2019 Ram 1500 Full Lineup: Spied in Transport

Ram1500Tradesman.r03 II

Our spy shooters are everywhere. In fact, they recently had the chance to see a few particular 2019 Ram 1500 models, fully naked, that we did not see at the 2018 Detroit auto show. Although the all-new Ram 1500 has been introduced, there are still a few versions we haven't seen up close. Our guess is that some of these models will be available for us to drive in March when we have the chance to get behind the wheel. We'll have more to offer once we tow and haul with the new pickup truck and experience the lineup of powertrains. For now, here are a few versions we haven't seen.

KGP Photography images

Ram1500BigHornEntryLev02 II

Ram1500BigHornEntryLev03 II

Ram1500BigHorn.g01 II

Ram1500BigHorn.g02 II

Ram1500BigHornSport.r II

Ram1500BigHornSport.r03 II

Ram1500BigHornSport.w01 II

Ram1500BigHornSport.w03 II


Ram1500LaramieQuad03 II

Ram1500LaramieLonghorn.b01 II

Ram1500LaramieLonghorn.b02 II

Ram1500Rebel.g02 II

Ram1500RebelCrew.b06 II

Ram1500Tradesman.r01 II

Ram1500Tradesman.r02 II

Ram1500Tradesman.r05 II

Ram1500Tradesman.r06 II



RAMs are getting softer & gay looking now...lost the manly tough look, I prefer their designs from previous years....

I fail to understand why anybody would pay $8000 to $10,000 MORE for a similar equipped Ram than a F-150

do you really hate the F-150 that bad that you'll pay so much more for a Ram?

The reason why the F-150 isn't getting any news is because they didn't change it.
The F-150 doesn't need any changes cause it's already the best , 5 years ahead of it's time and Ram can't keep up.

yea, I know all the guys working the oil fields drive the Ram's,,,, but there's a reason for that, the trucks in the oil fields get dirty, banged up , wrecked and abused so they would ratter beat up a junky truck than take a beautiful F-150 and abuse it the same way

They all look nice. I like the Rebel but the damn grille is terrible. I like every other Ram grille here better.

Fiat has done well on the styling.

Previous generation is better looking.
I will keep my 2016, thanks.

To me it looks like the front bumper comes from the factory already conveniently falling off...(obviously an optical illusion, but I don't like it)

Now that the new Ram and new Silverado are out, and the new Sierra has been leaked, I'm going to say the Tundra is the best looking half-ton on the market.

No "Dakota" shaped nose, no gills (GM twins), I think the grill is actually the smallest in the segment (F-150 has huge grill, Ram has a larger grill, and the GM twins have massive grills).

I like it, looks more mature looking. The trend is to smaller grills. Ford, GM, and now Ram have all downsized their front ends. Nissan/Toyota had small grills and then they copied the big three and came out with the big me too grills only as the market was shifting back the other way so they have udated looking trucks already. I'm secure enough that I don't need a big grill.

It comes with pre-installed bug deflector.

Durrango? Right, I knew I'd seen those headlights before.

@BD; I think you are looking for the
Kooky Political Conspiracy Board.
Search: Hillary hacked my cap's lock.

Uh - this pickup is boring in normal trims. The DNA is just not there if you are not getting the top of line trims. Bad call RAM. Why would a guy shopping for a new normal trim pickup truck look your way unless he is solely a RAM truck guy? And I think you will loose some of those too. Not best at hauling, towing or fuel economy, and just a squishy design when you can't buy the top trim.

@ Eco-bust

Take off your Ford glasses and appreciate that all 3 truck brands are making great trucks. Nissan also has a fantastic truck.

Oil Field workers aren't picking Ford bc of its aluminum bed probably, they would rather have a steel bed that lasts and can take abuse!!! WAKE UP!!!

BTW..your gerbil engine has it fair share of problems. If you had a 5.0L I was have more respect for you!!! Plus, there is a reason Ford is charging more for their 5.0L than eco-busts...Coincidence??? I think not!!

I can honestly say I like the looks of the red one over all the others. (But it's still much too big.)

I fail to understand why anybody would pay $8000 to $10,000 MORE for a similar equipped Ram than a F-150

do you really hate the F-150 that bad that you'll pay so much more for a Ram?

Posted by: Ecoboost Rules | Jan 30, 2018 1:32:25 AM

Once the Recalls start coming in the mail you will understand it.

RAM is gonna eat everybody's lunch once those new 1500s start showing up on dealer lots.

Their 3.6 E Torque powertrain with the stop/start and the 8 spd Torqueflight will make selling base-model F150s and Silverados a lot harder in 2018

GM seems to have dropped their 4.3 six at the wrong time. Ford only offers a six speed in their base truck.


YeDodge truck even though my trucks broke down here in Florida Dodge dealership is wanting 6400 for a used and 7700 for a new motor nothing is I am disabled I can't afford a new engine in the price of you and use it just way too much too so I guess I lose my 07 pickup truck because nobody cares if I saw in good. Shape how to do a lot of things but I've had a stroke and triple bypass
And always thought dog to stand up behind new engines I haven't heard of about coming out of an engine since 1970s but then it had not a still one well I will hope it will gets his letter reads it and don't throw it away hello Dodge is almost all my life right now I don't know see if you can figure out how I can get this trailer back to Illinois if you can give me a call 386-344-0687 well I know I'm in Lake City Florida then what I think the Dodge dealership want to keep my Dodge so I guess I'm going to be living here in Florida until I get one or something

The interior is what will sell the new Ram, the exterior is boring as can be. I don't think the new powertrains are going to help them much...the Silverado already has a mild hybrid, and I don't think they even sell a thousand per month, despite only costing $500 more than the standard 5.3 liter V8. Real world fuel economy on the engine people want, the 5.7 has been dismal.

U can build but not price them on ramtrucks.com. the tradesman is hideous without the chrome package. If u look at the build your own on ramtrucks.com, u will see that the tradesman is losing a lot of standard features such as the bed liner and trailer hitch. These trucks have 18 inch wheels and 6 lug nuts standard. I was hoping for active exhaust but they instead got active noise cancellation. The sport is now just an appearance package again. The split tailgate and regular cab have not shown up yet, but a locking differential has. The made in America crap just makes the price go up, thanks prez. I'm neither a Democrat or a Republican, so stick it where the sun don't shine. And it looks like a gmc tundra or toyota sierra. If Fiat keeps screwing around with my favorite truck, I will follow Fred Diaz or whatever his name is to nissan. Idc for gm and ford and toyota just because all the sheep do, I go my own way.

These new RAMS are photogenic for sure. We can't wait to see and experience them in person.

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