2019 Ram 1500 Face Spied Without Camouflage


By Brian Normile

Ahead of a rumored 2018 Detroit auto show debut that feels like more and more of a sure thing each day, our photographers captured the redesigned 2019 Ram 1500 without any camouflage on its face. Official details are still unconfirmed, but this is our best look yet at the new design language for the front end, complete with a smaller Ram badge. Unfortunately, the rest of the truck remained covered. Here's what our spy photographers told us:

"Today we caught the 2019 Ram1500 with its face completely revealed before its expected debut at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Earlier shots offered an almost unobstructed view, but today we bring you the whole enchilada.

"The Ram 1500 continuing with the steel body is a break from Ford's pattern for weight savings on a full-size truck. Apparently, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles decided that a more traditional, predominantly steel Ram is the right path for its next-generation truck.

"Other details of the Ram 1500 have been firmed up ahead of its debut. Coil springs with optional air suspension are likely to continue, and will be joined by a larger passenger cab and new tailgate options. A hybrid and turbocharged four-cylinder are possibilities, but a more powerful V-8 and Raptor fighter are also rumored."

Spiedbilde images





Looks like a Tundra had a little too much to drink at the Holiday party this year and went home and did the dirty with an F150.

All joking aside, with the increased focus on aerodynamics this re-design is following a pretty predictable trend where all manufacturers will tend to coalesce around the same general style and shape as that happens to probably be the most efficient/aerodynamic.


I'll bet you're right about the car makers playing follow-the-leader on sheet metal design in order to appease the "aero" crowd.

In reality, aero as I've pointed out before, is a small part of the whole performance picture with trucks, and in fact, the obsession with fuel economy will seem pretty silly five years from now. If consumers had any earthly idea of the impact that state/local taxes play on fuel prices at the pump they'd be writing to their Congressman today. Look at the impact that taxes have on your next tire purchase. Crazy, but I digress.

If you people can't afford gasoline at today's low prices, you probably shouldn't be thinking about mortgaging the damn farm to buy a nicely equipped full size truck anyway.

Absolutely love my 12 Laramie but I may also look hard at the chevy for next truck

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