Video: 2018 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Dusk and Midnight Editions


The recent 2017 Special Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas gave us our first chance to take a close-up, side-by-side look at two new special editions for the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2: Dusk and Midnight. They have many of the same visual cues, so we did a quick video to show the differences. Choosing either package will add about $3,500 to the ZR2's price. Features include a light bar, additional lighting or an in-bed spare tire carrier. photos by Christian Lantry






Man it must really suck to be a Tacoma fan these days.

Man those are both sharp looking trucks. Drop the 4.3L in it with a 50 HP/TQ bump next year!

More of a reason to buy a Tacoma these days, because the liberal media is obsessed with stupidity and loser companies like GM.

I have two Tacoma's, and they are both running strong!

"Man it must really suck to be a Tacoma fan these days."

Apparently it doesn't suck to be a Tacoma fan according to the ginormous sales advantage.

What really sucks is you manufacturing your own reality and having it crash into a mountain again.

Sure must suck to be a Ranger fan right now. LOL

I've always thought why buy aftermarket when you can pay the OEM guys and roll the option into the payments. GMs combined sales numbers will overtake the Tacoma's next month for sure. GM is on a roll with their special editions. Get in line folks, don't want to miss out!!!

Sure must suck to be a Ranger fan right now. LOL

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Nov 10, 2017 10:27:28 AM

Calm down TRVLL. You'll be crying later like a lil beee....that you are.

Run along, your pacifier fell.

The truck is cool, but the fanboiz are really feminine. Almost makes me want to hate the product. Then there is another person buying trucks based on stock prices, what has this country come to be.


doesnt seem like much for 3500.

Two words:
1) rip
2) off

How about an option to rino line or linex the body panels?

The ZR2 is an excellent product and these look even better....

I really hope they offer a special performance edition eventually with the 5.3L V8 .

The Taco is a decent truck , but my local off road "guru" neighbor (who has owned MANY Tacos as well as owning built buggys and rail cars and all sorts of Jeeps etc. ) says the new engine sucks , the driving position STILL sucks and there are a few other issues....he is going to buy a new ZR2 after driving one off road - and he currently has 3 tacos including a '16 he doesnt love as mentioned. The gap in reliability and quality between Toyota and GM is not that great any longer, in some cases its completely gone.

Ford is still draggin azzz to get their product to market after MASSIVELY losing out for years in this segment. They are very concerned (rightfully so) that the new Ranger will canabalize some of their F series sales as well.....

I agree with Shriker’s neighbor. I own a 16 Tacoma and the motor/tranny sucks. Impossible to drive with the cruise on over 60mph. The tranny will hunt and never find the right gear. So annoying I won’t use cruise over 60. I’m waiting for the ford or the Nissan with a Cummins.

I’m waiting for the ford .....

Posted by: Jworlds | Nov 10, 2017 12:59:27 PM

Those immortal words. Will it ever end?

Oh the GM supporters...., this is a decent truck and all you do is whine about the competition.

Toyota's engine and tranny sucks. I owned a 2017 trd sport drove 2500 miles and traded it in. Tranny could not find the right gear! Horrible truck

I have NO idea what the BIG 3 pay Mark Williams, but it must be huge. Why buy these losers when I can buy a Tundra (a real truck) for less money and know it will stay together when I drive it out the door?

Love that Avalanche-esque plastic cladding - said no one!

Otherwise, looks ok. I'm not sure it's worth and additional $3500. These manufacturer special editions are getting to be the mundane norm.

I have two Tacoma's, and they are both rusting strong!

Posted by: oxi | Nov 10, 2017 9:21:11 AM

Haha sing it from the rooftop!

By the way, did you see that the Tacoma won in CR's 2017 reliability study? Yep, least reliable midsize truck for the 2nd year in a row. What happened to that legendary Toyota quality? Looks more like a myth these days.

Hahaha Oxi is dang proud of his rusty junk.

@ Rammins,

Please show evidence of both of my Tacoma's are even remotely rusty?

I actually live in a northern state and drive Tacoma's and aside from some old 1986 Toyota's I drove, none of my Tacoma's have been "rusty" aside from surface rust which ALL makes have up here.

You must be a liberal to make false accusations like that...

@ Shriker,

What a bunch of baloney!

Nobody buys a truck and sells it back in a few months, you would have little credit and must be really dumb when it comes to personal spending!

Stop lying and admit you are a fraud with your vile hatred of Toyota!

@ Brick,

Thanks for manipulating what a wrote, that only proves you are untrustworthy and a fake! Nobody likes a fake, so give it a rest you below the belt hitter type of person.

You cannot respond directly because you know I am correct and you ae wrong, so you have to manipulate and fabricate!

CR is liberal media at its best, and you fell for it like a mindless drone that you are! CR is NOT a truck authority, they recommend you drive a Prius and small suv, you really going to take advice from a magazine like that?

Most truck owners do not even bother with them anymore, they have become too liberal in their reporting, so you must be from a blue state to profess them as scripture!

I have two Tacoma's and no unscheduled repairs to date and have driven Toyota's for over 25 years now! I am more of an expert when it comes to Toyota trucks than CR and your biased views of vile hate.

You should be asking, why do I go back to Toyota time and time again and not buy from GM?

@ Oxi

Easy there big guy!! I love the new Colorado/Canyon, but I respect the Tacoma. Like I've said before my buddy has a 2013 Tacoma and absolutely loves it!!! Now that being said, I don't think Toyota did enough with the redesign to compete with the current GM twins. GM has won almost every comparison I've read. Now that's not a bad thing because now maybe Toyota can go back to drawing board and bring out another great truck. Its the same with Ford. WE all know Ford has at least 5 GM twins, 3 Tacomas, and 2 Frontiers that they are dissecting to make their Ranger compete. ITS A GOOD THING!!!!

Plus, the beauty behind all of this is, if you have 2 Taco's and they run great, and are reliable TO YOU!! That's all that matters! I have learned "YOU CAN NEVER PLEASE EVERYONE"
So at least please your wife, kids, and yourself....that's what matters

I drive a 17 ZR2 around the Bakken oil fields. It is a fantastic truck. I really hope an international Ranger makes it to the U.S. with a diesel, saw one in NZ and it was awesome. Would love to see the mid size diesel market heat up and force Toyota to put one in a Tacoma.

You should be asking, why do I go back to Toyota time and time again and not buy from GM?

Posted by: oxi | Nov 11, 2017 7:22:37 AM

Because you think they are better, which I disagree with you Oxi.

chevy will never have a good auto transmission again 6 speed all have a glitch along with Ford ford that matter and their 10 speed is the same, in the CAmaro just as well....

Sure must suck to be a Ranger fan right now.

Where did everybody go?

@TNTGMC--Agree. Like what you drive and don't be concerned with what others think. I have friends and family with Toyotas, Fords, Rams, Nissans, Chevrolets, and GMCs. I am not going to tell them that their trucks are garbage--if they are happy with what they own then that is all that matters.

Would love to see the mid size diesel market heat up and force Toyota to put one in a Tacoma. Posted by: Nik | Nov 11, 2017


Toyota builds mid size truck all over the world. I bet a few of them are diesels.

Toyota calculates that buyers in the US and Canada just won't buy enough diesels to make it worth Toyota's time and attention to do it.

I bet I see at least twenty 3.6 Chevy Colorados for every ONE diesel on the roads where I live here in Florida.

As long as gas prices stay affordable, people will have a hard time justifying the added cost of a diesel engine in their pickups.

@papa jim--Many of the Global Toyota trucks are diesel because in many countries diesel fuel cost less and governments give either tax incentives or do not tax diesels as much. I don't have a need for a diesel but if others want one then that is their choice. Diesels are better for those who drive a lot, drive over long distances, and tow and haul. I know some who own diesel Colorados and Canyons who love them but then they tow, haul, and do a lot of long distance driving. As for GM they don't have to sell a lot of diesels to turn a profit as long as they sell enough to make money.

they don't have to sell a lot of diesels to turn a profit as long as they sell enough to make money. Posted by: Jeff S | Nov 12

@Jeff S

You're a bleeping genius, Jeff! You must have a good friend on the board at GM to receive such insights.

I'm not worthy.

@papa jim--I thought you were on the GM board and that you were buying Mary Barra a dozen roses and putting them on her desk daily. You are hyping GM stock on a daily basis and stating that GM's stock value and earnings are a reason to buy a GM truck. I don't push GM stock nor do I tell others to buy a GM truck.

When are they coming out with a version that can actually outsell the Tacoma?

When are they coming out with a version that can actually outsell the Tacoma?

Posted by: tailhook | Nov 12, 2017 10:17:31 AM

I believe "they" have cut the Tacoma lead from infinity to somewhere around 25% (Colorado and Canyon combined). Just give it a little more time.

@ Sierra,

Sorry GM had plenty of time to defeat the Tacoma and they failed!

Oxi, GM is selling all the Colorados and Canyons they can physically make, sounds like a great position to be in sales wise.

go to a GM dealer and try getting a discount on a Colorado or Canyon. Especially a Canyon. Good luck

Bring back the 2002 S10 car - truck. The replacement is to much like the silverado and is also 5.5 in higher step in. Chevy should offer a lowering kit from the factory. When I checked two years ago with the factory it was not available.


If they did build one, how much would the base price be?

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