Video: 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Performance Concept


For several years now, Chevrolet has been using the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association Show as a science laboratory, where engineering and marketing folks ask showgoers about what consumers might like or dislike. That's why so many of the concept vehicles Chevy displays at SEMA eventually become factory special editions. Remember Special Ops, Cheyenne and High Country? They were all SEMA reveals.

During the 2017 SEMA Show, we had the chance to take a closer look at the 2018 Silverado 1500 Performance Concept, which we believe will become another cool special edition (maybe the SS?) in the future. We'll have to wait and see whether we this concept becomes a production vehicle in 2018 or when the all-new half-ton pickups come out for the 2019 model year.

In the meantime, enjoy the video below and feel free to offer your thoughts in the comment section. photos by Christian Lantry




Build it GM.

Regular cab short box please ;-)

FCA drop a Hellcat engine in the 1500 to compete!

This will NOT be built.

This will NOT be built. Posted by: Big Al | Nov 5, 2017

Considering how rarely Big Al's predictions have been coming true you can almost set your watch by this one!

Get your orders in while you can. Demand will be very impressive.

Why bother? Your much better off buying a performance car than buy a lowered, neutered suspension, low profile tire performance pickup.

better off buying a performance car than buy a lowered, neutered suspension, low profile tire performance pickup. Posted by: Ken | Nov 5, 2017


The average American man today is over six feet tall and is also over 200 lbs. Look at how much an offensive lineman in the NFL has changed during the last 50 years.

Back in the 1960s a guard or tackle weighed less than 270 lbs. Not today. All are 300 lbs or more.

It's similar to what we see on the street. Go to a Wendy's or a Burger King and check out the waistlines on the middle aged guys.

The guys in their teens and twenties not so much, but they aren't the ones plunking down $60k for a muscle car either.

It's Gen Xers and boomers who buy the muscle cars today because they have the money.

Large pickups and SUVs provide big bulky guys a comfortable place to sit. Camaro, Mustang or Charger? Not that comfy.

@ Ken

My old Trailblazer SS would smoke most pony cars. And it could haul 5 people and could tow my boat!! SRT Jeep and Durango are another SUV option that I love. I think in 2 years, the Durango SRT which hauls 6 comfortable and can tow over 8K lbs is my option for her. Me, I hope they make this truck. Would be nice to have with all the performance upgrades that are under factory warranty.

Most men can't fit into pony cars and like to ride a little higher, plus get into an accident with a pony car compared to a truck/suv. The later are just safer! That's why I also have my wife drive an SUV to work on her 70 mile round voyage.


It will NOT be built!

Run along now in your 5.3 2wd RC WT. Ooh what big bad truck you have.

Go get a pack of gum. I'll show you how to chew it.

GM must have sent a check to this liberal media site?

Should have regular cab only,,less weight..

Also,, ALL two wheel drive trucks should be lowered like that,,maybe even more..CC included..bring back El camino

does GM ever listen to their customers!?

Through the perf parts catalog:

A factory backed drop kit could be interesting, with the reassurance GM figured out all the potential durability issues.

The supercharger on the 5.3? Hmm.. tough call, unless it has substantially more low end tq than the stock 6.2... and keeps the normal GM powertrain warranty. or had a lots of headroom for higher hp targets (if one builds the rest of the engine up)

Although every after-market supplier is gonna cringe when I say it...., I also prefer when the manufacturer sells the upgrades under warranty and has all the bugs worked out.

@ Big Al

I never said it would or wouldn't?? Whats your problem? Your comments suggest that you are upset about something. If you would like to joint the conversation in a civil manner, by all means join. If not, keep it to yourself!!

Thanks your video reviews In the meantime, enjoy the video below and feel free to offer your thoughts in the comment section.

You should not lower it you should raise it up and make it a four wheel drive with big tires awesome looking truck lower sucks

NO!!! Do not put it up into the air. I have never understood why people jack their trucks up into the air. Why would anyone want to jump up into a vehicle?? They are already off the ground enough from factory.

The way this vehicle sits, you just have to slide right in!!! Perfect!! My SS stood just like this on 22's

Thanks your video, i'm enjoy the video below and feel free to offer your thoughts in the comment section.

Thansk your post - so helpful with me

At least put a little chrome on bland again

Papa Jim,
Old man, look at my life
I'm a lot like you were
41 and there's so much more
Chevy trucks make me think of you.
GM stock lost, get me some stock picks that don't lose.
Old man look at my life
I am a lot like you!

Apologies to Mr Young the poet.

Chevy siliveado concept pick up crew cab is nice
I like it a lot I wish I could get one road drive the wheels
Off of it please make me one with color you created
Satin steel is pretty awesum cause I had one with a
Simmer color called steel metallic very nice color
On a classic crew cab 2007 last one built
It was lower down 2&4 it was like the one you built
Chevy Silverado concept very beautiful
Please make it that way so I can have one for me

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