2019 Ram 1500 Spied: Exposed Grille and Lines

I-nSqcKvr-XL II

We're beginning see more versions of the new 2019 Ram 1500 from our spy shooters. The photos here have the least camouflage to date and give us a pretty good idea what the crew-cab short-bed version will look like. The photos reveal changed design language and a new grille. Here's what are spy photographers had to say:

"We've caught our best look yet at the 2019 Ram 1500, and this time it's revealing a lot more, showing off its production grille, headlights and taillights.

"The Ram 1500 will continue with the steel body, which is a break from Ford's pattern for achieving weight savings on full-size trucks through the use of aluminum. Apparently, Ram manufacturer Fiat Chrysler Automobiles decided that a more traditional, predominantly steel Ram is the right path for its next-generation truck.

"Other details of the Ram 1500 have been firmed up ahead of its debut in 2018: Coil springs with optional air suspension are likely to continue and will be joined by a larger passenger cab and new tailgate options. A hybrid and turbocharged four-cylinder are possibilities, but a more powerful V-8 and Ford F-150 Raptor fighter also are rumored.

"Expect the 2019 Ram 1500 to appear as soon as January's 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

SpiedBilde images


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So I was thinking about picking up a leftover 2017 Ram but after seeing this, I can wait. Thanks, Mark.

Great looking mug! This will K-I-L-L the new F150

Thougt it an 07 tundra . not good

This is going to kill the new Silverado.

All Guts
All Glory

I'm a Ram truck guy and that grill needs to go. It kind of reminds me of the grill on the F-150 Raptor. The one that says FORD in big letters across it, but missing the F.

Holy Cow Batman, nice F150 style grill

Not too shabby, reminds me a lot of a Tundra.

Yep, this will certainly KILL '19 shaky cheby's release

Wow! that actually looks really good even with all that crap covered over it. looks beefy!

That junk has the Ford ranger’s Grill.

Styling looks very clean and nice.

Hopefully it will be significantly lighter, really NEEDS to be . Current gen is very heavy .

Needs to have significantly better actual payload and tow ratings that are more competitive . Some versions of current truck are woefully behind Ford and GM.

Hemi and diesel NEED more power.

Their strong points : Great looks in and out . Great features like coil springs/great ride, Ram box storage, good 8 spd trans, air suspension.

GM is really bringing the goods supposedly to run with Ford .....it will be interesting to see how Ram does with this new truck, looks very promising.

It looks the 2018 ford ranger grill who is selling overseas.

It looks the 2018 ford ranger grill who is selling overseas.

Whoa, nice grille there.....errr....RAM. Is the patent pending?

Without the cross hair grille it doesn't look loke a Ram

That looks like a Ford Raptor grille without that ugly 4 letter word. Nice!

That truck style is all Ram. And that grille is not a finished design or finish. Tthe whole look will be better than current product, but still all Ram. There is no F150 or Raptor or Ranger or GM in this thing. Not even a Tundra. Sorry folks

Sorry that is the style and that is the grille.

Not too certain how I feel about the tail light design, but the overall truck itself so far is not looking bad.

Looks nice. It will sell well. The new GM is also looking to be a beauty. Can't wait to test them.

Love the way this truck is shaping up. I’ve owned a few F150s and now have my first personal Ram 1500 and I love it. It’s not a perfect truck none of them are. I enjoy it though it has a great set of features on the outdoorsman and the Hemi and 8 speed aren’t the fastest but they sure aren’t the slowest. There is room for improvement but at the same time you never feel like the 5.7 and 8 speed aren’t enough. I have 3.92 gears and 275/65R20 Falken AT3W 34” tires. Gears are perfect and even pulling my Jeep and all my Gear she does it without effort. Ram is definitely top value IMO. I look forward to the new Ram I am sure FCA managed to pull off more innovation as usual.

GMS just admitted that he likes the way Fords look. Nice!

I liked the the Rams for their Ram snout-like desigin but this new look is like a 07 Tundra. Really guys?? I'm not impressed at all! Think ill stick with my 03 Ram. Mine looks a lot more manlier than this design.

I'll have to see the unmasked, two part grill before judgement. It looks retro Ford now.
Looks like they are putting a badge inside the headlight assembly like GMC is doing. What else would need a piece of tape there?
Tail lights are disjointed, no flow, almost hacky. Aftermarket will have an opportunity to step it up some.

Hey Ram, it is looking good--some thoughts. I have 2014 1500 with Hemi and crewcab 6.5 bed. I believe the Hemi and the 8 speed are superb. The fit and finish are excellent and things are going well with truck three years in.

Wish list? While I do not think you need more power, the truck could lose some weight. This would make power even better and bring up the payload numbers for those complaining about it. I wouldn't mind having tailgate lift assist for back, that is a heavy piece of steel! I'm also glad my tailgate dosent have the gigantic RAM written on it. Mine very sharp. Otherwise keep up good work, Cheers!

For those of you who think it looks like a Ford.
Ford tried copying Ram in the first place and made their front end look like crap. Now your saying Ram is copying !!!!!!! Sheeeesh.

Hey look, its the front end Ford will be copying next year! HAHAHA! Ford sucks.
Great job Ram!

Not caring for that front end. Looks like a tundra headlights and grill. Those taillights look like they came off a 90's Ram. There making a mistake leaving the crosshair grill imo.

The 5.7 Hemi engine is the best V8 in any truck
The 5.0 in the F-150 sucks
The Chevy 4.3 V6 is better than the 5.3 V8, evenly powered

I have a hemi 5.7 it’s a good engine but not best.

Very nice looking truck here. Looks like number two in sales be in their future. Since Chevy is not far ahead, excellent job Ram.


GMS just admitted that he likes the way Fords look. Nice!

Posted by: Alex | Dec 9, 2017 6:35:49 AM

Was GMS comment deleted? I can't find his comment on this article.

This is the Raptor grille. FCA has killed the RAM personality. They will have to offer better numbers in horsepower, torque, payload, towing and mpg than Ford and GM, as long as similar reliability and security ratings, because nobody would buy the RAM for its unique looks anymore.

Looks pretty typical. Tundra/GMC looking grill. Then again offering 56 different grills to go along with 38 trim levels is also not uncommon so in all likelihood this will be 1 of many grills offered. I like the horizontal driving lights in the bumper. Looking forward to seeing tail gate innovations and if Fiat is gonna be the first to actually take on the Raptor that could be interesting.

Hmm. Finally a standard-sized crew cab big enough to attract Ford buyers. Stylistically, this truck's proportions and details make the GMs look oafish.

Can't wait for the comparison.

Everyone talks about how much room the Ford backseat has but they never talk about it's comfort. It's very low and unsupportive like sitting on low park bench. The current Ram's backseat is higher and way more comfortable.

Holy Cow Batman, nice F150 style grill
Posted by: Blueman | Dec 8, 2017 3:18:17 PM

Funny considering the 2018 F-150 ripped off the Chevy grill and stacked headlights.

From what I am seeing, I like it a lot better than the new chevy.

That Ram has big beefy truck mirrors. Who wants that? Epic fail! The new Chevy is gonna have door mounted Malibu mirrors!! Eat dust suckers!! GM's RULE!!

Stop posting as me!!!! That truck is UGLY!!

Very nice looking truck here. Looks like number two in sales be in their future.

Posted by: crunchtime | Dec 10, 2017 9:44:45 AM

You heard it here first folks! Crunchtime thinks Ram is going to bump Ford for the #2 slot!

Crunchtime's prediction list:
#1 GM
#2 Ram
#3 Ford

Not hard to believe. Ford has taken all the tough stuff out of their trucks. Now they're soft grocery-getters. Weak, saggy rear suspensions that cause the bumper to scrape the ground. Junk throwaway engines. Weak tin foil beds that rip apart. Superduty trucks with death wobbling weak SFA suspensions that make a Jeep Wrangler look overbuilt. Eating ball joints faster than a Ram 2500 the whole time. Cheap interiors, doors that can't seal up, door latches that let the doors fly open, 3 dozen different electrical problems, garbage plastic 4x4 systems with junk vac assist hubs, weak thin stamped steel front control arms, oil burning 2.7EB with the cheapest head design you can come up with.

Since this truck will use Malibu mirrors, you have to count Malibu sales in with Silverado sales.

I just hope they do a little better job on the fit and finish. Please please please make the bed match up with the cab. I have a 18 Ram I like it , but the bed to cab lines are amateurish at best .

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