Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: December 2017

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It's not unusual for pickup truck sales to finish strong at the end of the year; however, it is unusual to see pickups finish this strongly when the car sales are slumping dramatically, but that's what we saw in December.

Of note: Ford finished the year with one of the best-selling years in its history, more than doubling its low-water-mark sales number in 2009 (when it sold just 413,625 F-Series pickups). The Chevrolet Silverado also had a strong finish, up almost 25 percent from December 2016 and finishing almost 2 percent above 2016's total. Ram and Toyota's Tundra were the problematic standouts in the full-size class. December was a rough month for both; they finished well off their totals from December 2016. Rounding out the full-size pickups, the Nissan Titans finished with strong month-over-month and year-over-year numbers.

In the mid-size segment, both the Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado finished strong, with the former just falling short of the 200,000 sales mark. That would have been a Tacoma first. The Nissan Frontier continued to struggle, posting declining monthly and annual numbers.

We'll have more next week when we take a closer look at each of the pickup classes. graphic by Paul Dolan; manufacturer images

December sales chart PUTC


General Motors has two brands, one called Chevrolet and the other GMC.
In the Chevrolet brand the full size pickup truck has two platforms, one platform is light duty called Silverado 1500. The other platform is Silverado Heavy Duty - 2500HD and 3500HD. The same format is found in GMC under the name Sierra.
What you perpetuate is a falsehood, it is directly contrary to what Chevrolet and GMC say their pickup trucks are.
Ford has single brand -Ford. It markets
the full size pickup trucks as F Series. The full size pickup trucks have two platforms. One platform is light duty called F150. The other platform is F Series Super Duty , F250, F350, F450, F550.
It is unfortunate that you have expended so much credibility capital in this manner.
As The Lawn Ranger says - post responsibly.

Ford has 1, F Series. Congrats still go out to GM for selling 50K more trucks than Ford with a 4 to 1 model strategy. GMs R Grate!!!

Posted by: Dudlydooright | Jan 3, 2018 10:04:48 PM

No , actually Ford has 2 models, F-150 and Superduty. Geez man, you should know thus stuff.

GMs R Grating. Logic still eludes you eh? 4 to 1 and still you whine. Sad really. Soooo saaaaddd.

Ram is down cause of the cheap plastic chrome hubcaps, looks tacky!

I don't know anything.

I don't know anything.

In my opinion, I believe the Titan will be begin to start selling about 20-25K per month now that they have rolled out their complete lineup of regular, extended and crew cabs across trim lines and XD. By the end of 2018 this should take place supplanting the tundra and possibly the sierra.

Not hating here but don’t get all hot about a % increase. If I sold 1 truck last year and 2 this year that’s a 100% increase. Not really a big deal.

There's been enough time to declare the Titan strategy a dud. After two years and a mainstream half ton's release that was going to be the Titan's savior, the Titan still hasn't surpassed the long-in-the-tooth Frontier. Someone needs to be fall on the sword and be shown the door.

Wow, GM sold 948,909 pick-ups in 2017. Amazing! Ford has thrown everything they can to sell more trucks than GM but continually comes up short. Better luck next year.

In the full size category- GM has only outsold Ford once (2015) in combined sales. The F-Series smokes the Silverado by itself. In the mid size category- Tacoma beat Colorado/ Canyon combined. The only reason GM can claim "most trucks sold" is because they are the only manufacturer to compete in all three categories of mid, full size, and HD. Ford and ram don't compete in the mid market. Toyota, Nissan, and Honda don't compete in HD. GM loses to Ford in full size and HD and loses to Toyota in mid size.


GM sells 4 different models of truck and reports sales #'s for each.
Ford sells 2 models of trucks and combines both into one # and calls it F-series. Sad. What are they afraid of.

No, they don't- Silverado sales includes all trucks that bear the Silverado name including 1500, 2500, and 3500. Same with Sierra. F-Series includes 150, 250, 350, and 450 (same category based on GVWR). Add them together and Ford outsells Sierra and Silverado combined. Neither Ford nor Ram compete in the mid market. But Toyota sells more Tacos than Colorado/ Canyon combined.

Wow, the comment's are childish, people get a life.


585,864 Silverados sold. That's a lot of trucks with Silverado written on them. Do Ford have 1 model name of truck that has sold more than Silverado. I don't think so.

@GMSRGREAT..., Why are you still pushing your agenda?
Nobody believes you anymore..., there's no truth or rational reasoning in what you are trying to push-off as incomplete made-up thoughts..., You are now to be avoided..., shunned..., Why do you do this to yourself?..., Why all the characters names from the same IP address?
Calling on PUTC to block GMSRGREAT's IP address.

Yeah, I don't think you quite get how these numbers are derived. F-Series and Silverado include all trucks with those names. It's not F150 V Silverado 1500. Its Silverado 1500, 2500, and 3500. They are all Silverados. F-Series includes F150, 250, 350, and 450. All considered full size trucks. And Ford crushes Silverado and Sierra combines.

@Heff31..., +1

GMSRGREAT must be about 7 or 8 because even my 10 year old granddaughter can figure this out better than him.

Ford full sized trucks out sell GMs 2 Full sized brands combined. That is a fact that every one can see in the chart.

And if I was him I wouldn't be praising the numbers of the midsize GM duo since they are stomped on by an antiquated Taco

I really wonder is Ford will ever be overtaken by GM. Going by these numbers, the full size trucks of GM combined are not even close. We shall see if they can step up their game with the new truck.


no doubt ford sells a lot of full size trucks, so does gm and just a reminder, while the slant is sorta put as the f150 being the best selling truck for 40 years or whatever their sneaky claims are, dont forget that a lot of that is acredited to the fseries selling 450s and 550s and who knows that the 650s and 750s arent included. never the less the 450 n 550 series are a big thing because that enters into the commercial and fleet sales and all gm has at this point is siverado 1500, 2500, & 3500 vs fseries 150,250, 350, 450, 550 and who knows if it stops there....
just sayin......

GM sells trucks. Ford sells trucks. Toyota sells trucks. GM sells more trucks.




The F-Series claim is 150-450 (the 450 is still a retail truck based on GVW). It does not include commercial or heavy truck sales.

so you are saying the 550 is not included in the count of all the fseries?? gm sold a total of 803,807 silverados and ford sold 896,764 fseries thats a gap of 92,957 more ford than gm so how many trucks did ford sell from the from the 350series up

there is no doubt the new super dutys are selling like hot cakes

What difference does it make? Those 450/550 sales are small. Ford sells F-4/550. RAM sells 4/5500. GM does not (their fault.) Take away 1000 F-4/550 trucks from Ford. Ford still sells more than GM.

Ford clowns still crying they lost to GM in total pickup truck sales 3 years or so running now. BAHAHAHA!!!! To funny!

Boy this is getting out of hand! WHO CARES WHO SELLS MORE!!!

Great job by truck sales in general!!

Last point: if its not your user name don't be foolish, childish, petty, or ignorant to use someone else's user name. It's getting out of hand and it needs to stop. GROW UP!!!

Hay, Ford clowns. GM sold trucks 3 years running and that's the bottom line!!!

Hay, Ford clowns. GM sold MORE trucks 3 years running and that's the bottom line!!!

GM sold MORE!!!

948,909 for the year GM, nice! Ford couldn't even crack 900,000 bahaha. And great month with 107,205 for GM and only 89,385 for second place ford lololl.

dosnt matter what you "think" might be, im just talking about actual facts the diference it makes is if ford sold 92,957 trucks from the 350 on up in 2017 figured in the fseries numbers gm dosnt have any trucks in that category and that would affect the apples to apples numbers in the gm vs ford sales and yeah that is gm's fault that they don't have trucks in those categories

I remember when GM fans didn't want to include Ranger sales in the comparison. Then it was only F-Series vs Silverado and Sierra combined up until Ford started selling more. If Ford fans included Ranger GM guys would add in SUVs. Then Ford dropped Ranger and GM guys wanted to add Colorado again. But never compare Colorado to Taco. GM fanboys are schitzo.

Must be a great time to be working at a Ford dealership. Titan had a +141.9% year. That's an impressive jump.

But 3 years in still selling Half the amount of Titans they said would be a success. Fail.

Ram and Toyota's Tundra were the problematic standouts in the full-size class. December was a rough month for both; they finished well off their totals from December 2016.


Not bad for a dated truck!! People don’t know what they are missing. Ram is a GREAT car!!!!!



Best in Class


Why does it matter who sells more ? if I'm buying a truck I look at how reliable and dependable it'll be and if it can do what I need it to do. The amount of sales that truck has is never a worry to me

GM fanboys are schitzo.

Posted by: Greg | Jan 4, 2018 12:33:53 PM

They act worse then a EX-Girlfriend you just got rid off.

@ blue collar man

AMEN!!! I say the same exact thing. Just because it sells more, doesn't make it the best!!!

Buy for what you need the truck for!
This who sells more crap is non-sense.

Its the same thing with ATV's and watercraft, or anything else!
I buy Kawasaki in both because the Brute Force is reliable and the STX15F is bulletproof. We have over 200 hours on our 2 watercrafts and they have never been in shop other than oil changes and winterization.
Seadoo sells twice as many watercraft than Kawasaki, yet their reliability issues follow them like a shadow!!

Buy what works for you and don't worry about what sells more!

AMEN!!! I say the same exact thing. Just because it sells more, doesn't make it the best!!!

Posted by: TNTGMC | Jan 4, 2018 1:21:53 PM

FYI, GM sells for Trucks than Ford.

Why does it matter who sells more? -- Posted by: blue collar man | Jan 4, 2018

@Mr Blue

Ask your question to the Cleveland Browns.

Of course it matters. Why do you think the PUTC comments section goes nuts here every month?

@ Frank

I DON'T CARE if they sell more trucks!! That doesn't make them better! What makes them better is if they are Reliable!!! and from my experiences they are!!

Man is it that hard to figure out? Its like you want to argue with people!!

Beep Beep I’m here jump in boys.

LOL! Only a GM dope would compare total trucks when Ford DOESN'T SELL A SMALL TRUCK in the US. Why look at numbers for things that don't exist. But whatever makes you guys sleep better at night...

Ford, the McDonalds of the truck industry. It's a shame that the money they would have spent building TOUGH truck, they instead spent on TV ads and Youtube videos. They know their trucks aren't tough or reliable enough to compete against Ram and GM, so they spends billions brainwashing yuppies into assuming their trucks are the best. Ford trucks used to be tough 30 or 40 years ago. Now they're plastic and aluminum foil, and the engines and transmissions are so cheaply designed that they're not worth fixing after the warranty ends. Every time Ford comes out with a new truck, you can spot the new areas where they cut corners to save money or get better fuel economy.

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