World Series MVP Takes Home Silverado Centennial Edition

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Congratulations are due to the Houston Astros, who defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 in Game 7 of the World Series Wednesday to take home the franchise's first World Series title.

For his efforts in the Series, Astros outfielder George Springer took home the World Series MVP trophy. Springer hit .379 (11-for-29) in the Series with five home runs (tying the record) and seven RBIs. The last of those home runs came in Game 7 and chased Dodgers starting pitcher Yu Darvish from the game after only 1 2/3 innings.

In addition to the hardware, Springer also got a new set of wheels: a 2018 Silverado 1500 Centennial Edition pickup truck. The Centennial Edition celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first Chevrolet production pickup and is based on the Silverado 1500 LTZ Z71 trim (crew cab). Features include a unique Centennial Blue paint job, 100-year badges, heritage bow-tie emblems and 22-inch painted wheels with chrome inserts.

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that would be a nice surprise.

Yeah, no. Give me a Ford, please.


sorry, but he wanted a V8...

That color looks sharp!!


sorry, but he wanted a V8...


Last I checked, Ford has two superior V8s. Your bashing is making you dumb.

Yeah, no. Give me a Ford, please.

Posted by: redbloodedxy | Nov 3, 2017 7:41:04 AM

I believe a Ford was given out to one of the losing team players. Of course, no media coverage for losers.

Chevrolet awards greatness to all owners. Congratulations George!

@ redbloodedxy

They do?? How come their marketing never talks about them? And if they are so superior, why do they up-charge for their eco-busts, and not offer a 6.2L anymore in their half-tons?? are highly mistaken!

I wonder when us non millionaires could get a free one?


@TNT. For all intensive purposes GM doesn’t really offer 2 V8’s in their half tons. The 6.2 is a unicorn. I think GM is really stupid for limiting the 6.2 to the top trim. The 6.2 is a great engine that not many have access to due to the cost required to purchase that trim level. Ford does it better by offering the 3.5 in almost every trim. And for the record, the 5.0 is far better than the 5.3 when looking at apples to apples comparison

Fitting that a multi-millionaire gets a new truck; after all, that's how much you have to earn today to afford one.

Forgot to mention. That truck does look good. I like that Blue color. Sharp


sorry, but he wanted a V8...

Posted by: papajim | Nov 3, 2017 7:51:41 AM

A slow V8 at that, :D


Nice truck. I know of a guy who was the MVP one year, They gave him a Corvette with 6 speed. It sat in storage for years as the guy did not know how to operate a manual tranny...

@ Smokin a 6.2

GM's 6.2 is not a "UNICORN" are delusional!! There are a ton of them out there. You just have to search

And are you kidding me saying the 5.0 is better than a 5.3?? You have lost it...go get back on your meds man and wash it down with a glass of Ford Lies Cool-aide.

As for Frank saying this truck is aren't even worth my time!! Your responses alone tell us how uneducated you are!

This one will be for re-sale very soon.

@TNT. Why are you not driving a 6.2 then instead of that slow 5.3 that needs a tune to was it up. It’s because they are too expensive in the everyday mans truck. GM needs to wake up. The 5.0 is faster and tows better then the 5.3 and gets better gas mileage. All facts no look-aid

I do agree with u that they need to offer it to lower models!! I dont have a 6.2L because I did.t want to pay for a Denali when I got $11k off a fully loaded SLT

Plus, for $300 for a tune was worth it! The 5.3L is a fantastic motor and pulls my 5,000 pound boat just fine.

As for the 5.0...its also a very good motor.....what I was saying is that they don't even offer the old 6.2L in Ford's half ford only has one V8!!!!!

As for pulling better! TFL did the IKE challenge and the 5.3L pulled it in 8:08 and the 5.0L pulled it in 8:12. So no it doesn't pull it better!! That's a fact! Ford did get .6 better fuel economy.

As for pulling better! TFL did the IKE challenge and the 5.3L pulled it in 8:08 and the 5.0L pulled it in 8:12. So no it doesn't pull it better!! That's a fact! Ford did get .6 better fuel economy.

Posted by: TNTGMC | Nov 3, 2017 12:31:28 PM

So you think .06 seconds makes the 5.3 superior but exclude the fact that the Ford get's FE. HAHAHAHAHHAHA

@TNT. Was that TFLtruck Ike pull with the old 6 speed vs the 5.3 with the 8? I do know the 8 speed really woke up the 5.3. I know the 18 5.0 with the 10 speed will spank the current 5.3 with the 8 speed. I’m very interested in what GM will do for the 19FMC. The first thing I hope they do is fire the PCM team so they fix the laggy pedal

@ Frank

I was just pointing out a fact...calm down Frank..Take your meds.

Smokin and I will have a civil conversation without you

@ Smokin

Yes, they were both 2016 models. I've heard the new 10 spd woke up the 5.0L and yes the 8 spd is much better in GM than 6 spd. I had both.

I do agree 100% with you about the laggy pedal!! Its unacceptable. But I didn't think $300 was bad to fix it.
I also think the 5.3L has so much more potential. I really hope the 2019's have over 400HP bc they can easily hit that HP # and still get excellent fuel economy.

@ Smokin

My whole issue with the more gears is the constant shifting while driving in town. My 8 spd is hit or miss while in town, but out on highway its amazing. Hopefully a few years from now they can work out the "kinks" of shifting all the time. i don't know anybody that has a new Ford 10 spd bc all my family members on my wifes side drive the Super Duty and they still have 6 spd. And my stepdads f150 is a 13 with 6 spd also.

@Smokin' a 6.2
It's intents and purposes, not intensive purposes.

@TNT. In my opinion both the 5.0 and 5.3 have tons of potential. The 5.0 in Mustang guise is pumping out 460hp and I read today Ford Performance and Roush have a new supercharger for the F150 and Stang that when installed by Ford or Roush keep the factory warranty like the old TRD supercharger on the Tundra did. In the F150 the 5,0 is rated at 640HP and 600 TQ. Not too shabby. I was disappointed in the SEMA Silvy with the supercharger. Not much more power than the 6.2, but the delivery would be smoother than the 6.2

@ Mike. I’m typing on a phone. Thanks for the grammar lesson. No GFY.

^*now GFY

@TNTGMC: I have the 6.2 with the 8 speed. The trans can be a little clunky at varying low speeds. However, put a load in the back or haul a trailer and you fall in love with that 8 speed.
I can tell that you are quite happy with your 5.3 and you should be. Since 1999, I have had two trucks with the 5.3 engine and they were both trouble free. First truck I put over 110 thousands miles on it. The 6.2 engine however is an absolute beast but some how delivers better fuel economy than the 2 previous 5.3 trucks. That was a pleasant surprise for me. Of course your new 5.3 would get better fuel economy than my 6.2.

Please note that the current 10 speed in the F150 was a joint Chevy Ford build. The Silverado will eventually have that tranny...Camaro had it now.

Frank , are you even old enough to own a truck, judging by your comments, i would say No. Please refrain from posting here.


I really do like my 5.3L. It does everything I need it to do, while also towing my boat with ease and gets 14 mpg doing it up interstate to my cabin at 75 mph. That's where the 8spd with 3:42 rear end helps. And yes my father is a mechanic and he has nothing but praise for the 5.3L. Plus the $11K I saved on the truck, I can't complain. Now I would be ignorant to say I wouldn't want a 6.2L!! LOL but for the money I'm fine with it. Plus, I get 23mpgs on highway running 70 all day long. When I kick it up to interstate at 80,,usually running 83...I get 20mpgs

@ Smokin

I totally agree with you 100% on the pedal lag! Its unacceptable and I hope GM addresses it in the 2019's. I also read an article on the new Roush performance package. Sounds great, plus you get to keep your warranty. I just hope they don't eye gouge the crap out of "us" consumers for it!! You know how big businesses work. I could see them charging close to $15K for it. Which is over double for an aftermarket one.

lucky I want 1

can I have it lol

Amazing with your The last of those home runs came in Game 7 and chased Dodgers starting pitcher Yu Darvish from the game after only 1 2/3 innings.

I could see them charging close to $15K for it. Which is over double for an aftermarket one. Posted by: TNTGMC | Nov 4, 2017


don't forget that the Roush package keeps the warranty in place. Aftermarket? Doubtful.

An engine repair (valve springs, burnt piston, rings for starters) could really rip you a new one. That's just in the engine compartment.

If you can't play with the big boys stay home.

@ papajim

Go to Edelbocks website. As long as you have a certified/professional Edelbrock installer. You get a three year warranty! It only costs $6K

And I use to own a Trailblazer SS with about $10K worth of Goodies added to it! I know what it takes to play with the big boys. I just grew up and decided to stop dropping that kind of $$ into a vehicle, that you will NEVER get your money back out of. Plus, after taking out the 2nd transmission, I was tired of the tranny always going out of it. I even built the 2nd one up, but AWD, the mods, and 6.0L vette engine really put a strain on it. It was an amazing vehicle though. It was fun being able to haul 5 people and beat mustangs all day long!

Back to the subject of the Article.

Congrats to George Springer and the WORLD CHAMPION ASTRO'S. It is a beautiful truck and goes to a great player.

Springer will likely auction the vehicle off and donate the proceeds to his charity.

Springer earned it! What a series and what a great team and league showing why MLB beats the heck out of what the NFL has become.
Go 'Stros 2018. And Go MLB 2018.
Oh and the truck is pretty cool too.

...after taking out the 2nd transmission, I was tired of the tranny always going out of it. Posted by: TNTGMC | Nov 5, 2017


Blowers don't hurt trannies. The right foot hurts the trans.

Your transmission can't tell if the truck has a blower or not. It simply responds to changes in load and chooses the right gear for the job.

If you manage the right foot properly you can have all the supercharger boost you want.

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