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We've got big plans to improve the PickupTrucks.com site in 2018, and we want to make sure we get your input. What do want to see from our site upgrade? What would you like to see in terms of pickup truck news? What other sites do you visit and revisit? And let us know what your favorite way to receive our info might be; laptop, cell phone, or other? 

If you want to have some influence on what we cover and how we present the information to you, now's your chance. And be honest — we can take it. Let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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Content-wise: photographs, of under vehicle & suspension.
Wheel offset & wheel weights.
Maybe nested comments, so wheel habitual overcommenters post, those sub-discussions can be minimized. {if you don't want to see/read it}

Oh, and an edit button too.

A lot more videos, put it all on YouTube, use Instagram more, and do faster updates even if they are not as thorough, use short blog posts and YouTube video for the updates, write less, show more video of the shootouts.

Less about Ford and more about other makes and models. Too much Ford propaganda from you.

Hire papajim and give him his own weekly column.

Re: Too Much Ford

In the last 20 posts, there was only one Ford article - spy pics for Ranger, FYI.

Perhaps it is you who propagandizes.

And only 2 articles for Ford in the last 30 posts. Too much Ford? lol.

Hire papajim and give him his own weekly column.
Posted by: Dave B. | Dec 27, 2017

@Mark Williams

References are available

I'll add to the expansion of video content. Your insight is refreshing and poignant. Also, consider youtube. The embedded video player you currently use is not the easiest to use on a mobile device.

Higher resolution photos, nested comments. Please, Please PLEASE make people register/verify before they can post. There is too much tomfoolery with people pretending to be others.

More truck reviews (ie, 'First Drives' or 'First Tests' similar to opther publications) where you only look at one vehicle at a time. And more reviews on the average trim lines, not necessarily the King Ranch and High Country with their 70,0000 price tags. More XLT and LT trims.

Keep up the good work with the 'Special Reports'. These are pretty indepth.

Please stay away from the Instagram/Twitter news feeds that everyone is going to. Keep all information on this site. I don't care if your Instagram links back to PUTC, but never should you write on PUTC to see a video posted to any other site (excluding YouTube).

Play follow the leader with Motortrend and get rid of the comments section. The most worthless section of the website. Nothing but fanbois in a measuring contest.


I resent that

More about mods/maint you can do to make older (2005-2012) trucks better. Esamples of better fuel economy, better towing, better lighting, tires, wheels, brakes, etc.

Like what Salesman said. The comments have become useless with the continual adolescent, derogatory comments that go back and forth of who sold more, who is better etc get real old.

Delete all the GARBAGE MOTORS FAN GIRLYS cause they are no GOOD on this site why? Cause they always cry for anything like a bunch of wussies they are worst than girls. And now that the shaky looks a lot like Ford/ Toyota they are gonna be crying even more so no excuses.

Delete all comments that are solely in CAPS.

50%-100% all CAPS.

I would like to see the latest news on top of the site, I'm too lazy to scroll down....

Get rid of comments from the children who say your brand sucks. I’ve had all the big 3 and IMO they’re all the same, good and better than the models they replace. Since the manufacturers are limiting you on options on certain trim lines, do a article on how to change gear ratios, modify engines, and so forth. It aggravates me that I can’t get 4.10 gears in any truck line. My former trucks all ran good with 4.10s. I’ll have to start building my trucks in the future.

When you do comparison tests:
- Change or remove the subjective scoring. Not everyone thinks the same as you do. Sorry but you may try to not be bias but we can can clearly see it.
- Test the trucks to their full rated capacity. So if one manufacturer has over inflated numbers we would like to see how it actually handles it. And if it does handle it as it should, then give it more points than the others, if not remove points.
- More points for stronger Drive trains and suspention. This is kind of the same as the last one, Except nothing to do with the OEM rating.
- less points for gadgets. Some are nice but should not be a big part of scoring.

Bring back the old forum with treads for diferent makes..

Make every poster REGISTER

EDIT feature would also help..

In your tests include rear end ratio for each truck


Let me educate you. Motor Trend didn't get rid of the comments. They just moved them over to Fakebook which sucks. If the comments aren't your style read elsewhere. This is a business and it needs the traffic.

(1) Register user comments
(2) Have an overseas author make comments about non US Pickups and markets Article about selling the Titan verged on the hilarious
(3) Van articles. US is now embracing the adoption of Vans at a record rate

Work trucks! I get sick of seeing Denalis and Platinums. I like trucks that are trucks. Everybody and his brother has a Denali Duramax or a Platinum Powerstroke. The gas work trucks are rare now and cool to see :)

Can you please hold manufacturers more accountable? For example ask them when they’ll all have better crash test ratings and why they don’t already. Or ask ram why they insist on insulting their customers with ugly grills. Or ask Chevy why their trucks shake rattle and roll. Or ford if their trucks really need to be so overpriced. I’d also like to know if tundra will get improved fuel economy anytime this decade. Most of your articles could substitute for free advertisement or simple restating of what other outlets already told us. Y’all don’t call them out on recalls you just restate what’s already been said. In all, advocate for the customers more than the manufacturers.theyve got enough brown nosers.

Maybe moderate comments. A lot of us want to have a civil discussion about these topics and there are a lot of people here having a brands war. I would suggest you move the site to allow Facebook comments or Disqus, so that users can't just hide behind a user name.

Do some true durability tests. Get trucks with over 250k miles that have passed the manufacturers “certified Pre owned” test and put them through a serious durability test with towing, hauling and off roading. Which brands can regularly approach or pass a million miles?

Mark…the website is okay.  You guys do a good job with it and any efforts you make to improve will be appreciated.
A few things I’d like to see in some of the comparison tests:
1. Load Handling Test – Maybe put a standard amount of weight in the bed of the trucks and drive them around a 300 foot diameter circle and measure body roll / stability cornering ability, etc.  Do it empty and loaded for comparison.  Maybe do the same type test with a loaded trailer.
2. Tug-of War – Hook a chain between the competitors, lock 'em down in 4 low and see who can out pull the other.  Yes, I know, a tug-of-war is kind of pointless, but the entrainment value would be thru the roof for me.  Make it interesting by adding some weight to the beds – like 5,000 pounds or so and see what happens…might expose some weakness in the various drivetrains.  Don’t have to wait for a full blown comparison test for this.  Just do a tug-of-war smack-down for fun’s sake.  Mix it up some.  Hook up a Tacoma to an F-350 and see what gives…might be some surprises…never know.
3. Pull Force Measurement – Maybe do this in lieu of a tug-of-war.  Hook up the competitors to a stationary object – like a large tree – with a force measurement gauge in the line and see how hard these trucks can pull.  Again, add some weight to the bed and see what happens.
4. Off Road Testing – Maybe setup a twist ditch and some other off road type obstacles and see how they do.  Maybe a sand pit.  Maybe a rock pile with large rocks.  Maybe a mud pit with tree stumps in it.  I look at some of the trucks with low hanging shock mounts and ill placed DEF tanks and just shake my head.
5. Manufacturer Testing – Do some of the tests that the manufactures use…like GM’s twist ramps and check body displacement or Ford’s speed bump road and test handling / body movements or GM’s incline with rollers to test locking diffs,  etc.

When posting MFG sales reports. Could you break down the 3/4 ton and 1 ton classes instead of throwing all of the trucks into one group. It would be nice to see a breakdown of say F150, 250, 350 sales.

Would like to see a once a week column about antique and historical pickups.

Would like to see a once a week column about antique and historical pickups.

and please no papa jim columns, we get enough of him.

more frequent truck comparison tests. high quality 5-8 minute videos. reviews of aftermarket products, such as a before and after review of how air bags help on a half ton while towing a trailer.

More than anything remember that most of your readers are probably not buying raptors or 3500 Denalis. Most of us purchase what we can afford and we probably want to own them someday. So chances are we aren’t buying new trucks every five to seven years. My grandfather and my dad both drove trucks till the wheels fell off. They were responsible with their money and weren’t going to put the family in financial harm just to drive a status symbol. Write columns for middle class blue collar truck owners.

More in depth, head to head, new 3/4 ton gas reviews/videos. Not a whole lot of gas reviews for those 3/4 and up gas trucks on the internet.

More long term reports on all vehicles, such as reports like this
I have a 1994 Mercury Marquis with 4.6. Strengths. It has over 300,000 miles on original engine, transmission, exhaust system, starter, radiator, fuel pump, brake master cylinder, rear end.
Only weakness in this vehicle are the window regulators. They need replacing about every 4 or 5 years.

have to say these are the most civil and intelligent posts i have seen on this site in years ! impressive !
-guess my comments would be to moderate the posts, the bickering is out of control
-like to see data on durability and reliability for the trucks, yearly updates would be ideal with how many times truck was repaired, what were the repairs if any, mileage, brake wear, if a diesel how much DEF is uses, all that sort of stuff

I'd have to say most articles are good, some of the comments verge on juvenile.

Maybe PUTC can figure out how to better manage and verify commenters. It seems PUTC's owners don't like investing in their publications.

I would like to see PUTC hook up with other international auto sites and drop in an international story once a week.

Oh, we don't want papajim to have a column. The guy doesn't research much of what he puts forward, generally trash.

Agree Big Al papa should not have a column, he is too political and one sided. He has a big enough head. An international article would be a nice additional along with a classic trucks article.

Several years ago pickuptrucks.com published an article entitled(and I quote you from copying and pasting the article THAT IS STILL PUBLISHED AND UNCORRECTED!),

"10 Things to Know About HD Truck Tires"
"Posted by Mark Williams | May 22, 2014"
about putting new tires on a truck.

Your eighth section, entitled:
"8. Replacing Two Tires"
gave deadly and illegal advice to your readers as from a position of a supposed "expert".

And I quote you, Mark,(copied and pasted from the article, mind you),
"If you are replacing only two tires, move the remaining pair of tires to the rear axle and put the new tires up front. "

You said if you only put two new tires on the truck, put them on the front. This is illegal in many states and extremely dangerous. Many people die and are injured every single year after getting this bad advice.

The law is clear that in any conditions(especially slick conditions), the rear wheels of any vehicle no matter what kind must have the better grip to avoid the rear of the vehicle from losing traction while the front keeps grip. This causes the vehicle to spin out of control and/or not brake correctly.

What's worse, is that you are supposed to be an expert in pickup trucks, where this problem is greatly exaggerated because pickups are lighter in the rear than other vehicles.

Many of us wrote in vigorously demanding you take down that article and publish a correction.
You did not, and completely ignored us.

Additionally, right aftrer the deadly, expert advice, you contradicted yourself in the same paragraph by writing

"Plus, according to some experts, most people can recover more easily from loss of traction to the front tires (understeer) than they can from loss of traction to the rear tires (oversteer)."

So, yoru article is totally contradictory and confusing and wrong.

But you did not listen to us at all!

So many of us left pickuptrucks.com and Mark and built up your competitor's comment section.

I just heard from another that you have posted an article asking for advice.

Well, we will see if you are sincere about that and care about the deaths you have caused in the last several years. Not to mention those who have been injured by the spreading and publishing of this deadly and extreemely badly writting and edited article.

You will probably never be able to counteract the death and estruction you have caused, but you can do your best for years to come, dilligently and repeatedly publishiing the correct advice.

We still DEMAND that you take down that article and publish a new article humbly apologizing for your callis and lazy "so called" expetise.

And the next year's article you published about winter driving entitled,
"Mismatched Tires Steer Toward Winter Trouble"
"Posted by Mark Williams | September 18, 2015"
is no excuse for not publishing a correction and an apology.
Especially when you STILL HAVE THAT OLD ARTICLE UP!.

IF you want to write about comparing vehicles, fine.
If you wan to write about matters of life and death, then you'd better get it right.
Otherwise, stay to yoru usual fluffy topics.
And post a correction when you do get it dead, wrong, just like legitimate journalists do.

You guys need to do more reviews of trucks rather than just news. The Fast Lane Truck is a competitor of yours that does much better in actually testing and reviewing trucks. You guys also need lots more video reviews.


PUTC is a good site, you have several great suggestions as to the type of articles and trucks to cover, to which I agree. Road tests are great, how about tests with RV's? Would make for good reading.

Biggest gripe about this site, and it has come up several times, the comment section. Ban childish behavior be banning IP addresses. Too many childish morons bickering about which truck is better and bashing others.

Thanks, keep up the good work! Love this site.

I’d like to see two different comments sections. One for intelligent discussion and the other for the my brand is best diehards.

Mark...I noticed for many years that when clicking on an image, the next image that loads is always the same size as the one clicked on. Said another way, the expectation on websites is that a larger, hi-res image is presented when the thumbnail is clicked on. That would be nice.


IF you want to write about comparing vehicles, fine. If you wan to write about matters of life and death, then you'd better get it right...Posted by: Shelley | Dec 29, 2017


Try taking deep breaths, first. You sound a little frantic.

I bet Mark Williams does a lot more than just write columns and comparisons for PUTC. Your insistence that he respond to your input sounds a bit over the top.

IF you want to write about comparing vehicles, fine. If you wan to write about matters of life and death, then you'd better get it right...Posted by: Shelley | Dec 29, 2017


Try taking deep breaths, first. You sound a little frantic.

I bet Mark Williams does a lot more than just write columns and comparisons for PUTC. Your insistence that he respond to your input sounds a bit over the top.

It sounds like you are the kind of person that does not care much about important things, but then works hard on things that are not important.

Need moderators to clean up the messages.. I would rather have a civil debate then the bashing that goes on here.

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