Nissan Titan Uses the Force at L.A. Auto Show

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It seems perfectly appropriate that somebody at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show would exploit some type of connection to the movie industry. This year, it was once again Nissan, outfitting several vehicles at the show (four in their booth and three others spread around the L.A. Convention Center) with different "Star Wars" themes and body paraphernalia.

In our opinion, the most impressive fully dressed Nissan was the Titan built by Vehicle Effects by Dennis McCarthy, also known for his work with the Batmobile in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and various vehicles in the "Fast and Furious" franchise fame. The Titan was meant to look similar to the bi- and quad-legged mechanical walkers (called the AT-ST and AT-AT) that we've seen in "Star Wars" movies.

The most impressive detail about the AT-M6 pickup truck is the bed-located sound system that booms out cannon and blaster shots at random intervals, sometimes with so much power it can shake the ground. The roof- and front-bumper-mounted guns, as well as the pickup's look and texture, will remind even the casual observer of a vehicle that's been through months and years of battle on a remote planet. We're told there are several hundred man-hours with Lucasfilm in the development of the metal crafting, sound-system construction and production. And although it's not part of the display, we did get a chance to see inside a full sound board in the back of the crew-cab Titan half ton, sitting on top of the fold-out-flat cargo deck and with more than two dozen individual sound level sliders.

The one-off Titan AT-M6 battle cruiser has a 6-inch suspension lift to allow for the bigger 35-inch Toyo Open Country mud tires and an interesting bulging hood, circled in lights, to highlight the Titan's V-8 engine.

Nissan says there are no plans to offer any of these features in a future special edition, but we don't expect this to be the last time we see a Nissan-"Star Wars" partnership. photos by Christian Lantry, Mark Williams


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Uhmm.... Interesting, but totally unnecessary at the same time.

tell me when the auto show is over and dumb crap like this is buried.

Sure, a highlight... for children.

That could be some serious road rage.

Hated it.

Considering some of the idiotic driving I see around here, this truck would be perfect for limiting some of that idiocy. With the random beam sounds and cannon shots, the idiots wouldn't know if it were real or just sound effects until AFTER they got out of this thing's way.

Well its more original than tracks yes, but even at 10k per track its less practical. Park it and the GMC next to each other so all the 14 year olds can lose it in one place.

Nice try. Looks like a Chevy.

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