2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Photo Gallery: Trim Level Lineup


Although it may not look like it at first glance, there's plenty of change inside, underneath and outside the all-new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Our only gripe is that Chevy didn't release all the information truck buyers need during the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Instead, the truckmaker will parcel it out over the next few months. Nonetheless, our photographers got up close to the new pickup to create the gallery you see below. Here are some of the highlights of the Silverado's new trim level lineup.

Cars.com photos by Christian Lantry
















IMG_8388 II


IMG_8391 II







2019-Chevrolet-Silverado-003F II
















still don't like the dash yet.

I actually prefer the basic dash in my 2009 LS to the more recent trims. Just me.

Do like the "idea" of the built in tool boxes, but this Chevy treatment looks like it would be awkward for all but the tallest men, and/or would require hopping into the bed to fully utilize it. No sale. Must admit that I prefer the RAM tool box approach.

As for the rest, this is not as dramatic as the list of RAM upgrades but mostly looks like a great new truck.

M. Williams says the GM upgrades will be doled out by drips and more drips over the next few months. Stay tuned.

I'm just not a fan of the styling. I don't like it in any trim.

Off-roading not so good and larger tires, forget about it...

I really want to see what the Custom Trailboss interior looks like

Love the brown color, and the wheel wells look great! Interior I am not crazy about at all. The dash is very boring and looks a bit cheap. Is that a push button start angled weird?


I really like the exterior!! Glad they didn't do a panoramic roof. It just adds a ton of weight and my buddy who is lead mechanic at Ford dealership says a lot of the new Fords with the roofs are coming back with leaks. He ordered his without it. Does the new High Country have dual sunroof though?? It looks like it.
I don't mind the interior, it looks a little plastic!! Where the buttons for the are conditioning and heat they should have 2 toned it or carbon fiber it. Also they need to make a bigger touch screen....10 incher!! The 14-18 models is set up very simple yet effective. Everything is easy to operate and within arms length.

Gosh. That is ugly. Fire the interior designer.

Great looking truck line-up. The exterior has loads of styling cues taken from other iconic Chevrolet products like the Camaro and Impala. Love it.

The truck box floor pan looks absolutely wide and that extra space will certainly come in handy. The front grilles of the higher trim levels look great.

I certainly like the current gen Silverado and more so the Sierra Denali, however, this new Silverado is eye catching and will sell in the millions.

Love the looks of that silver Z71, that red Trail boss is shown with cloth interior, maybe leather would have 2 tone interior?, interior of the High Country looks great for a Cow Boy, GM will do a good job with the GMC Denali

Apparently oxi has already driven the new Silverado in order to tell us how it does off-road lol. With the Trail Boss having a 2" lift, Dura Trac tires, locking rear and shorter front overhang I'm confident it will more than hold it's own. Also one of the engineers said the new Silverados come stock with up to 33" tires. That is something they didn't do before so I'm hopeful that the wheelwells are at least a little bigger.

@GMSRGREAT..., You said sell in the millions..., maybe by the year 2022..., or if RAM has their way..., maybe by the year 2023...


I guess we have to presume that Oxi would prefer a Tundra to the new Chevy...

It's a clear upgrade from the old truck with more capacity and interior room [finally], but…

-I'm not a fan of the stubby proportions
-The font end styling looks a bit disjointed from the rest of the design
-The front bumper fitting under the surrounding bodywork is awkward and may be a snag point in tight maneuvers
-The interior, mainly the dash, isn't different enough from the last truck and is behind the other brands in presentation
-Trail Boss ride height is only par with base 4wd Ford suspension
-In-bed tool storage can't be accessed when box is loaded

Minor nitpicks aside--I have to give GM credit for embracing Ford's superiority and upping their game. It's great for the industry as a whole!

@GMSRGREAT..., You said sell in the millions..., maybe by the year 2022..., or if RAM has their way..., maybe by the year 2023...

Posted by: The Lawn Ranger | Jan 19, 2018 10:17:05 AM

Silverado doesn't have to worry about the Ram, the F-series series however will be worried.

give GM credit for embracing Ford's superiority...
Posted by: redbloodedxy | Jan 19, 2018


I'm supposed to laugh, I guess.

Question: How many years will GM have to beat Ford in annual pickup sales before a Ford fan boy will acknowledge the obvious superiority of GM's trucks?

GM bash Ford for using alumninum and then built a truck that is half aluminum. You can't make this up.

My highs and lows list.


Slightly polarizing but good looking exterior

Factory 2" lift on Trail Boss

Bed size, bed power port, number of tie down points and nice bed options

Bed is made out of a higher grade steel than Ram, thank goodness no aluminum in bed floor (Ford)

Improved bumper steps (still the best solution to bed access)

Mixed materials strategy is the best solution to weight loss imo (450 pounds lighter)

Power up and down tailgate is a cool feature imo

Centered steering wheel

Cab storage (storage bins inside the rear seats are a nice touch)

3" more rear leg room in crew cabs

Rear seat vents with what looks like heated seat buttons from other pics I've seen

I6 diesel option with more announcements to come


Dissapointed that the dash looks so similar to the previous model

Interiors are nice overall but GM needs to step up their attention to detail and luxury game

High Country tailgate and taillights look the same as the LT. Once again GM needs to step up their attention to detail and luxury game

Still alot of info and specs we don't know

In summary these are very nice trucks overall that still have all the strength and capability that a proper fullsize truck should have.

This should sell a lot..............of Fords and Rams!!

This thing is hideous! That front bumper/front fender design? Those two different body lines and a straight up Tundra profile!

This truck is awful! Only thing good is the old carryover interior.
A busy mess!

GM bash Ford for using alumninum and then built a truck that is half aluminum. You can't make this up.

Posted by: Admin | Jan 19, 2018 10:33:15 AM

All aluminum construction is so 2015.

GM bash Ford for using alumninum and then built a truck that is half aluminum.

Posted by: Admin | Jan 19, 2018 10:33:15 AM


I like the simplified symmetrical center stack but its definitely at the risk of being perceived by many as "boring" or "safe".

The front end is definitely "different". I personally don't find it ugly but nor am I liking it. It will almost certainly grow on me over time as all but the ugliest of designs gradually do. The overlapping fenders onto the grill along with the potentially air channeling recesses /scoops are interesting. Definitely something new and different as chevy was trying to be creative without going to the Austin martinish grill or the power bulge hood.

Overall its certainly not as handsome as the Fiat's styling or the F150 but its not bad. Chevy fans are known for forgetful forgiveness and settling so look for it to retain the #2 spot with the Fiat probably catching up a bit more.

Can't wait to see what happens when northern customers have to deal with snow, slush, and road salt getting caught in those front "gills".

@ Admin and Frank

If you were paying attention the the Chevy commercials they only made fun of the aluminum cage and aluminum bed floor. Chevy still has a steel cage and bed floor. Chevy only used aluminum on the hinged components (hood, tailgate and doors) making repairs much simpler and less expensive.

Improved quality of controls and switchgear including tactile response and overall ergonomic design as well as material quality is needed in the interior.

And ice that gets jammed in there. That paper thin steel floppy fender won't hold up. Not so good, Floppy GM.

GM only made fun of the bed...nothing else on the Ford trucks......know your facts!!! You fanboys are laughable!!!

papajim is tweaked. Hahaha!!

Glad I could make you cry in your cheerios.

What GM brand outsells Ford again? You keep including the inferior Colo/Canyon in your tally as if they're relevant to the pickup market. Girl trucks don't matter.

Enjoy 2nd place with that bloated sled. Hahahaha!!

@Mark Williams

Do you think that the Silverado HD's will have a completely different look ala Super Duty and F150?

This would truly give GM the "three Truck" strategy they talk about and maybe make the HD's look more like a GM truck and not a Toyota.

GM bash Ford for using alumninum and then built a truck that is half aluminum. You can't make this up.

Posted by: Admin | Jan 19, 2018 10:33:15 AM

Hahaha. TFL had the same remark.

GM bash Ford for using alumninum and then built a truck that is half aluminum. You can't make this up.

Posted by: Admin | Jan 19, 2018 10:33:15 AM

Hahaha. TFL had the same remark.

Posted by: Alex | Jan 19, 2018 12:15:13 PM



Everyone I have talked to loves the new exterior of this truck. Everybody comments on the lines but some also drive tundras so they are used to the styling. I am regularly in a single cab fleet truck, currently a 2018 Silverado, previously a 2012 Dodge, and I hope GM addresses the leg room and behind the seat storage as I am cramped in the 2018. Love the powertrain, tech, and looks of the truck thou.

Although that frontend is strange, otherwise this is the best looking Silverado I've seen in many years. Did they finally fire those designers? One concern about the tool boxes in the bed, how do you open them when the bed is loaded?

That bumper step is extremely hideous. Fail.

That bumper step is extremely functional, unlike Floppy Fords failed man step that nobody uses.

Like the new Silverado exterior quite a bit. The "new" Silverado interior looks ok, a little better than the old one, but behind Ram. Looks like the new Silverado did do a good job of keeping more manual switch gear as opposed to putting most everything on the touch screen. I am not wild about the Ford interior either, it looks ok, but I like that they used more buttons/knobs to control functions than Ram seems to with their new model. The Ram has a nicer looking interior, but I really don't like the huge touch screen. I would say that the Ram exterior looks ok/boring, but I am disappointed that they book away the big-rig look front end that has served them well for years.

That bumper step is extremely hideous. Fail.---Frank

That bumper step is extremely functional, unlike Floppy Fords failed man step that nobody uses.


LMFAO!!! So true. Fords useless bumper step!! Now that's funny..Frank is loathing over that comment!! Eating is words!!

Bumper step us too high up to be if much use. I cringe when Mr. Truck tries to climb that thing. My dad could never climb it either.

Bumper step is too high up to be of much use.

@ Alex

Anybody who isn't overweight, 70 years old, and non athletic can use GM's bumper step!! Its totally functional compared to what Ford came out with

Not trying to start argument but if Ford would have come up with it, it would have been the greatest invention EVER!!!!

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Another thing I would love to know is, will GM offer the extended running boards for 14 to 18 models. That extra 6 to 10 inches in back would be awesome when drying off back windows in truck and that pesky middle area on tonneau cover right behind rear sliding window. Was at car wash last night and would have loved that extension on my boards...had to stand on rear wheel to reach it!!

Coming from someone who actually owns one of these trucks (15 Duramax Denali) I can tell you first hand that the bumper step is awesome. When they first came out with the idea in 14 I kind of rolled my eyes but after owning a truck equipped with them I honestly wouldn't want to own a truck without. Best of all (unlike Ford) you can still use the steps with a trailer hooked up.

startups will bring insect protein to the market shortly. It contains more protein than meat. It will be labeled as "alternative protein source"....Posted by: Budsy47 | Jan 19, 2018


I hate to break it to you, but if you've been eating breakfast cereal, spaghetti, bread or crackers during your lifetime you have already consumed insect protein. A lot of it.


Overweight or not, one good slip on that step in the rain and say bye bye to your exhuast tip.


Budsy, coal and oil will go away, and drilling will stop? Not anytime soon. Where do you think all the megawatts will come from to charge electrical cars? Produce the batteries, and the cars? Solar fields?? They better start producing millions of acres of solar fields to even come close and it still wouldn’t be near enough. And How will plastics in those cars and everything else be made? Can’t depend on recycling. Oil and oil byproducts such as butane, propane, methane, asphalts, lubricants, chemicals,jet fuel, diesel, to name a few, will still be needed long to come.

Looks of the new silverado at first aren’t great, they are okay,definitely different which isn’t bad, I think it will grow on me. The exterior portion I do really like is the back end tailgate and bumper combo. I Like the additional ride height of the trail boss, pretty cool. Interiors need to change imo though, not a big fan, look a lot like the outgoing model and those never grew on me. Liking the addition of a diesel as well. Can’t wait for the reveal of the Sierra.


One you forgot: Try making any kind of steel without coal. Just sayin'

Dam those glove boxes are ugly.

@ Frank

It's called watching your step!!! Put your entire foot into bumper step and you will be fine. Have done it many times while docking boat quickly because of rain. If your cautious, you will be fine.

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