2019 Ram 1500 Gets Simplified Trim Lineup

RM019_133FN II

Departing from Ram's previous strategy, the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 pickup truck will offer just seven trim levels. Where Ram previously had 11 (or 12, depending on how you count) different trim levels, the new pickup offerings will be simplified, but will still allow customers to order a truck the way they want it to look and work. Just about every trim level can be had with either a Sport (more body-color trim pieces) or Chrome package (shiny grille, bumper, mirrors and door handles).

We got a look at several of the trim levels in Detroit, where the Ram made its debut at the 2018 North American International Auto Show. From least to most expensive, here are the trim levels:

This is the entry-level offering is for commercial or work-duty buyers who don't need any frills or luxuries.

IMG_8365 II

This is the half ton's most fuel-efficient model that is likely to appeal to fleet buyers who stack up the miles with work chores. Although not officially a separate trim package, it is dedicated category. 

Big Horn
This moderately well-equipped model offers some style and accents, inside and out. It's likely to be the heart-of-the-market model.

The sportiest model of the bunch, preferred by the more adventurous 4x4 off-road crowd. For 2019, Ram added a Quad Cab to Rebel lineup as well as a choice between four-corner airbags or steel coil springs.

This is the first luxury model; it boasts a large leap forward with display screen, feature and package options that pack a lot of value.

IMG_8374 IILonghorn
The basic western theme trim has been the strongest seller for Ram in the Southwest, but it is spreading steadily to wider markets. Soft leather is key.

This is the top-of-the-line choice for those who don't like compromise or not having the best sights and sounds from their pickup.

The new Ram will go on sale in the next two months, with pricing to be released closer to its on-sale date. We'll get our first chance to test, tow and haul with the new trucks later in February.

Cars.com photos by Christian Lantry




Nice truck! Just falls a little short of the new Silverado!

Sorry Fred, though the Silverado may beat it by a small margin in the looks catagory on the outside. Ram is on another level on in inside. It’s not even close. Love the New Silverado, but Ram overall beats it. We’ll see what the Sierra comes up with.

I am sorry Fred but the Silverado looks pretty cheap compared to the RAM and I thought the new Silverado's interior looked better than their current truck, but RAM's interior is amazing, it has a lot more attention to detail and is higher quality.

The inside of the RAM surely looks better than all the trucks.
But the GM is the truck to own because its interior is very good and the actual truck is better as a truck. More durable, more stable, better engineering. But this RAM will be very comfortable. Either way, they are both better than the Fords.

"But the GM is the truck to own because its interior is very good and the actual truck is better as a truck. More durable, more stable, better engineering." You have to be kidding me! As an auto mechanic in the past, GM vehicles made me a lot of money, especially the wonderful turbo hydramatics. Now that GM's CEO has endorsed amnesty, another reason to buy elsewhere!

Ford sales are going to drop like a rock! They better fire up the rebates, incentive train to 100%, and start force feeding companies with fleet sales while they still have a tiny chance!
Ford bail out coming in 2019.

Ford supports illegal immigrants staying in the US, another reason to buy elsewhere.

What an amazing truck. GM and Ford will not be happy! I currently own a loaded trouble free 2014 Ram Sport 5.7 crew cab with auto 4x4. This truck was very competitive with the other makes and much more reliable.

The 2019 is a game changer that will make it the number one truck, and will continue to increase market (more quickly) as Ram has done for many years.

Good Job!

Way nicer than the Chevyota Tundarado. Looks like a truck and not an organic automotive slug.

Hopefully the aftermarket produces some nice crosshair grills.thats about all its missing.

Lifeling GMC/Chevy guy and I am looking at Nissan and Ram but I can not get leather seats in a front bench in either of the 2. We are a party of 6 so that center console just does not work for us. Hope to see the Ram come with that option.

Does this mean that a 2 door regular cab will no longer be offered? I've had 2 of the recent body style and was planning on ordering a third down the road. The website doesn't offer that for 2019 but is still on books for 2018. I know, there are lots of owner of the bigger trucks that have had all the luck they needed owning them. I'm by myself 95% of the time. I can put drywall buckets behind the seat. Secure storage is not a problem. Drove it from PA to Tennessee and back and got 28 mpg while doing 75 Mph, AC on , and a full load in the back. The V6 gets better mileage than a Toyota Tacoma with V6. A 4 door doesn't fit my needs but I'd hate to have to look to Chevy/GMC or Ford to avoid an import.

Its the best looking truck out there at the moment

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