Nissan Titan AT-M6 Walker Video

02-nissan-star-wars[5] II

In the name of full disclosure, we are not big "Star Wars" fans. Still, there was something endearing about how absolutely unapologetic Nissan has been about its "Star Wars" tie-ins. This year Nissan is displaying seven "Star Wars" vehicles at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, with the biggest and most powerful being the Titan AT-M6 walker. We'll just let the video tell the story. photo by Christian Lantry





Why was this not part of the earlier Nissan post?

Seems like this website wants to hurry up and bury the F-150 recall as fast as it can!

Gotta wonder how Nissan could think these star war efforts are at all beneficial.


I'm sure this will find a home somewhere in the redone Star Tours ride.

Does it have the same terrible transmission as the regular Titan?


What are you talking about? I'm on my third titan with absolutely no issues especially the transmission. You must have your trucks mixed up.

I think it would look cooler without all the parts that don't work (cannons).

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