2019 Jeep Pickup Undercarriage: Spied

ScramblerUnderbody.g10.KGP.ed II

Thanks to a quick shutter speed, creativity and some fast running through a public gas station, our spy shooters got images that allow us to start thinking about how the new JT-generation Jeep pickup truck compares to both the Ram 1500 and all-new Wrangler SUV. We've got a few side-by-side shots below to show you the distinctions, as well as a few other undercarriage details.

It bodes well if the production versions of the upcoming mid-size, which some are calling the Scrambler, follow the Ram 1500 template, like our photographers think. The nice thing about Ram is it has bigger, stronger pickups if you need to do heavier work. We're guessing the new Jeep pickup is likely to appeal to a whole new group of buyers looking for a unique mid-size pickup, especially with the possibility for it to offer open-air motoring. Here's what our spy shooters just sent us.

"We got our most detailed look yet underneath the bed of Jeep's upcoming pickup truck, showing what changes have taken place in the transition from Wrangler SUV to the Wrangler-based Scrambler. These shots were grabbed, in haste, as a pickup prototype was leaving a Detroit-area gas station.

"It's immediately clear that the rear suspension setup revealed on this Jeep Scrambler prototype has nothing to do with the JL Wrangler, with a completely different setup designed to handle proper pickup truck duty. These photos show that the Jeep JT Scrambler pickup has a rear suspension design heavily influenced by the Ram 1500. The design and component placement looks to be nearly identical between the Ram 1500 and the Jeep Scrambler, which should calm any fears that Jeep's new truck won't be able to handle true pickup duty.

"The Scrambler prototype's rear design shows healthy control arms, along with a Panhard rod, and a rear stabilizer bar that leads into sway-bar end links, just as we see on the Ram 1500. We also see coil springs (as on the Ram). The Scrambler's shock absorber placement also appears to mimic the Ram's design.

"It's interesting to see the path Jeep engineers have taken in transitioning the Wrangler-flavored offering for pickup truck duty. While there's still plenty of Wrangler DNA to be found in the Scrambler, it's now abundantly clear that the Jeep pickup will have a healthy dose of Ram DNA throughout its undercarriage. It likely provides cost benefits in sharing similar components and engineering solutions that have already been worked out on the coil-sprung Ram trucks.

"The proven foundation of the Ram pickup combines with the spirit of the Wrangler (and the promise of open-air truck motoring), sound like a compelling mix of attributes that's sure to appeal to young buyers."

KGP Photography images


ScramblerUnderbody.g07.KGP.ed II

ScramblerUnderbody.g04.KGP.ed II

ScramblerUnderbody.g03.KGP.ed II

ScramblerUnderbody.g09.KGP.ed II


ScramblerJLcompare.g01.KGP.ed II

New Wrangler rear axle (spare on the cargo door) vs. New Scrambler rear axle (spare underneath bed). 


ScramblerRamcompare.g01.KGP.ed II

Current Ram 1500 rear axle with coil springs and panhard rod vs spied Scrambler rear axle with coil springs and panhard rod. 



Wise choice

Well if you're going to do a midsize pickup suspension, no better place to start than a half ton Ram.

Soft and uncapable for anyone not grocery shopping.

Very wise indeed. Easily customizable and more capable than leafs. Install spacers under springs, or progressive springs ,or air ride in 5 minutes.
No axle wrap, less weight than leafs, no friction, better ride and handling.

Put in the - Good Enough - bucket.
Did anyone believe these would be work trucks? They are exactly what they wee always going to be, trucks for play, for hauling camping and fishing gear, trail trucks and city people wanting a "truck". So good enough...

What a hideous looking thing. This thing is ugly

Doesn't look like much of a box, maybe 5 feet.

Will it be typical Jeep?

Expensive with minimal amenities?

Yes typical Jeep. Solid and selling very well.

@Twilight Zone "Expensive with minimal amenities?"

Actually I think they are going for the Ford approach unreliable and uninspired!

Suspension notwithstanding,,its stil
Ugly unreliable square box with krappy mpg ..would rather buy Colorado

Do not bottom out with this suspension, it will break!

now play like a boss and kill everyone even when they are behind the walls in the mini militia.

Those of you claiming these are unreliable don't know what you're talking about. I had one for 9 years (the JK version) and never had any engine/drivetrain problems, though I admit to an ongoing brake problem (factory warranty extended) and a relatively minor electrical problem made worse by a dishonest dealership. Thing is, it never once left me stranded. I can't say the same for any Ford I've owned (though my '97 Ranger is holding up... at a mere 25K miles on the clock) or GM.

Too many people are harping on a reputation that's grossly obsolete.

I have owned several Jeeps, and I am a fan of both 2/4 door
Wrangler's as well as the GrandCherokee (owned 2 of them ). I simply can not get excited about this pickup. Maybe it'll grow on me.

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