Will Chevrolet Offer a Silverado 3500 Midnight Edition?


As we've mentioned before, GM traditionally uses the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas to test upcoming special editions for cars and pickup trucks. And that's why we want to show you this 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 concept truck that could become a new special edition soon.

The 2018 Silverado 3500 NHRA Safety Safari concept is packed with fire suppression and driver extrication equipment, strobe lighting and first-responder gear, making it ready for life-saving rescue missions at racetracks. But it comes with more than that. Look closely and you'll see that this one-ton hauling machine is also the first 3500 to be dressed in the Midnight Edition special trim package. It offers body-color bumpers, a black-mesh grille and horizontal bars, blackout 22-inch 10-lug wheels, black-bezel headlights and taillights, blackout mirrors, side steps and blackout badging.

The Midnight Edition is currently available on the Silverado 1500 and 2500 as well as the mid-size Colorado, but it has not been offered on the 3500 yet. If the concept's reception at the recent 2017 SEMA Show is any indication, we're guessing we'll see a 3500 Midnight Edition as soon as 2018. Whether all the bed gear or LED strobe lighting will be part of the heavy-duty package remains to be seen.

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GM should offer the "midnight edition" on other colors besides black. I think this truck in White/Red/Silver color matched body with black wheels would look good.

Ram does this with the "Sport appearance package"

How about a daylight edition that looks better in daylight when you can actually see it clearly?

Must admit. GM does special as well as anyone. They are special!!!

Key to understanding why the automakers do this is, first, realizing that the Big 3's real customers are car dealers, not you and me.

Once you get that part, the rest is easy.

Anybody can order some trucks for their dealership, but who wants to "say No" to a gaudy overpriced upgrade package that's only available for a limited time?

Let the top guy in Sales drive it around and be seen in it for a few weeks. All goodness.

Maybe they should work on a special edition with round wheel wells.

Round wheel wells look so ugly and wimpy,
GM look so much more bolder, and tougher with their wheel wells, if GM puts round wheel wells on their trucks, will you buy them?
thought so

Bat Man wants this truck!!

Chevy does offer the 3500 in all black black grill & bumpers sport package.. The author is wrong. One came in to my local dealer & a salesman bought it.

Well shows how off the writer is on this piece, they did offer it in 2017.... I have it sitting in my driveway right now. 2017 SRW 3500 LTZ Midnight with the diesel motor.

Jesse, are you a dealer?


They will offer it. As seen here minus all the stuff except stickers and black trim. And the bailoutboys will LOVE it.

To the guy that wants other colors than black for the midnight addition. U fool than it would not be a midnight addition. White would be snowflake addition..but if it's not white what would u call it


If any seek trucking, may it be the Rock#Chevy

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