2019 Ram 1500 Face Spied Without Camouflage


By Brian Normile

Ahead of a rumored 2018 Detroit auto show debut that feels like more and more of a sure thing each day, our photographers captured the redesigned 2019 Ram 1500 without any camouflage on its face. Official details are still unconfirmed, but this is our best look yet at the new design language for the front end, complete with a smaller Ram badge. Unfortunately, the rest of the truck remained covered. Here's what our spy photographers told us:

"Today we caught the 2019 Ram1500 with its face completely revealed before its expected debut at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Earlier shots offered an almost unobstructed view, but today we bring you the whole enchilada.

"The Ram 1500 continuing with the steel body is a break from Ford's pattern for weight savings on a full-size truck. Apparently, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles decided that a more traditional, predominantly steel Ram is the right path for its next-generation truck.

"Other details of the Ram 1500 have been firmed up ahead of its debut. Coil springs with optional air suspension are likely to continue, and will be joined by a larger passenger cab and new tailgate options. A hybrid and turbocharged four-cylinder are possibilities, but a more powerful V-8 and Raptor fighter are also rumored."

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I just hope the Cross Hair Grill is still an option.

Good thing they put those big RAM letters on the grille or I would have guessed early 2000's GMC.

Imitation is the best form of flattery....

A face only a mother could love......

I really like it, cant wait to see more.


They are already lighter then a Ford, no need to screw things up. Raptor fighter? Maybe they will call it the "Rampage"

@ dave, What lol Im pretty sure that Rams are the heaviest trucks in there class, thats why there payload ratings are low.

Not bad looking, but it is no Silverado.

I like how clean it looks. Its simple and classy. Skip the crosshairs.

Ram trying to save weight, remove the line going down on the grille, oval shape grille like ford escape/edge

Looks better than that thing Chevy flew in to Texas.........and I'm a Chevy guy!

@ andrwken

LOL. Glad you posted that. I was trying to think exactly what it reminded me of and you nailed it!

fRAMe... right there in the front. Or does it say FORD?

fRAMe... right there in the front. Or does it say FORD?

Ford is in deep trouble GM and Ram are gunning Ford down! All Ford took this fight was a pair of nail clippers and a purse. HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like a kicked up Tacoma front.

look at the plastic just below the lights where it meets the bumper. The corners have this bad overhang to them. Hope this is not the final fitment. Headlights look good. The rest looks like it was cobbled together.

foreign owned and now it looks well....foreign. Very bland, Ram lost all their styling. I hope I am missing something and when we see more it will look better or at least improved.

Why does everybody copy Chevy now a days with dual port grille? Ford took a few steps further and stacked the headlights and copied grille design!

Not too bad. Not as nice as the new Chevy that seems to be the best looking truck now. My Ford will get me by for now.

i bet they will have the nicer pickup on the market,,,

"The Ram 1500 continuing with the steel body is a break from Ford's pattern for weight savings on a full-size truck. Apparently, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles decided that a more traditional, predominantly steel Ram is the right path for its next-generation truck.

Pattern??? What patern???
Just because they are NOT using rivets and glue on weak thin wavy aluminum body panels does not mean they aren't going to save weight !!!
Manufacturer's have been trying to save weight for long time now. Ford definitely was not the first.

Not bad looking, but it is no Silverado.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Jan 3, 2018 1:23:10 PM

And Ram fans everywhere rejoice. They don't want an ugly shaky hunk of sheet metal. Get to like the new Ram Gretta. Ram will soon be the #2 selling brand behind Ford.

Own a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Hemi ..sweet lookin ride

RAM is gunning down Chevy.
The GM should check the rear view mirror. There is a Ran in it and getting closer. Get ready to be passed.

I read an article back a couple of months ago when they got the first spy shot of the new truck without the big black cladding and they said that truck had a crosshair grill but in the picture you couldn't see the grill, but since then non of the test mules had the crosshair grill. It would be weird if they didn't offer it as an option.

I wonder if the HD's will have a taller grill an the grills on these trucks are just for the 1500's to help maximize the mpg for these trucks?

2018 will be a great year for us truck enthusiasts with the new GM twin 1500's and the new RAM 1500.

Lately ram has been quite inconsiderate of their customers when it comes to grilles. I’ve seen countless posts of people voicing disappointment with the Rebel grille as well as the Limited grille. All five full size truck makers are closer than ever in offering quality and performance.none of them can afford to alienate their base. Crosshairs and Hemis are synonymous with Ram. It’s like Ford getting rid of the blue oval and the 5.0 or Chevy losing its bowtie and Eaton locker. Customers can take their money to one of the other four brands if they feel like they aren’t being listened to.

Blue oval looks terribly disgusting. That's one of the reasons I don't drive any. And constant recalls for all the components of course. And no multilink rear suspension. And no reliable V8 .

ford makes great motors the 5.0 is a great motor

Yes , 5.0 L ford is great motor from ford portfolio, compare to other ford motors.

Not good enough and not reliable enough for me.

This truck is not bad looking. My problem with FCA is quality. FCA needs to really make quality a top priority across all of their product lines. Improve the quality and add some more suvs and crossovers and FCA could become a leader. That would be my message to Sergio and to the FCA would be to prioritize quality and adding some competitive crossovers and suvs.

Not liking the fit and finish of the facia to the bumper.. looks wrong...

my message to Sergio and to the FCA would be to prioritize quality and adding some competitive crossovers and suvs.
Posted by: Jeff S | Jan 4, 2018 6:49:09 AM

@Jeff S

1. RAM's crossovers are fine. Their Durango and Grand Cherokee SUVs are among the top SUVs for comfort and design. Go drive a Hemi Durango and tell me it's not your favorite. Pure smooth joy!

2. Please take time to research the ways that JD Power and CR do their reliability testing and surveys. Take a look at the actual "errors per thousand" stats. You'll see that today's cars and trucks are remarkably well made and a superb value.

Now it’s been stated many times already on this site that we should refrain from brand bashing and fanboing. So that wasn’t the intent of my post. Have personally driven four of the five brands throughout the years (haven’t had a Toyota yet). And. I challenge anyone to get on this site and say their brand is perfectly flawless. Rest assured the rest of us will call you a liar and rightly so. I’ve experienced engine problems of varying degree with all of them. Some suffer from figment issues more than others. And ALL have had recalls. But ram separates itself from the others in that it consistently turns a deaf ear to its customers. Whatever happened to the customer is always right? People are already complaining about this truck and it’s not even on the market yet. It is as if all their market research was done in Europe.

Looks like my 2007 Tundra !!

Looks like they left enough room for alternate identification such as FIAT or STERLING.

@Mls 956
Challenge accepted.
My 2010 HEMI is perfectly flawless. No recall. Not even one part replaced.
Except oil filter and oil.

Kind of subtle if you ask me, but not bad looking. It's definitely better looking than the "Military Grade" trucks.

Good to see RAM coming down with a much more svelt grill treatment instead of that fake Big Rig look.

@papa jim--My opinion about FCA products is based on quality surveys. Most of today's vehicles are better than they were in the past but FCA is still not up to par. I don't hate FCA I just wish that they would improve their quality.

Durango and Grand Cherokee are more suv but as for crossovers FCA does not have an Explorer, Equinox, CRV, Rav 4, Traverse, or Enclave competitor. FCA really needs to have a competitor in this field. The Journey, Patriot, and Cherokee are not really competitive against what I previously mentioned. i would like to see FCA have some more competitive products in this segment. Many other sites mention this as something that FCA lacks. Sergio has mentioned a larger body on frame suv to compete with Suburban and Tahoe and that would not be a bad place to start. Could easily use the new Ram as a platform for such a vehicle.

Ram is losing its individuality. This new look appears to be a cross between a Ford and a Toyota. UGLY! I started with a 98' Magnum, new. Trade in on 06' Big Horn, new. Over 190,000 miles on both. Currently rolling 2012' Laramie. If the new look is evolution for the Ram, I'm going back to Chevy after this.

@JeffS: "Durango and Grand Cherokee are more suv but as for crossovers FCA does not have an Explorer, Equinox, CRV, Rav 4, Traverse, or Enclave competitor."

---- Explorer/Traverse : Cherokee
---- Equinox : Grand Cherokee
---- CRV/Rav4 : Wrangler
---- Enclave : Renegade/Compass

And I would expect the Jeep versions to be more capable off-road and on snowy/icy roads than those other brands. (They've proven so for me, anyway.)

@Jeff S and Roadwhale

I keep having to clean up after you guys!

The 2018 Dodge Journey is the perfect competitor for the GM and Ford models you listed. Do your homework!

@papa jim--If the Dodge Journey is such a perfect competitor then why isn't it doing any better?

@Roadwhale--You are a little mixed up when comparing FCA products to Ford and GM. You have the size and type of vehicle mismatched. The closest competitor to an Equinox would be the Jeep Compass and as for the Wrangler it has no real competitor except maybe the new Bronco if Ford goes back to the original Bronco. An Enclave is a full size crossover where the Renegade/Compass are more compact. Most people who buy crossovers are not going to use them for off roading. Those who are interested in the CRV or Rav4 are more likely to look at an Escape, Kia Sportage, or Hyundai Santa Fe. The closest vehicle FCA woud have to the Enclave and Traverse would be the Chrysler Pacifica which is a similar type of vehicle except the Pacfica has sliding doors. FCA needs to add crossovers that directly compete with those vehicles that I mentioned.

Man that is nice, can't wait to drive it. Counting down the days.

It's hard to see the truck with no Ram head anywhere. I feel that's more reflective of the brand than the word - "RAM."

Ugh, Ram always seems to screw up the grill design. The shape is fine but that ridiculous Ram lettering once again looks bush league.

FCA does not have an Explorer, Equinox, CRV, Rav 4, Traverse, or Enclave competitor

@Jeff S

Sir, you wrote the above words (yes?).

The Dodge Journey is slotted right in the middle of that list and you left it out. I didn't say it was the car you want. But it fits right in that group.

You should thank me. Instead you want to pick another fight.

@Jeff S: "Most people who buy crossovers are not going to use them for off roading"

---- On the rest of that statement, I'll take your word for it. Even on the sentence above, you are undoubtedly correct. But there are those who WILL take the Jeep places they would fear to take the others, whether they be Ford, Nissan or whomever. Maybe you have heard of ToasterJeep dot com, where a JK owner (in fact, a Jeep collector with something like 11 different Jeeps in his garage) has 'crawled' his Renegade Trailhawk and been surprised and just where it was able to go--surprising even a large number of his JK buddies who expected to be winching the Renegade more than they did. No, the Renegade, Compass and most of the others may not be dedicated off-road vehicles but they do seem to have a remarkable ability to handle themselves where their pedestrian counterparts fear to tread.

And yes, I probably did get some of those other CUV models mis-matched. I was sure the Traverse was smaller than the Equinox, for instance, but I really don't care because I don't like them. The Renegade is just a tiny bit too small to carry everything I want when I take my annual trip to my mother's (1500-mile round trip) but it has managed that trip twice now with no difficulties and carried us through some dicey weather with aplomb. Of course, knowing how to drive in that dicey weather in the first place is a big help, but the Renegade's AWD certainly gives you the sense of a better grip on the road than most under those conditions.

@Jeff S: Hmmm... it seems I did make that mistake in my original posting. Thanks for spotting it.

@Roadwhale--FCA needs to develop a compact, midsize, and full size crossovers to compete directly with GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, and Subaru. The redesign of the Ram is long over due and the development of the Cherokee and Wrangler were needed. As for Alfa Romeo the verdict is still out but my opinion is that was a mistake. I hope I am wrong and even if I am maybe FCA can make it up with the sales boom in trucks and suvs. It also might be time for FCA to introduce a true compact pickup under the Ram or Jeep brand. A competitive compact pickup priced below the current midsize could do reasonably well. Sergio has talked about out sourcing compact and midsize cars to replace the discontinued Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200--that actually might be a smart move if the market switches back to sedans. FCA has some good opportunities with the boom in vehicle sales. I do believe that FCA should make more effort on quality and with the dealer service. I know several people who have recently had new FCA products especially Chryslers that have had bad experiences with getting new vehicles serviced under warranty many to the point of getting rid of their vehicle and buying a competitor's product.

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