GMC All Mountain Concept Rolls Into L.A. Auto Show

2018-GMC-Sierra-2500HD-All-Mountain-Concept-001 II

Concept vehicles are designed to grab attention and provide auto show attendees with something to dream about. The GMC All Mountain concept — as in, it can go anywhere on any snow-covered mountain — will do just that during its auto show debut at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, which opens Friday.

The All Mountain starts with a 2018 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali crew-cab pickup truck equipped with the turbo-diesel 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 and Allison 1000 six-speed transmission, then adds a set of custom-fit Mattracks for extreme bad-weather-and-terrain traction. Other details include special graphics, underbody LED lighting, snowboard racks, a soft roll-up tonneau cover and a Rigid 30-inch light bar.

To prove the toughness of this new concept, GMC has teamed up with Vail, Colo., and Vail Resorts. The All Mountain will be on display all winter at various locations in the popular ski area. The All Mountain concept on display in L.A. is similar to the one pictured here, but it's built on the Sierra 2500's All Terrain X platform.

If you were wondering about this setup for your own rig, the custom-fit and designed Mattracks (which can work for both commercial and factory applications with several types of tread choices) for the All Mountain cost about $10,000 per wheel.

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If you haven't seen pics of or an article on a "concept" truck or an actual truck with mattracks in the last 5 years you have been living under a rock. Product has been around and in production for some time now.

Damn! Those GMC trucks sure look good. Square wheel wells, round or triangular tires, it's the best looking full size truck.

Their have been a few but their still pretty unique, I have never scene one in person.

Looks amazing!!!! $150K for one or am I too low??
If I was Warren Buffet i'd have one to play around in!

They should of shown it driving over a piece of junk Ford.

$10,000 per triangle,
triangles would look weird in round weeny wheel wells

They should make the wheel wells triangular and lower. Right now tracks arn't even in the wheel wells, they could close them off.

Cool concept and design exercise.

But I can’t afford $40k in mattracks, plus the truck.

Of course the constant alignments required of hard and heavy off-road use with the GM HD IFS gets old after a while.

Say what you will about Ford and Dodge, or is it Ram, whatever, at least you can wheel all day, bouncing off rocks and ruts, and still drivehome without looking like a pidgeon toed wanna be.

But hey, for a pavement queen, or rolling around in the snow with the Rover set, good show. Meanwhile your trophy wife is getting railed by a guy who can butcher his own kill.

Its already been done and done better. As usual GM late to the party.


GM late?? Lol. You are funny! How? Because they don't produce a junk twin turbo V6 that doesn't live up to its hype?? GM did it the right way in the 90's?? Or their military grade aluminum bodies that don't hold up to regular wear and tear that truck beds go through? Please explain.
Because if its not broke, no reason to fix it. If you have class leading V8 engines that produce better fuel economy and performance, then why bother? If you have simple engines that work fantastic and are easier to work on/fix! (if they ever do need fixed), plus the less complex they are, the less that will go wrong with them!! All the things your Eco-busts are having problems with.
I just got done talking to a good friend who is a lead mechanic at a Ford dealership. He just bought a 2018 F150 FX4 with a 5.0L...I asked him why he didn't get the Eco-bust. He flat out said they are JUNK and that they have had too many problems with them!! When a Ford mechanic says that, makes you wonder?? BTW..this isn't the first time I have heard this, another gentlemen that I work with bought a 2013 F150 XLT and was told to get the 5.0L instead of the Eco-bust by a mechanic at the Ford Dealership he works at.
So please.....HIGHLY ENLIGHTEN "US" GM boys on how we are late to the show?? I am very interested!

GMC is late to the party...

This is old news, Toyota's have had these options for quite some time now.

Meh, it’s been done. This is like watered down.


I just got back from Chevy dealer, some guy chose an Aveo over a Silverado, asked him him why, he said all GM trucks are junk. GM stopped building trucks in the late 90s.

And in other news Frank skipped his meds and is hallucinating again.

Why is it very time I tell a story Frank belittles it. I'm not the liberal media or some clown celebrity telling LIES. I was sharing a true conversation I had with a friend. Frank u need to chill out...find help or just shut-up!!! U have proven time and time again u know very little about automobiles in general!!! Stop hurting yourself....bc I don't want to send u a helmet. Would cost to much to ship It!

My pack mules do a better job. I call em sweetie.

I just got back from Chevy dealer, some guy chose an Aveo over a Silverado, asked him him why, he said all GM trucks are junk. GM stopped building trucks in the late 90s.

Posted by: Frank | Nov 28, 2017 9:38:41 AM

Time for a diaper change. You're spilling out of the intake.

Where do you hook up the snow plow on Sweetie?

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