Weird, Wonderful Pickups Infiltrate 2017 SEMA Show

IMG_8066W II

In the spirit of giving you access to trade shows and back hallways that are only open to auto journalists and select organization members, we wanted to give you a look at some of the more interesting, strange and Frankenstein-like vehicles we saw at the recent 2017 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas. In some ways, this seemed like the year of the 6x6. Enjoy. photos by Christian Lantry, Mark Williams



IMG_8095W II

IMG_7982W II

IMG_8088W II

IMG_7987W II

IMG_8092W II

IMG_8038W II

IMG_7974W II

IMG_8072W II

IMG_8063W II

IMG_7988W II

IMG_8077W II

IMG_8089W II

IMG_8074W II

IMG_8000W II

IMG_8024W II

IMG_7979W II

IMG_8014W II

IMG_8001W II



that last image gives new meaning to "twin turbo"

The integrated Jeep camper is only one I would like to see from the whole SEMA. Very disappointing show.

Agree with Ram...all too big and useless...can't drive them any where, park them, poor mileage with all those big tires. Nice to see some ideas but who would buy these. Police around here are all over these guys with huge tires, big lifts and big tube bumpers, blacked out non factory windows etc.

Yeah...."Siamese Turbo"

Are we getting prepared for an invasion?

Most have too long of wheel base. Even the tag along axle ones.

So Ford gave a couple of the guys Rangers to modify, are those Tiawanese or US Rangers?

It's a sign of the times. Everything to the extreme for media attention. We can all move along as there's nothing going on there.

That streeeeeeeeeeeeeetch cowl Jeep is way too cool!!!

Nice to see some ideas but who would buy these.

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