Interior Technology Brings 2019 Ram 1500 Up to Speed


Interior updates are a big part of the redesigned 2019 Ram 1500, revealed at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

All cab configurations will offer more interior space and have longer corresponding wheelbases. The most pronounced change will be in the most popular crew-cab configuration, where 4 extra inches have been added, mostly in the form of rear passenger legroom. The rear seats also offer an 8-degree slope with a clever slide-out adjustment to change the seatback angle. Crew-cab seats can slide forward or back several inches depending on what kind of room you need.

The crew cab now offers a flat rear load floor (similar to the current Ford F-150), with an interesting extendable storage area under both sides of the 60/40 split, folding rear seats. Additionally, there is a large center armrest (that can disappear into the rear seatback) that has cupholders and extra storage bins. And depending on which trim level you order, you can have both cooled and heated rear passenger seats.

The front center console is quite ingenious as well, acting more like a monster minivan storage bin (with 12 different storage combinations) than a normal pickup truck console bucket. The console provides wireless charging for cellphones, plug-in ports for electronic devices and space for hiding small items. You can even reconfigure the area into sections or one big, open bin. Additionally, each console houses a three-prong 115-volt household. There's another three-prong plug available in the rear box/bed area if you opt for the RamBox. The crew cab will have a panoramic sunroof that essentially is the size of the roof itself; it opens up half of the glass to the outdoors when desired.

The dashboard display — with choices of Uconnect 3 (5-inch display), Unconnect 4 with or without navigation (8.4-inch display) or the new 12-inch reconfigurable touchscreen Uconnect multimedia system — has been raised and brought closer to the driver for better visibility and ease of use. This fourth-generation Uconnect system has been significantly updated; the screen can be split into two 6-inch screens for multiple displays. The new Uconnect also features SiriusXM 360L, which offers a more personalized listening experience.

The new setup allows for impressive navigation screen quality as well as other subscription-based features such as real-time weather, music apps and a Netflix-like ordering feature that learns what you like over time. Most models also offer Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone connectivity.

Also new on the 2019 Ram is the optional surround-view camera system that gives the driver a bird's-eye view of the truck as well as being able to select any of the four cameras for more details.

For the audiophiles, the new premium sound system is an all-new 900-watt Harmon Kardon with 19 speakers throughout the cabin.

Finally, the new Ram offers standard and advanced safety and warning systems including adaptive cruise control (that allows for stop, go and hold), adaptive front headlights, forward collision warning with brake assists, blind spot sensors, trailer sway damping control, lane departure warning, parking assist, hill start assist and much more.

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Ram completely obliterated chevy in terms of innovation amd quality!

I agree with you Ben, this new RAM obliterated the new Silverado. GM has got to be embarrassed by the RAM. The interior of the RAM is insane, it makes the Silverado look pretty boring and cheap, the 12" screen and the big sun roof (or is it called a moon roof?) the leather seats in the Limited puts the Silverado High Country to shame and I thought the new Silverado looked good, but the new RAM blew me away, it looks amazing and has some impressive tech! Looks like my next truck will be a RAM, well done RAM!

Looks good, and 12" screen seems cool. But I hate to have climate control with the screen (my current SUV) and prefer regular buttons. This does look awesome, but it's all for looks and functionality.

And not functionality*

GM's a better truck to buy. Better platform, better reliability, better confident towing.
But yes, this interior on the RAM Limited is the best in any pickup truck. But a truck is a truck, and the truck part is more important.
Give me the in-line 6 diesel in the GM.
In that diesel, GM outRAMed RAM.
RAM should have come out with a smaller in-line 6 diesel to compliment their heavy duty's. Too bad.

I like the 12 inch screen. Nice interior but I'd prefer knobs for my heat and air. Just old school that way.

Overall very nice.

Man that really makes Fords look cheap and dated! Ram and GM ftw!

The new Ram interior looks to be best in class to me. Nice materials, nice shapes etc. I think it makes Ford's and Silverado's interiors look boring. I think the Silverado's interior looks a bit more truck like than Ram, but the Ram touchscreen looks to be well ahead. Having said that, I don't like all of those controls on the touchscreen, I would rather have at least redundant knobs/buttons for climate control/radio etc. I can't stand navigating through menu's to control climate/radio functions. Would prefer not to have knob controlled transmission shifter, but it is nice to open up the space on the console as compared to Ford. The console shifter (Ford) feels more sporty to me, the column shifter (Silverado) seems more truck like to me. On the powertrain front, I think since the Silverado already has a mild hybrid available, they will continue to offer one in the new generation. I understand Ford is working on a full hybrid system, but I don't know when that is supposed to be available.

At least this Ram has some look that links it to previous models unlike the bastardized Chevyota Tundraado.

I'm really liking the new interior. As for climate control, if you look to the left of the touchscreen you'll see buttons for Mode fan speed, temp, and auto. So the often used climate control functions can be selected via buttons and not the touchscreen which is similar to the current Ram.

Very nice indeed. Glad it has driver alert, because all these big screens are way to distracting. I really hope RAM has better electronic reliability than previous years . Always something going to not work or freeze up for customers to complain about. Anyway, nice job Ram. I still prefer the new GM for more capability and looks. Geez the F150 looks really plain compared to the new GM and Fiat trucks now.

Still no dead pedal.

I've never missed not having a dead-pedal, so I don't understand the big deal. Just me I guess.

I haven't decided if I'll buy another Ram, but I can say my '14 Laramie has been very reliable over 100k miles. No electrical gremlins yet. Uconnect touchscreen has been great so far.

As for the shift knob, I know some don't like it, but I've learned to appreciate it or at min, I'm used to it. To me it makes a shift on the column feel clumsy and the shift in the console a complete waste of space. I much prefer being able to select a lower gear by the touch of a button w/o having to shift a lever to M mode first.

Though I'd prefer being able to manually select a gear vs only being able to select the highest gear possible.

Very disappointed RAM stuck with the mini-van gear shifter. Lost sale on me. Before anyone says drive one first, I have - driven quite a few and hate the gear shifter. It feels very cheap, very unsubstantial, and very unnatural in a truck.

Guess it depends on how you look at it. With that line of thought I guess trucks should still have a lever on the floor to activate 4wd;)

I understand some don't like the dial shifter, but of all the reasons to not buy a truck I'd think that would be like #99.

I will say at first it took me a while to get used to it. Not a quick drive. After a month it was an afterthought.

What's really weird is now, when I get in a vehicle with a column or console shift, they feel unnatural.

Looks boring.

I think Ram did a great job on the interior. I think the Silverado is a tougher and more capable truck, and the Ram has a pretty interior and a cadillac ride.

All the electrical gizmos in this truck does make me worried. I've known plenty of people that had terrible electrical issues with their Ram 1500's a few years ago. And with Fiat's brands all piled up at the bottom of Consumer Report's Reliability lists, I don't think I'll gamble good money on this complicated truck. I wonder how much they want for one of those 12" screens, that's gotta be an expensive upgrade item. Even worse, I wonder how much it would cost to replace when the warranty is gone.

wow ford look like a old truck now,,,,man this ram is a airplane,,

I'm a pilot. This is no airplane, but the 12" screens, are getting as big as the glass cockpits, as they coin them, in airplanes.

"All cab configurations will offer more interior space and have longer corresponding wheelbases. The most pronounced change will be in the most popular crew-cab configuration, where 4 extra inches have been added, mostly in the form of rear passenger legroom."

The old Ram Quad has 34.7" rear legroom, and the biggest midsize crew cab is the Ridgeline at 36.7" rear legroom.
The old Ram Quad with a 6'4" bed is 229" long. Even an extra 2" rear legroom section of the Ram Quad would fit in a 235" standard garage. Lets see what the real numbers come out as, and then do a real life comparison because I don't think there is an industry standard way to measure legroom, and marketing departments like to stretch the truth.

It just shows how far Ram has come since it became its own brand.

If there were an award for most buttons and mish mashed screens, I'm afraid the Ram would take it. Way too busy for my liking. GM has simplified their controls and it shows-hardly the number of buttons and clear and concise controls and screens. I do like the look of the Ram, I think its sharp and they did away with the pig snout grill. Truck buyers will be the winners though-there have never been so many choices with what appear to be significantly improved trucks from the Big 3.

I love the 2019 Ram Features. I'll be buying the Loaded Limited with 12" Screen & all the Bells & whistles. I have a Loaded up 2014 Ram Longhorn that has been Perfect in every way over the 50K miles driven. Absolutely, Zero Issues. Its going to be an outstanding 5 year old truck for someone when the 2019 gets here.

Ok, I know the previous comments have aged a bit, but I just don't get all the complaints about wanting to have buttons and knobs rather than touch screen technology. It guess it's a matter of preference, and while I truly respect others right to preference, people need to adapt to progression. There's ALWAYS going to be new as long as humankind strives. Besides, this new RAM truck is my 3rd, and I don't even have to touch the screen if I don't want to. I can speak commands!! "Set the temperature to 75 degrees please." BOOM!! "Set the station on a little Jazz please. BOOM!!

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