Which Half-Ton Pickup Has the Highest Median Price?

2016 GMC-Sierra-Elevation-Edition-018[6] II

Sister site Cars.com provides us with all kinds of auto sales data; recently we received data for pickup truck transaction prices for 2017, and it looked interesting to us. The chart below should give you a good idea of which truckmakers did the best sales job nationwide during the first half of 2017 (near the top) and which were more likely relying on incentives to make their deals.

The numbers below are for model-year 2017 crew-cab half-ton pickups (with the exception of the Nissan Titan XD, which we thought we'd throw in for comparison purposes) and are based on the last as-advertised price of the new vehicle before it is removed from a dealer's listings. As you can see, GM's premium brand, GMC, did the best job with the highest median transaction prices, providing the most profit for GM per pickup. The Ram half ton had the lowest median prices for the first half of 2017. We'll have more data to share soon. 

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Pickup Sales Data 2017 First Half Chart




This shows why there are more Silverado's than Sierra's.
Those were Denali's numbers 7 years ago.

Yup that's why GM has been smoking Ford in profits for the pass like 3 years.


I was really surprised to see the Tundra so low on the list.
The Ram was obvious as when I have priced out fleet trucks Ram was much lower cost while Chevy and Ford were nearly identical.
I am really surprised more fleets don't use Ram, I would like to see an article about how fleet managers make their decisions. Cost must not be #1.

I am surprised to see Nissan up there. Good for them, they are already taking market share from the big three, and most likely will continue to do so. Also surprised to see the sierra at the top. Around here, I never see them, lots of Silverados but no Sierras, thats a huge surprise.


Best truck is the cheapest, Go Ram!

Those F-150 prices are pretty disappointing when you consider the 2017+ Raptors are a $50-75k truck and the top F-150 trim can climb all the way up into the mid to upper $70k range.

This is why GM has 2 trucks. GMC more than carries its own weight in profitability. Most of the new GMCs I have seen on the road recently are Denalis.

This is why GM has 2 trucks. GMC more than carries its own weight in profitability. Most of the new GMCs I have seen on the road recently are Denalis.

Yes, to a Fleet Buyer it's all about butts in the seats and tires on the streets.
Cost of ownership, residual value, resale and trade value, service records, recalls, etc. are the big picture. So lower initial cost just doesn't nail it for the seasoned buyers. The Fords and Chevys just hit a sweet spot and the manufaturers know it and know where to price it.

I bet this data came from the manufacturer and there's no doubt in my mind that each reported whatever they felt they need to put out. Therefore it's apples and oranges.

As an official old retired guy, I've been priced out of the market. Even the lowest price is more than I want to spend. I could afford to buy a new truck but reducing my retirement funds would require me to die 10 years earlier than expected.

@Don E.
Yes I can hear the primal scream thruout the baby boomer landscape. And I'm right there with you. What the h8ll is going on with prices for a truck?

You get what you pay for.

Thee is a lot more information that would be interesting to see:

- The difference between selling price and as-advertised price.

- The price range of each manufacturer from the base model to the highest-priced package

- The most-purchased configuration from each manufacturer overall

- The most-purchased configuration by fleet buyers and the average price

- The price difference between each manufacturer's regular cab long bed base model, which is the benchmark for a work truck

Am I missing anything else?

Ford just makes it up by outselling and having lower build costs than its big 3 minus 1 competitors. Its worked so well they have never been bought, sold, given away, defaulted on their debts, declared bankruptcy, or been "bailed" out with "forgiven free tax payer loans".

Median price is not the same as average price. This data tells us nothing about average selling price.

I bought my 2017 Tundra SR5 double cab with 6 seats, a 6.5' bed, 4x4 for $38k. It is very comfortable and doesn't have all the crazy "safety" tech or over-the-top infotainment. This seemed very reasonable compared to all the other trucks I was driving. I test drove all the 1/2 tons and loved the Tundra and the price!

Anybody that pays that much for a Titan XD is crazy.

There should be a video of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry goes to the dealership and George keeps telling him how the dealer screws you to make a profit, lol. this article needs more on dealer profits as well.


I think we are missing the point. We are paying too much for these dang trucks no matter the make!

11 year old Tundra's median price is only ~2-3k less than the more modern Silverado.

Just think about how much money Toyota is making on each Tundra they sell, the R&D was paid for a long time ago.

The REAL cost of the truck you buy is the difference between what you pay for it, and the price you receive when you sell it (plus operating expenses, taxes, wear/tear and insurance).

Buy the truck you like and worry about the more important things in life.

Median price is interesting but average price would be more important. That is what really tells you how much money is brought in.

Agree with papa on this, the problem is, it goes back to paying too much, when you pay 35K+ for a new truck and put 130K on it, besides all the problems you had during that time, then goto sell it and its worth 5K. Thats bad.


Thanks for the useless post, glad the trvlls are playing nice.

Thats the problem with Jim s theory. My truck is high mileage and worth less than $5k. I paid $27k new. $27k or $25k what difference does it make? He says don't worry about cost because I will get $2k for the $30k truck 10 years from now. Whatever. I will worry about up-front cost. Thanks.

Thanks for the useless post, glad the trvlls are playing nice.

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Just think about how much money Toyota is making on each Tundra they sell, the R&D was paid for a long time ago.

Posted by: Tyler | Dec 14, 2017 7:33:15 AM

Toyota has had to burn up a ton of Tundra sales profit after all the frame recalls and that multi-billion dollar frame rust rot lawsuit from a year ago.

Median price is just the "middle" i.e. 1/2 of the numbers are above and 1/2 are below.

GM trucks are marketed as "professional grade" and from a luxury perspective are superior to a Chevy. Having Denali as a trim which is more costly than a HighCountry shifts the median upward.

A few more points: "higher"median price isn't necessarily related to manufacturer profits and does not relate directly to proving that one brand "did the best sales job nationwide".

" based on the last as-advertised price of the new vehicle before it is removed from a dealer's listings"

All this shows is the last advertised price NOT the actual sales price.
It also shows *just* the dealers that subscribe to cars dot com listing service.

If you want to see who is making more money, you have to look at each manufacturer's quarterly report.

PUTC once again shows how pathetic they are!

I agree, this article doesn't tell you anything based on the criteria explained. IMO Cars.com is one of the worst at car comparisons as witnessed on this web site and I believe they work with Motor Week as well.

@twilight zone

I'll bet you're a lot of fun at parties (not!). Have you ever figured out if people are laughing at you, or with you?

Some interesting numbers on discounts:
"At present, Chevrolet is offering 17 percent discounts on all light-duty Silverados — which Cain suggests are less aggressive than before. Meanwhile, F-Series incentives are closer to 14 percent while Ram deals are nearer to a whopping 20 points off."


According to Bloomberg Ford is expected to 20% more dollars worth of trucks this year than GM and nearly twice what Ram does. At the end of the day it is how many dollars a business takes in that pays the bills.

I have tried posting quotes and lings 3 times but they keep getting deleted. However, it is an interesing article.

It's interesting how there is this information available about F-150 sales but no actual #'s of total F-150 models sold. Curious, isn't it? And why is Ford no longer proclaiming the F-150 as the best selling model truck. What's happening with that?

I was surprised to see Ram as the least expensive.
I was truck shopping in late 2016 and the Ram that I liked better was the most expensive.
I turned down a full option 2016 Nissan Titan with a sticker of $44K discounted to $31K.
The best price of a Ram 1500 Sportsman I could get was $38K
I got the F-150 XLT full option with the 3.5 ecoboost with a sticker of $48K for $35K
I didn't like the F-150 as much as the Ram but the Ram was a stripped down model that was $3000 more than a full option F-150

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smallPP = johnnydodo

@papajim - I'm not offended by ignorant or stupid people .

Tundra doesn't have an equivalent luxurious Platinum/King Ranch/Denali trim level. The 1794 Ed. is a good attempt but not quite there.

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