2019 Ram 1500 Rebel Arrives Looking Strong and Capable

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Much the same way the Ram 2500 Power Wagon is quite different from other Ram 2500s, so too is the Rebel different from the rest of the 1500s. Let's look at the changes and upgrades for the new 2019 Rebel that make it unique.

The new Rebel debuting at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit shares all the frame and chassis upgrades, and mechanical upgrades made to the 2019 Ram 1500. But it also gets a few additions. The first is the optional Quad Cab configuration, which will give buyers an option to save a little weight and have a longer bed. Quad-Cab Rebels will only come with the 6-foot 4-inch bed (or RamBox), whereas the crew-cab Rebels get the 5-foot 7-inch regular bed (or RamBox). We're told that could change based on demand, but for now it is only one bed per cab setup.

The Rebel will also be available with a choice between coil and air suspension systems. Customers can choose the taller coil springs (by 1 inch over stock) or the four-corner air suspension option (which was standard on the previous generation). It also has a taller ride height than regular air suspension Rams. This will be one way enthusiasts (who may want an even taller suspension lift to fit bigger tires) can save a little money and complexity when choosing their future off-roader.


Rebel models will continue to offer extra skid plating under the engine, transfer case and fuel tank. Additionally, the 2019 Ram Rebel will benefit from hill descent control and a standard push-button electronic locking rear differential (also available on the new 4x4 Off-Road Package) for extra rear-end traction on nasty trails.

Designers gave the new hood a more dramatic look with new, functional front vents and a large black power cap at the back of the hood where the "1500" and engine choice is displayed. The grille boasts the large Ram lettering and swoop over the lettering as the previous Rebel did; however, the bumper and lower skid plate have been reshaped to provide the tow hooks with more room. The LED headlights and taillights are new as well.

Inside, the Rebel gets a choice between the 8.4-inch or 12-inch Uconnect multimedia display screens, depending on which option package customers select. Seating is once again a highlight in the Rebel, with a new tire-tread design on the seat surfaces and the Rebel name stitched into the shoulder-side bolster.

Under the hood, the Rebel will offer the 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 with the eTorque mild-hybrid system as standard with the V-8 Hemi as an option, with or without eTorque. The non-eTorque V-6 will be available later this year (and we're assuming the EcoDiesel will be as well).

The 2019 Ram 1500 will go on sale in the next few months; we'll have pricing closer to the on-sale date and our First Drive later next month. For now, the numbers look pretty good, but we'll need to get behind the wheel before we can tell you more.

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Better design than the Silverado for putting larger tires on them!

I would rather have the Rebel than the Raptor!

Well, when you get big enough maybe you'll own one.

Damn! That is a good looking truck!

I just rode in a rebel recently.

Interior wise it looks identical.

Horrible tire tread pattern seats.

Only two motor options?

I listen to the experts. The Raptor lost to the Powerwagon and even the ZR2 in Motor Trend's test. They had very harsh things to say about the Raptor.

Rebel is the best looking of the new Rams.

This Ram is ten times better looking than the Chevyota!

I hope for a test of this stunning truck


37 mpg and good torque. Cheaper.

Another awesome Vehicle from Ram. Braun and brains. Looks like crash tests are going to be better than ever looking at the new frame.


GM and Ram make the Ford all of sudden really out dated!

I really wish they would offer the crew cab with the 6' 4" bed...that is the only thing keeping me from buying a Rebel.

The other 1500 packages offer it this way.

Why do the rebels have a turn knob??? To me it's a very dumb idea please make the Dodge rebel TRX and stop with the knob for switching between park drive etc... the rebel TRX is the only rebel I'd ever buy.. other then that I'm glad you give the option for coil instead of air suspension and the 2019 rebel does look great but nothing compared to the TRX

This Ram is ten times better looking than the Chevyota!

Posted by: Old GM Guy | Jan 15, 2018 9:54:24 AM

I agree. Not even close. I think GM might have went a bit far with the busy lines. But, their previous "all new" 2014 was barely different so I am glad they had the testicles to get aggressive. This Ram, across the board, is a sharp truck. A very welcomed update of the old one that was definitely well past due.

I'm a Chevy guy and I certainly like this truck. I would like to see Ram offer a 6.4L in the half ton. They should offer a Torsen diff in the front or possibly an E-Locker like the rear has. The Rebel should be a half ton version of the Power Wagon only better.

The Rebel should be a half ton version of the Power Wagon only better. Posted by: Zippy | Jan 21, 2018

That's a great way of saying it. Now, let's talk about that grille again. Hmmm

So glad they made the air ride optional..Can't wait for a test drive..May have to upgrade my 2016 Rebel when they come out.

I would purchase a Rebel crew cab if it also had the 6.4 ft bed.

Will the 2019 Ram Rebel be available from the factory with 37" tires with the optional higher lift ?
If it does , I'm sure I'll buy one !

I own one . Wouldn't even consider a Ford & I traded a 16 z71 Texas edition Chevy for it & was glad & still am love this truck!

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