2019 Ram 1500 Highlights Video


There's plenty to look at and explore inside and underneath the new 2019 Ram 1500 that debuted at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. That's exactly what we did in the video below. Weight savings and an interesting mild-hybrid engine strategy are at the core of its new personality. Here are some of the highlights.

Cars.com photos by Christian Lantry






I have not considered a Ram since 1991 but this one steals the show and will have to be considered if I go truck shopping. Compared with my Ford I really like the air suspension, light hybrid, Ram bins under the floor and frame mounted trailer hitch. An article I read said that payload is up to 2200lbs as well. Lots of improvements here. The weaknesses that I see are the same engines that have had for I don't recall how many years are behind the times and possibly their dealers, depending on where you live. I am anxious for some independent road testing to come out. Good job!

That e-torque thing...one more thing to break. I hope they don't
decide to stick that contraption into a 2500 with the Cummins.

I wish they'd concentrate more on reliability and a little less on
gimmickry. There are too many sites that are rife with horror
stories from Ram owners with engine/tranny/electrical/paint/weld
pollution device nightmares. Their engineers should spend more
time on whats NOT working rather then on designing more
Harry Potteresque flux capacitor Finnigan pin thingamajigs.

The F150 just met it's match.....BRAVO RAM !!!!!!

Cant wait to see the Ram vs Chevy in a comparison video!!!

No matter what you might think of the FCA corp...this truck is a true contender

Mr. Cameraman.
Please backup. we don't need an insane closeup of everything.
Back up and let us see whats going on.
You're making us sea sick.

Very good looking truck the new Chevrolet is definitely in trouble it’s very ugly the new ram is going to give ford some good competion I’m a ford man but I most definitely would look at ram before I buy my next truck

That's nice! Looke here Chevyota Tundarado! Original thinking and style!

Always exciting to see new generation of a vehicle, especially one that I care about. I think my 2014 Ram is just about perfect. I skipped the air ride, and it seems that I still see about half of people say it rides better with, and without the air? All I know is, my truck ride is the best ever I've felt in pickup truck. I'm intrigued by the hybrid add on, but I really feel that the engines are in pretty good shape---I saw a comment above that they are too old, but they have been improving the HEMI for years, and I wouldn't trade in mine for anything. I'm a bit surprised they added four inches to the CrewCab, as the MegaCab used to be too big, and I think my Crew is perfect sized, especially since I have the 6.5 bed, the 4 extra inches might be too much? Interior looking good, but again, I can still be happy with my interior for a long, long time, and I paid $40,000, so don't want to cough up $50,000, or worse, for 1500, I don't care how many bells and whistles it has! Cheers!

Very, very nice trucks. Congrats Ram, Silverado and Ranger.
Ford - and I drive an F150 - has very, very stiff competition now.
Most awesome trucks on the planet

Is it me or does that front end look like the new ford ranger but on steroids

That's nice! Looke here Chevyota Tundarado! Original thinking and style!

Posted by: Old GM Guy | Jan 15, 2018 11:27:14 AM

Huh.?? The Ram has a grill of a Ford Edge or Tacoma, the front lights and hood line of a 2001 Silverado.

I do like the new Ram, but the new Chevy looks nicer, and typically Chevrolet looking up front. But if you are going yo say the Chevy looks like Toyota, then you would have to say the same of the Ram.. But I suspect you are just trying to fling dirt.

I can't say it looks like a Tacoma, somewhat like an Edge in a way.

The "it looks like this or that model" crowd will always say these kinda things.

Sometimes you just want to reply "yup, it has 4 tires, a hood, fenders, a grille, a roof, 2 or 4 doors, a bed, and a tailgate, just like the other.

The new Chevy, while offering round wheelwells, has a butch like front end.

Thank you Mark. Great video. Lots of info in a short amount a time.

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