Ram Expects EcoDiesel Fix By Spring

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the EPA look poised to reach an agreement about how the 2017 Ram EcoDiesel will be modified to prevent any further potential emissions violations.

The lawsuit filed by the Justice Department in May alleges that 2014-16 Ram 1500s with the 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 could be in violation of existing legal requirements and emissions standards. Regulators accused FCA of having undisclosed emissions controls in that engine that could potentially allow for excess pollution levels during normal driving. FCA has denied those allegations.

Automotive News now is reporting that the automaker's lawyer expects to win U.S. approval for the proposed fix for the emissions issues by the end of March or early April 2018. Testing is likely to start this month and take several months to complete.

In July, FCA won federal and the California Air Resources Board's approval to sell 2017 EcoDiesel versions of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV and Ram 1500, after not being allowed to do so for more than a year.

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I wonder if the fix will negatively affect the current power and economy specs.

Too little. Too late. Ship has sailed.

Not gong to flash my Ram.

What the?! This article lacks big picture details.

Why would the EPA/CARB halt sales and then allow 2017 sales without the fix? I have to assume the EPA/CARB forced FCA to implement a 2017 ED software tweak to reduce the issue. What else would the FCA ED team be doing this last year?

Presumably 2014-2016 models will also need to be tweaked with owner monetary compensation.

Anybody who wants a midsize diesel buys a Canyon/Colorado. Right?

Anybody who wants a full size diesel and doesn't want a 3/4 ton or a 1 ton, gets a Titan.

RAM needs to work on their half ton powertrain options. The 3.6 is too small for a full size crew cab truck, the diesel is a disaster and the HEMI remains very popular.

RAM needs a bigger engine for the guy who wants more than the HEMI v8 offers. They would be very smart to offer a larger diesel. The 3.0 was always too small.

I wouldn't say that the 3.0l is too small. Nor the 3.6, gm ran the 4.3 in full size for ages. If you need something bigger than the 5.7 you get the 6.4 in the hd platform obviously. Or the Hellcat heck idk. Just because gm offers a 6.2 variant which is larger than the 327. All this without getting into Ford's 6 engine options in their light duty with only one v8, your comment makes no sense. Not to mention the obvious that you only get so much power from a stock engine and half ton chassis and retain light duty truck certification.

The EPA designed regulations that were impossible to meet. Therefore if an engine passed, the manufacturer cheated. Rollback the regulations!

The 5.7 is such a great engine I really don't care about any of this.

I own a 2015 Ram 1500 with Eco Diesel and love it. It was never meant to tow a house with! Great fuel economy and plenty of power for what I do. If you want to tow a house then buy a bigger truck with a bigger diesel engine. Also, I will not allow them to change my truck to please the EPA either! About time that someone brought some common sense to the EPA! They have become a bunch of government thugs!

I have a 2016 Ram eco diesel crew cab, gets avg 26 miles per gallon, pulls my csmper and snowmobiles while getting 20 miles per gal and i love it! I got it im may and Ive put 25000 miles on it, i cant wait to drive it, and no one os changing anything on it! The EPA needs a reality check.... wake up EPA...

@Jon. Your comments make no sense

@Jon--I understand your comment, it makes sense to me.

I have a ram eco diesel,love it I tow 6,000#. they WILL not modify my truck. It's a lot more truck than the rusty chevy I've drove for 30 years.

I have the 2015 Grand Cherokee eco. I love it. I have driven it 10000miles in 2 months. The Torque is great. Highway 32mpg from NC to TX to help with hurricane. I hope yo keep it for a long time.

@Jon. Your comments make no sense

Posted by: papajim | Nov 12, 2017 7:00:08 PM

I agree with pops on that.

My ecodiesel is just fine the way it is. Great mileage and plenty of power.

Ward’s Best Engine Award? Where this that at now?

They stop sailing ecodiesel for Promaster 3l i-4. And only talk about Ram 1500 and Grand Cherokee.

fix the airride its minus ten and doesn't work changed the servos the air compressor last winter and bang samething and its only November not impressed

The eco deisel is for gay men that only haul their partner's butt around town.

Kyle's mom needs Cummins power to get around.

State vehical registration could require proof that the diesel has the epa updates.

Check with your state DMV. California requires all diesel vehicles have a smog check every 2 years. And diesels don't get the 6 year wait period gasoline engines get.

Its good that Fiat reached a deal. Don't really know if they really were cheating or not and sounds like the Fed was gonna have a tough time proving it so all went for a deal. Wonder if the fix will negatively affect performance and or reliability? Time will tell.

I have a 15 EcoDiesel and I love it.

It has all the power I need in a truck and it tows well however I only tow occasionally. Loaded up it still performs well and the fuel economy is great for driving up the highway to work.

The exhaust filter demands occasional highway use so it's not an in town commuter.

I had a flash upgrade done about 6 months ago on a recall. I'm not sure the dealership has a choice here in Canada. I thought I noticed some hesitation during acceleration at first. I was either looking to hard or that has worked itself out.

I've yet to hear anything feedback on the Titan but I did see the price tag. I'll stick with my RAM for now.

Mr Knowitall attends gay bars.

I have 2015 ECO Diesel . Best vehicle I have ever owned. I could afford it compared to other brands. It's dependable it gets Best milage I have ever gotten with any vehicle. You can look inside tail pipes no carbon reidue. Plus it's quiet compared to other diesels I have driven. Only complaint oil change is expensive but you change every 10,000 mi. I will buy another when it's time to trade.

I am a farmer and have a 1500 Eco Diesel 4x4, 2016 to go to town 150 miles away. It gets 27mpg highway. Its built for our nasty roads where we live and can make it through running washes when i need to get around or out of our desert. I love it!
I also have a 2011, Diesel 2500 Heavy Duty 4x4 that is our work truck that is an unbelievable work horse hauling and getting around on our nasty roads.
We've owned Diesel Dodge Ram Trucks since 1994 and will never own anything else.

I have a 2016 Ram eco and a 2016 2500, the eco is much faster and can toe just about anything I can think of including my 4 horse trailer, llove the truck , anyone that has something negative to say about this truck has never driven one

I see many of these diesels on the road. I will be looking at this truck with this option when it is time to upgrade.


Disagree with the thought that the ecodiesel is undersized. It was perfectly fine for me for years. I upgrade to the Cummins because I upgraded what I was towing... ecodiesel with one big jeep? It pulls the mountains just dandy... I wasn't going to be the guy with a fifth wheel 1/2 ton truck when I started towing two jeeps.

Dodge sucks

Dodge sucks

This is not the old cadilac diesel design dodge change some of the design??

Aww Kyle are you still bitter about driving your mom's mini van

Aww Kyle are you still bitter about driving your mom's mini van

Every RAM 1500 diesel owner who panned my comment about the 3.0 said it was an adequate powertrain option as long as you don't expect to do heavy towing with it.

My point exactly. Why pay more for an engine option that's just adequate?

Get the HEMI. Or better yet, why not ask RAM to offer a bigger HEMI in the RAM 1500? If you need the Cummins, get the 3/4 ton.

My point exactly.

the fix would be a full delete kit

I have a 2015 Ecodiesel. Best truck I have ever owned. So much better power and powertrain than my Sierra 5.3
Maybe the reflash for the EPA will include some Green Diesel Engineering (GDE) improvements.
For all the naysayers - try one!

I have a 2016 Ram Big Horn crew cab 4x4 Eco Diesel with 36,000plus miles. I am getting at best 22 mpg without towing when on freeway going out of town I might get 24-26. I hear a lot of Chattering on my suspension, taken into dealer and had them check it out along with the tire pressure sensing gages not working properly. Another thing i don't like is the rear view mirror wasn't put in the right location when i adjust it I either see the inside roof of the cab or too much of the bed. Biggest thing is being a V-6 for an all purpose truck. The heaviest i have seen from being on a scale is 12,000 pounds with a trailer loaded with dirt, branches, and leaves.

I own a 2015 Ecodiesel. It is a great truck, I will not let them Flash my truck either.

Papajim - The 3.0l diesel tows heavy trailers WAY better than the Hemi. The diesel just flat out pulls because the torque is available at a lower RPM. The Hemi has to turn faster. I really doubt you have towed anything over 7,500-lbs with a half ton diesel. If you had, you wouldn’t be talking about gas motors in the context of towing. There is a reason tractors do not run on gasoline.

I own a 2014 longhorn and tow a 18' auto carrier modified to track hauler w/basic living amenities that is perfect for racing motorcycles.
With dual generators, AC, Tig welder, tire changer, surround theater that pumps out 155db and I roll @70 on cruise control getting 18 - 20 MPG.
It's a little underpowered for steep mountain passes in tow, but that is offset by the 1/2 ton city driving maneuverability.
It is one of the most versatile rigs on the market, and made in USA.

i Have a 2016 ecodiesel and I live in Northern Michigan, sometimes I can 31 mpg highway but usually average 25 and that’s pulling 4 big sleds through the harsh winter. Great truck and no issue with cold starts.

I have a 2014 ecodiesel. It pulls my 23’ 5th wheel camper with my 16’ Lund behind that, a little over 7000lbs in all. Not only does it pull this load, it does it while still getting high teens in mileage. When I’m not pulling, which is most of the time, I’m getting fuel mileage comparable to my wife’s 4 banger SUV...

If you want to run the Hemi, get the Hemi. If you want a motor that still handles half ton loads with ease and still lets you drive right past the gas stations, the 3.0 diesel is a great option.

I have a new 2017 Ram 1500 with the Ecodiesel that I traded my 2016 Ram 1500 Ecodiesel for recently. The 2017 does not perform or get the MPG that the 2016 did. I assume they had to tweak the software to start selling the 2017's again. I would like to know if there is a way to undo that saftware tweak? Anybody knows how???

Beware of the Ecodiesel. I have a 2014 and had an engine replacement in 2016 and now need another engine at 110K miles. They don't want to cover under warranty. There are definite issues with those engines. I absolutely love my truck, but I can't keep a truck that could break down at any time and cost a fortune to replace.

I bought a new 2017 ecodiesel, no I am not gay and I can't believe some mental midget even said that. It is an excellent 1/2 ton truck,. It's 4 wheel drive get 28 on long trips get 20 when pulling a car trailer with a car on the trailer. I also have a 3500 diesel 4door 4wheel drive diesel, I use it for the big jobs like hauling my backhoe, it only get 12to15 mpg. Each truck has it's job and each truck is excellent at it's job.

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