bit of weight. With that though, I'm curious to see if stupidity will get the better of this. Like does one side need to close first? Will you bang something up if you do it wrong. People are rushy.
- The split has many pluses being off-set but the body line isn't the greatest look this way.

Overall, I'm in favor of it. Many people love their Rambox. For me, I don't like the teeny cargo floor space, but that's me. Ram sells quite a few Rambox's. I can easily see this being the next best thing for truck beds. Plenty will buy it and I sure find it convenient. I know I would!

Love what RAM is doing.

I wish my present circumstances allowed me to get rid of a perfectly good Silverado and get a new RAM.

The Chevy has been great but RAM is doing some cool things with comfort and convenience.

Plus we have cheap gas. If I had a son I'd give him the truck and get a RAM. Maybe the son in law will get it.

I'd never want a Rambox because it cuts into the bed and my loads use the entire bed. The new tailgate could be useful. If they wanted to be ballsy they would make it standard on every RAM.

It's not a split tailgate. It's just Fiat's penny pinching quality. No use wasting the tail end of a steel sheet even if it is too short.

Besides it looks odd & hideous, it doesn't even line up...I can imagine it will get worse with wear/tear. So now your stuck with it & see it during ownership....just another gadget to add to more things to go wrong with Fiat products...

Posted by: Lionel | Nov 16, 2017 1:45:27 PM

@RAM; well whomever in Fiat management that authorized this test mule to be exposed should have done their homework; simply make sure their new innovative tail gate (joke) is aligned properly knowing it will be photographed very closely & scrutinized...geeez.

Posted by: Lionel | Nov 16, 2017 2:12:56 PM

Relax Lionel, just because Ford didn't think of it doesn't mean it isn't good. I bet this feature will be used much more than the useless unstable man step (the real joke) . With respect to body alignment concerns, remember it's a test mule, they'll figure it out. At least there are no reports of any military grade explosions.


Relax GMSRG, just because GM didn't think of it doesn't mean you can use that against Ford. I bet this feature will be used much more than the useless and high up corner bumper step (the real joke) . With respect to body alignment concerns, remember it's a Fiat, they'll figure it out or they won't. At least there are no reports of the Chevy Shake.

It's only an option people, if you don't like it you will still be a able to get a regular tailgate.

The failed lincoln Blackwood had a split tailgate.

The failed lincoln Blackwood had a split tailgate. Posted by: Uh huh | Nov 17, 2017


My neighbor across the street was a Ford guy and had a Blackwood that he loved.

Another dreadful example of poor management in Dearborn.

The Blackwood was a perfect choice for Lincoln-Mercury dealers to bring in new customers, especially in the suburbs and country towns. Instead Ford management jerked the luxury pickup at the same time that GMC and RAM were piling on the luxury options on their models.

So Ford added another upgrade trim to the F150 so that Ford dealers had yet another confusing option package that their dealers sales staff had to figure out.

It added nothing for Ford but dropping the Blackwood really hurt Lincoln-Mercury and completely missed the hot trend of luxury pickups.


Don't know what truck you have, but the tailgates on my 2017 Denali 2500HD and 2016 Platinum Toyota Tundra are very easy to remove. The wiring harness disconnects under the bed for and remove the two strap and lift the tailgate up. And it's off, no more than 5-10 mins

The Tundra tailgate is easier to disconnect the harness and remove than the Sierra, for the record. The Sierra is a little more complicated but still very easy to remove.

Im not sure what they are trying to do or where they are going... but i am curious, and interested and wanna hear/see more.

Alright, so now that we've all touched on this a bit, for those who are interested in having it, what's your price?

I can easily see it being an option similar to Rambox which is available on many trim levels. I cannot see it ever being standard. Also comes into question, is it an easy add on or exchange for those who didn't get it but later want to add it? I know a regular ole' tailgate runs upwards of 1k painted just for the shell. What's one of these painted and complete out of the box? 2k...3k!? I won't have my key fobs for power up and down either unless I drop another few hundred a piece on those.

I am willing to bet this option will be around the $695 bench mark. You are trading out a tailgate for a different one so at least there's a bit of a credit towards a standard tailgate...unlike running boards for example. Premium options seem to cost premium prices and trucks are hot and truck manufacturers know it. They also know they haven't found a price people seem unwilling to pay for trucks either, so expect some gouging.

I'm a play under $500 if it's power up and down and it opens like a barn door. Above $500, I'm somewhat considering it. I'm tapped out at $700 and up.

This will be my next tailgate.

The 2019 RAM will be my next truck.

Juices are flowing.

RAM builds a much better truck than GM.

NOt the REAL papajim

I'm tapped out at $700 and up. Posted by: Andrew | Nov 17, 2017

sorry Andrew, but the companies are too smart for that. They'll only sell the upgrade as part of a popular "convenience" group or use some other scheme to hide the true cost.

You want power rear window---gotta get the split tailgate in the package, along with other goodies.

You won't be seeing these tailgates on the fleet model.

Yes , please avoid it. I don't want you to have it.

Posted by: RAM | Nov 16, 2017 3:47:36 PM

Did you lose sleep over that guy's comment? LOL. The tailgate may look odd at first until people see them. But, it will probably be a very useful feature for those who choose it was an option.

Sure hope it is only an option.

Hopefully not a something to ruin a package deal. Like the 2 ugly grilles they are selling.

I would imagine that FCA allowed this travel on public roads for a reason. There are plenty of conversations going on about this, many of which are skeptical. Nonetheless people are talking about this quite a bit. Also, test mules do not have to be perfect....thats why they are test mules!

This is going to be a great tailgate!

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