The Pickup Truck Wars Are About to Go Nuclear

Titan Wars-7 II

At a time when each of the big half-ton pickup truck makers (Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Nissan, Ram and Toyota) are finishing one of their biggest years in recent memory, it looks like the segment is going to get even hotter. According to a recent Bloomberg piece, both Ram and Chevrolet will likely introduce their latest and greatest versions of their new half-ton pickup trucks at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January.

That means things are about to get real.

It's no secret that pickup truck sales for Ford, Ram and GM have been providing each of their respective corporations with the lion's share of bottom-line-padding profits. In fact, for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, if you took out a few Jeeps and Ram, we doubt the company could survive more than a few weeks. Jeep and Ram are doing all of the heavy hauling from a sales and gross profit point of view. And although none of the automakers like to give us the exact amount of profit they make on each pickup, we're guessing those profits are the major reasons both Ford and GM are doing so well lately, too.

We've seen quite a few spy photos lately of both the next-generation Ram 1500 and Chevrolet/GMC twins in recent months, which is usually the dead giveaway that something is close to its reveal date. And it would make sense to see these important products revealed at the most important auto show of the year (although we're guessing we'll see more new products at the State Fair of Texas later in the fall).

With Ram and Chevrolet likely to make their big debuts in Detroit, that means Ford had better do something interesting as well, since both will be gunning for the top dog. No doubt, Ford is happy the 2018 Ford F-150 just won the Motor Trend Truck of the Year, but it will need more than that to get attention with two high-profile reveals scheduled at the same auto show.

We're hearing rumors about new powertrains and possible Super Duty information, so we're guessing this year's Detroit show will be more about real-world vehicles making their companies the biggest profits than esoteric discussions or concept models prognosticating about what type of autonomous vehicles we'll be driving by 2045.

We'll be sure to pass along more info as we get more intel or hear from our spy photographers. Stay tuned. photos by Evan Sears


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The Silverado pictured is a nice looking truck but it seems like they used and f150 front end and suburban roofline.
The even have C shaped Ford headlights.
High strength steel means little if it is 22 gauge.
I hope the truck's performance is awesome in every regard, keep raising the bar is good for everyone.

The C Shaped lights are the driving lights, the headlights are the squinty rectangular lights on top.

Papa J; What was the high $ after Harvey?
It's currently $1.92 here in the heart of Texas and receding.

Is this now the '19 Silverado comment's thread?
Promising change, except they kept the bumper steps. I don't mind cleaning wheels because they look great after. These cave-in's might as well stay muddy for the difference it would make.

I am really excited to see the Sierra reveal. Maybe Chignon can research that for us?

Here is a link with pictures of the 2019 Silverado

PUTC must have taken an early Christmas vacation.

It looks decent.


That 2019 Chevrolet looks great, what a beautiful truck. Love the styling.

The mirrors will make this truck sell in the millions. Silverado, the #1 selling vehicle worldwide. Show me some proof otherwise.


Here is your proof, it is not even close.
Now a question for you, please honestly tell me how old you are.

If the new ford ranger can fit a sheet of plywood in the bed.. I’ll buy one.

Leave it to a fake news outlet to compare an entire truck line-up comprised of 2 seperate models with 20+ different configurations to 1 model of car. Save yourself even more embarrassment and quit now.

Oh, the above comment was in response to firefighters fake news posting.

It looks like the copied hints of F150 & Tundra; nothing spectacular & the new Ranger will certainly take the spot lite attention...

Show me otherwise!!!

Show me otherwise!!!

Posted by: GM Blows Chunks | Dec 17, 2017 10:15:27 PM

See my comment earlier about fake news. When are you ford folk gonna learn. Stop embarrassing yourselves.

"big yes to GM shooting for global sales leader and to the F-Series shooting for national sales leader."
Well GM is far from a global sales leader, fights. with.Ford for National sales.

The 2018 F-150 increased their payload to 3270 lbs and towing to 13,200 lbs.

Ram is 11,000 and Silverado is 12,500 towing

F-150 wins again

GM is a vehicle?? You told us"Silverado" was a vehicle and GM is a manufacturer . You are a little mixed up. Let me help you un jumble your arguments of convenience . GM is a manufacturer that under its umbrella markets 2 brands (Chevrolet & GMC) each of those brands has 2 full size platforms each of them being marketed under a single name for each brand ,Silverado for Chevrolet and Sierra for GMC .Each brand has 1 midsize platform, Colorado for Chevrolet and Canyon for GMC
You are a funny kid, when you are asked ,
- Do you walk to school? You answer -I bring my lunch.
To recap for you Ford is a manufacturer, that has a brand Ford F Series that brand has two full size platforms all under the name F series.
The Ford F Series full size pickup trucks out sell the combined 2 brands of GM full size pickup trucks. When adding the 2 brands of mid size pickup trucks GM is able to claim it outsells Ford.
You may have heard that FORD will be introducing a mid size pickup truck it will be called Ranger. This addition will spell the end of the only valid claim ,GM having overall manufacturer lead in pickup truck sales. Ford will out sell in full size(as it does now in full size) as well as the midsize category . Enjoy the sands running through your hour glass.
So Johnny do you walk to school or bring your lunch? In this case I would say you walk to school, because someone ate your lunch.

@gm blows yes GM is a manufacturer but no it does not sell two different platforms, it sells ONE platform under two brand names. I’m not a GM fan but I’m not afraid to stare the facts.

GM and Fiat have already crashed and burned once and Fiat is always on the verge of doing it again. There will be no big shifts in market share. Ford will continue to carry the crown in full size truck sales. Chevy will settle for #2 and Fiat will be 3rd. The next recession/economic down turn/big fuel hike will cause Fiat to look to dump Chrysler and for the 2nd time nobody will take it and the only mystery is will the federal gov fund a 2nd takeover of a weak company. Once again and still as it has been decades the big 3 minus 1 are dependent upon the highly vulnerable hi profit sales of their full size trucks and are selling 2nd rate small and midsized cars at a loss in order to meet CAFE. This model as demonstrated by GM and Chrysler is not sustainable without socialist government support. Ford is just the least awful/most agile of the big 3 minus 1 and by no means safe in this losing strategy.

Jim- thanks for the article. Finally Chevy looks like a stout truck. Those wheel wells are round too, which will help them out a lot. I like the look of it, can wait to see it in person.

@ Jim.

GM has two platforms. 1500 light duty.
and the 2500,3500 HD.

@PUTC: Speculation on my part, but I think Toyota may be putting plans in place for commercial USA light trucks as MS's recent appointment to "appointed executive general manager at the commercial vehicle sub-company" is very interesting. Perhaps TE can use his connections to find out more?

GM has two platforms. 1500 light duty.
and the 2500,3500 HD.

Posted by: GM Blows Chunks | Dec 18, 2017 7:12:12 AM

Gm offers 2 models of full size trucks marketed under 2 brands (Chevrolet and GMC) with each brand offering 1 model of full size truck . Each model (Silverado or Sierra) are offered with 3 different series or levels of capability. 1500, 2500, 3500.

Ford has 2 models of full size trucks (F-150 model and Superduty model) grouped under 1 brand. Both models combined offer the same 3 different series or capability levels as GM.

Now with that said, lets focus on the Silverado model of full size GM truck. There are more of that model sold than either the F150 model or the Superduty model. However, to save face, Ford will not report the sales of their F-150 model or their Superduty models separately. Instead Ford combines the total of both full size models and reports them as, you guessed it, the F-series.


I would like to see Ford, GM and Ram split up their sales numbers into each category 1500, 2500, 3500,etc. It would clear up a lot of confusion.
Also would like to see how many Trucks go to retail customers and how many go to fleet sales.

GM markets as Silverado1500 and Silverado HD(2500&3500).
Ford markets as F series F 150 & SuperDuty

And yes I enjoyed your lunch.

GM markets as Silverado1500 and Silverado HD(2500&3500).


Posted by: GM Blows Chunks | Dec 18, 2017 8:30:21 PM

Yes that is correct, Silverado is written on everyone of them. Why isn't F-150 written on a Superduty. Why isn't Superduty written on an F-150. Would it be because they are 2 different models. Listen man, you already proved my point when you posted the 2015 sales break down a couple days ago using your "Frank" username. Thanks for that.

Silverado 1500. Why isn't every one Silverado 1500? Why isn't Silverado 2500 Silverado 1500? It would be because they are two different models. Listen man.

Yes Silverado is written on everyone you are correct Yes F as in F series is written on every one of them.
Super duty is written on every F 250,350,450,550.
HD is written on every 2500 ,3500.
The reason F150 is not written on every one of them is for the same reason that Silverado 1500 is not written on every one of them. If you wrote Silverado 1500 on every model how would you be able to distinguish your HD models. The same reasoning holds true for Ford. Each Silverado has its own models designation and is listed on the side,1500,2500HD,3500HD.
The reason Silverado 1500 does not say HD on the side is because it is a different model from the HD designation.
FYI I am not Frank.
Comments on your lunch mighty tasty PB and J And what is with all the heads bitten off the animal crackers, are you OK.

Ford fixing to lose a lot of sales! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: johnny doe | Dec 15, 2017 5:35:52 PM

Hasn't happened in the last 40 years but yeah the year ford releases a brand new mid size, sure....moron

The reason F150 is not written on every one of them is for the same reason that Silverado 1500 is not written on every one of them. If you wrote Silverado 1500 on every model how would you be able to distinguish your HD models. The same reasoning holds true for Ford. Each Silverado has its own models designation and is listed on the side,1500,2500HD,3500HD.

Posted by: GM Blows Chunks | Dec 19, 2017 10:40:15 AM

Ford promotes the f-150 as one model truck . They also promote the Superduty as its own model. 2 different models offered.
Chevy offers just the Silverado in 3 different capability levels. Silverado written on everyone. Best selling full size model truck on the market.

I guess you do not read GM's own marketing for Silverado and Sierra. They very clearly distinguish the 2500HD and 3500HD as separate model from the 1500, because they are. You seem to be the only who does not get it. Read for comprehension and or get your glasses checked.
Let me guess you also belive the Earth is flat, frogs come from mud ,maggots from meat, and the Sun revolves around the Earth.
Did you actually read your famous 2015 charts you keep chirping about.

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