Nissan Releases Pricing for 2018 Frontier Midnight Edition


When we announced Nissan's decision earlier this year to offer the Midnight Edition Package for all its pickups, we noted that pricing would come out in the fall.

Now Nissan has announced pricing for the 2018 Frontier Midnight Edition. The monochromatic package — available in black, gray or white — will cost $995 and features body-color bumpers, door handles and mirrors, as well as black-out badging, foglight surrounds and wheels. It will be available on 2018 Frontier SV crew cabs with 4x2 or 4x4 drivetrains, which range in price from around $30,000 to $34,000.

Nissan has not yet released pricing for the 2018 Titan and Titan XD Midnight Edition full-size pickups. The package will be available on 4x2 or 4x4 crew-cab Titan and Titan XD SV and SL models. And if you want to check out our video, click here. photos by Christian Lantry







The Frontier is living up to the name. Its so long in the tooth it's starting to look like an old nag from the old western frontier days. Nissan, just fall on the sword and be done with it.


Nissan might sell as many as 75,000 Frontiers this year---that is a ton of revenue. I'd wager it's $2 million. Nothing to sneeze at.

They already own the plant, all of the sunk costs of building that truck have been paid years ago, and most importantly it surely doesn't drain off any Titan sales.

Use your brains, idiots. This is probably a better deal than the hefty price increase on the 2019 Frontier/ Navarro.

The frontier is still a great truck.

I am surprised that Papa Jim has anything good to say about any truck that is not a GM. The Frontier is a good truck but it is dated. At least the Frontier can be had for a competitive price.

It’s nice,but I’ll wait till the 2019. I just when to Dominican Republic, there I sow the navara, the same truck that it’s coming to us in 2019. I love it!!!!

It’s a great truck if you’re 5 foot 6 inches tall or shorter. Unbelievably cramped and noisy interior. After 25 years in Japanese, I realize they have no real compact or midsize truck to offer, just micro-trucks...Went to GMC Canyon Denali and haven’t looked back...a splendid compact on par with older Tundra size.

@ BC,

You must be one of the few that buys a Canyon, nobody is buying them much. GM will cut it soon...

This has gotta be confusing for the chevy fans... another special edition that almost entirely consists of black.

I think why not give a different addition to an already great truck. I just bought a 2017 and I am 6 foot tall truck is plenty big enough for me my wife and two kids. I get a chuckle out of everybody that beats these trucks up because they've been around for a little bit. It's a great truck that is way more dependable than those new Chevys were Toyotas. Just because it doesn't have a big fancy navigation screen everybody cuts them up...whatever. When you guys are broke down on the side of the road I'll drive by you with a big smile.

You are so right. Newer does NOT mean better by any means. I had a 2010 Frontier, am 6'1" and had plenty of room, front and back. I now own a 2012 Tundra and plan on it being my last truck because it is 'tried and proven', and none of the latest tech.

Got the nismo hope the transmission is better on this than what I have. Disgusting. Still looks like a cheap interior loads of plastic everywhere...horrible

I am 6ft 3in tall. I have a 2009 Frontier. It has been and remains a durable and reliable truck. The next iteration will be my first consideration when I replace my current Frontier.

I was looking forward to the design and attributes. Dismally boring. Nissan is falling into the abyss of riding on aging laurels. Bummer for this nissan guy.

The Frontier is a good truck but it is dated. At least the Frontier can be had for a competitive price. Posted by: Jeff S | Nov 12, 2017

@Jeff. do you mean it's dated compare to your 1999 S10 or dated compared to your five cylinder Isuzu?

I have a 2012 Frontier,excellent basic truck,excellent 4x4,I think
It could have a little more height inside the cab,but I still would
Buy it agan

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