How Much Will a 2018 Titan XD Cost?

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Like the 2018 light-duty Nissan Titan, model-year 2018 is the first year the Titan XD will be offered in all three cab configurations: single, King and crew. Additionally, the 2018 Titan XD can be had with the new Midnight Edition Package for $1,250 on top of a 4x4 diesel-equipped SV or SL crew cab. The new package features a body-colored grille; black badging, mirrors and door handles; 20-inch wheels; and black trim pieces. All Titan XDs are offered with 4x2 or 4x4 drivetrains and either the gas 5.6-liter V-8 or diesel 5.0-liter V-8. All Titan XDs have a five-year/100,000-mile warranty.

Model-year 2018 Titan XDs are on sale now; pricing (all prices include destination) is below. The base 2018 Titan XD is about $200 more expensive than the 2017 models; 4x4 models will add about $3,000 and the diesel another $5,000 to $6,000 cost, depending on trim. Pricing for the half-ton Titan can be found here

Single Cab Gas/Diesel

  • 4x2 S: $33,085 / $38,635
  • 4x4 S: $36,115 / $41,665
  • 4x2 SV: $36,985 / $43,035
  • 4x4 SV: $40,015 / $46,065

King Cab Gas/Diesel

  • 4x2 S: $35,055 / $41,605
  • 4x4 S: $38,085 / $45,135
  • 4x2 SV: $39,455 / $45,505
  • 4x4 SV: $42,485 / $48,035
  • Pro-4X 4x4: $46,935 / $51,985

Crew Cab Gas / Diesel

  • 4x2 S: $38,285 / $43,535
  • 4x4 S: $41,315 / $46,565
  • 4x2 SV: $42,445 / $47,245
  • 4x4 SV: $45,425 / $50,225
  • Pro-4X 4x4: $49,175 / $54,425
  • 4x2 SL: $50,455 / $55,705
  • 4x4 SL: $53,485 / $58,735
  • 4x2 Platinum: $55,825 / $61,075
  • 4x4 Platinum: $59,405 / $64,655

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Anything over $1 is too much.

I have a 2016 XD Platinum diesel and it is terrific in every respect.

Probably about the same as last year.

It's so damn ugly tho.....

So far so good with my 2016 NV Cargo Van. Rides great, looks great, good price. Comes with tracking. Couldn't be happier at this point. 3,450.00 miles.

I wish they sold the single cab model in Australia it sells for 60k in Australia for the base price King Cab S 2WD petrol and up to 90k for fully equipped Crew Cab 4x4 Platinum diesel models

The 2018 F-150 Lion Diesel
12,000 lbs max towing (Ram Ecodiesel is only 9200 lbs max)
DEF Tank is 5.6 gallons with a 7800 mile range
DEF also has a manual regen if needed.
Rear axle only in 3.31 or 3.55
NO regular cab --Only can get it in super or crew cab with short beds (NO 8' beds)
Diesel fuel tank at 26 gallons only with a range of 500 miles

no horsepower or torque ratings yet
no payload specs but it should be more than the 1500 lbs than the Ram Ecodiesel
mileage between 25 to 30 MPG

I love Nissan trucks but 43,000 starting price for a 2 wheel drive is nuts. Count me out.

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Not sure where Berry is looking. I just got my 17 Pro4X Diesel for 41,995.

The starting price (33k) is pretty close to the big 3 HD's with Ford and Ram being 32 and GM twins being 34. Not really trying to be competitive at the bottom where it counts. If Nissan really wanted to enter the market on a fleet level they should find a way to sell the lowest-priced HD (3/4? 5/8?) and market it that way. Honestly, with a half-ased marketing campaign and XD's on the lot already fitted with a ladder rack and locking toolbox in the bed you would appeal to a lot of businesses.

Big dollars on the hoods of these vehicles no need to stress yourself over the cost new

The answer is always "more". Sometimes its "a little more", sometimes its "a lot more". But always "more".

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