Video: 2017 Ford F-250 Project SD126


It makes sense that the team at BDS Suspensions would create the ultimate off-roader for enthusiasts, but our guess is that when someone suggested the vehicle start with a short-wheelbase regular-cab Super Duty, there was some pushback.

Nonetheless, it happened. Called Project SD126, the stout F-250 XLT debuted at the 2017 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas. The custom short-bed conversion has a four-link, coil-spring, desert-racing suspension with remote reservoir Fox shocks, 42-inch BFGoodrich Baja TA KR tires, custom front and rear bumpers, and an F-450 rear axle with 4.30:1 gears. Our only complaint is that the monster spare tire is sitting about 6 feet in the air. Here's a closer look. photos by Christian Lantry






01-ford-super-duty-f-250-xlt-2017-autoshow-front row-interior[1] II


Beautiful Truck

Beautiful Truck

Ugly truck

Ugly truck

Send that one to the boneyard with all the other 15 secs of fame SEMA projects.

Yeah, nice truck. Better than garbage motors trucks. Hahahahaha

Yeah, nice truck. Better than garbage motors trucks. Hahahahaha

I like the concept but they should have used a less ugly color, a less ugly product (Ford) and forget the diesel engine that is the wrong choice of motor for its intended use. Other than that I love the idea of a HD lifted on a performance offroad suspension with a short wheelbase that is a strong platform and is still useful for occasional work.

By the way Mark, that tire may have some weight to it but is not that heavy, however you are better off not chancing getting dirt or tire marks all over your dress if you try to pick it up.




Love the interior. Not the color.

BTW.....@ BD...I wouldn't want to lift that tire out of the bed of that truck!!! Its heavier than you think!

I love how all the kids that "hate" Ford still have to read an article about a Ford to put in negative comments. Must really like Ford deep down inside or they wouldn't bother to open the article.


Who will win this Sunday NASCAR Championship final race. Will it be Ford or Toyota?


2 words:

a. Kyle
b. Busch

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Damn that's one ugly Ford turd.

Sweetest truck in the show...

Bautyful truck ah.

Better than (G)arbage (M)motors ugly trucks. Even the 19 shaky looks outdated hahahahaha.

Better than (G)arbage (M)motors ugly trucks. Even the 19 shaky looks outdated hahahahaha.

Now make it a 100" wheelbase, make it an SUV, add portal axles, and call it a Bronco,

Ugly as sin

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